Trump 2016 Prediction before the Election

This was one of my posts from October 2016.

November 9, 2016, the streets of America erupt with rebellious Trumplodytes 

Crystal ball: Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election by a sliver. Donald Trump immediately says the election was rigged by a combination of the anti-Trump liberal bias media, the Bilderbergers, Goldman Sachs, the NSA, the British Secret Service, the Vatican, the Rosicrucian’s, Bill Maher, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Mexican embassy in Washington, the producers of Sesame Street and the Illuminati, to name a few. “It was all fixed by bad, awful, terrible, evil people.”  Trump trumpeted from his ostentatious gold plated New York City penthouse. He continued, “the NSA, which is in the back pocket of Crooked Hillary, hacked the touch screen voting machines and erased my votes, and put in, she should be in jail, Hillary’s votes!”

Trump’s supporters, colloquially known as the Trumplodytes, they are given this name because they are gullible morons who have disdain for facts and true reality, started to hit the streets and attack the “Establishment Insiders”. The Insiders include any government employee, including law enforcement and the military. It also includes Wall Street manipulators, the evil media, the pharma companies and especially FEMA.

This could get very ugly!


Trumplodytes in a back lane in Denver moving toward a U.S. Postal Service office.


A few Trumplodytes in Fargo, North Dakota stop for a selfie before attacking a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office.


Trumplodytes moving on after destroying a school division’s bus depot.


Deplorables moving down Wall Street.  A lone officer named MacLeod holding back the mob.


It has been reported Trump is preparing to move to a 3 million dollar mansion in the Colorado Rockies and muster up a Trumplodyte army. It has been noted that his first target will be Fort Knox.

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