River Walk in Winnipeg Needs Cleanup

In the annual post-flood days along the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg it is time for the cleanup. Almost every year the river floods in the spring. Water inundates the scenic river walk leaving mud and debris. But the cleanup crews are diligent and it will be user friendly very soon.







Soon it will look like this.


Old Swing Bridge on Red River

In the northern part of Winnipeg on the Red River is an antiquated railroad swing bridge. Out of service for decades, the bridge is still an amazing piece of history and engineering. When the boats were coming, someone would have to scurry to the middle of the bridge and hit the swing switch. Some type of motor would start the machinery causing the middle section to swivel. Hopefully no trains coming.







swing (1)

swing (2)

swing (3)

swing (4)

t bridge