Some Winnipeg Pics

Canadian Museum For Human Rights and CN Rail main line.

Snowmobiles on the Red River. This is rare to see. As far as I could determine it is illegal to ride off road vehicles within Winnipeg city limits, this includes snowmobiles.

Hardcore Christmas decorations on an apartment balcony.

River skating trails.

Snow/ice maze.

History of Ambulances in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) provides Fire and EMS services to the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It operates from 27 Fire stations, 2 stand-alone Ambulance stations, and 3 administration offices across the city. WFPS has two equally important divisions: The Winnipeg Fire Department (WFD) and Winnipeg Emergency Medical Services (WEMS), using a centralized dispatch system.

In 1882, the City of Winnipeg established the Winnipeg Fire Department, followed by the Winnipeg Ambulance Department in 1974. Prior to 1974, ambulance services were provided by local private ambulance companies. In 1983 the Winnipeg Fire Department introduced the use of first responders to start assisting the Winnipeg Ambulance Department on medical calls. As of 2000, both departments amalgamated to form the Emergency Response Service of Winnipeg, which was later renamed as the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service.

A couple of the very early private ambulances



Private ambulances from the sixties and seventies




The box ambulances that first appeared in the late eighties


A Stars helicopter ambulance that has served the Manitoba area since 2011

20151129 cup3.jpg

 Major Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV) vehicle


Below is a Fire Squad Vehicle.