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Approximately 5,000 reported sightings in the United States. Some people interested in the subject argue that there are many more sightings: the unreported ones. They put forward the idea that only a small percentage of people that think they saw a Bigfoot make a report. Most people that see something like that want to avoid being ridiculed, so they keep it to themselves. Some estimates put the actual reported sightings at between 10-40 percent of all sightings. Lets go to middle and say 25 percent are reported. Then you can times the 5,000 by 4. This is all conjecture, but then you have 20,000 sightings!

With today’s technology, cameras, drones etc., there should be more good sightings. But this technology is a two edged sword. The technology also creates better fakes, hoaxes and CGI images. There are very intereting videos and photos out there. But are they real or elaborate hoaxes.

Video below is very intriguing. The end of this video shows the actual footage.

The true origin of Sasquatch

By Lisa Kadane 21st July 2022

Stories of a hairy, forest-dwelling, bi-pedal primate have persisted for centuries in British Columbia. But perhaps more important than whether it exists, is what it symbolizes.

From a lookout above the Harrison River Valley in south-western British Columbia, dense forest stretches all the way to the snow-capped Coast Mountains on the Pacific shore. Thick with towering western red cedars, hemlock and Sitka spruce trees, the wilderness continues almost uninterrupted all the way north to Alaska.

Beyond the roads and hiking trails, the terrain soon becomes impassable, punctuated by steep mountains that plunge into glacier-carved lakes. This remote valley 130km east of Vancouver conjures an ancient land filled with mystery and possibility, and some believe it’s home to the world’s most famous cryptid – Sasquatch, Canada’s Bigfoot.

I’d arrived at the viewpoint in an all-terrain vehicle with Bhima Gauthier, who leads tours to spots in the region where sightings have been reported.

“I can’t say for sure that they are real,” he said. “I have a feeling that there has to be some truth behind it. And there’s a lot of stories, especially here we have a very rich mythology.”

There have been 37 notable Sasquatch sightings near the town of Harrison Hot Springs since 1900. Called Bigfoot in the United States, and yeti or metoh kangmi (“wild man of the snows”) in the Himalaya, Sasquatch is a tall, hairy, bi-pedal, primate-like creature of disputed existence. Regular sightings have kept the popular legend alive, but now it’s being told from an Indigenous perspective. The change is driven by public interest in the idea of a Sasquatch rooted in spirituality and symbolism, rather than sensationalism. The creature is considered sacred to West Coast First Nations, particularly the Sts’ailes (sta-hay-lis), who have lived in the Harrison River Valley for at least 10,000 years.

To sate a growing curiosity, Harrison Hot Springs opened a Sasquatch Museum inside its visitor centre in 2017, and worked with Sts’ailes member Boyd Peters, who provided input on the original Sts’ailes acquisitions, including a drum and replica wood mask of Sasquatch. Other displays explain the Sts’ailes belief in Sasquatch as a caretaker of the land and totem for their nation (a stylized image of Sasquatch is on the Sts’ailes flag). These exhibits are juxtaposed with casts of Sasquatch footprints, news clippings about sightings that date to 1884 and a logbook of reported local encounters. Since the museum opened, tourist numbers to the visitor centre have doubled to 20,000 annually, and the resort community received a CAD $1 million government grant to build an expanded museum-and-visitor-centre facility that will aim to balance the telling of Western sighting accounts with Sts’ailes stories and mythology. It’s slated to open in 2023.

Under the dim green glow of the coastal rainforest, it's easy to see how someone could mistake a mossy stump for a humanoid life form (Credit: Tourism Harrison/Graham Osborne)

Under the dim green glow of the coastal rainforest, it’s easy to see how someone could mistake a mossy stump for a humanoid life form (Credit: Tourism Harrison/Graham Osborne)

Long before TV shows such as Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot sensationalised the pursuit of the creature, the Sts’ailes passed down songs and stories about sasq’ets, a supernatural slollicum, or shapeshifter, that protects the land and people. In fact, Sasquatch is the anglicised version of sasq’ets (sas-kets), which means “hairy man” in Halq’emeylem, the Sts’ailes upriver dialect.

“The word comes from a mountain that’s called Sasq’ets Tel, the place where the Sasquatch gather,” said Kelsey Charlie, a Sts’ailes band councillor (an elected governance position). “Everybody paid reverence and honour to the emblem of our nation, which is the Sasquatch.”

Long before TV shows sensationalised the pursuit of the creature, the Sts’ailes passed down songs and stories about sasq’ets

This intersection of Sasquatch as symbolic totem, and Sasquatch as living primate, has taken the story beyond mere speculation in Harrison Hot Springs. The town has become a magnet for those seeking answers, like the 26 percent of Canadians that believe cryptids such as Sasquatch are “definitely” or “probably” real, according to an Angus Reid Institute public opinion poll from 2016.

“People literally come here on a pilgrimage, and more than you might think,” said Robert Reyerse, executive director of Tourism Harrison.

In addition to visiting the Sasquatch Museum, visitors can take a Sasquatch tour with Gauthier’s company, Harrison Lake Nature Adventures, or walk the Sasquatch Trail and take selfies next to Sasquatch statues. Every June, visitors can attend Sasquatch Days, which have been held since 1938. At the event, West Coast First Nations gather for canoe races, salmon barbeque and Sts’ailes Sasquatch dances.

A historical photo shows Sts'ailes community members dressed in sasq'ets costumes for the original 1938 Sasquatch Days festival (Credit: courtesy Kelsey Charlie)

A historical photo shows Sts’ailes community members dressed in sasq’ets costumes for the original 1938 Sasquatch Days festival (Credit: courtesy Kelsey Charlie)

“Your first thought is, these [visitors] are going to be crazy, but they’re not,” said Reyerse. “They’re like ordinary people and some of their stories are pretty compelling.”

The town also draws researchers such as Thomas Steenburg, who has written four books on the subject, including In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters, and has appeared as a guest speaker on the subject at events such as Alberta Culture Days. He insists he remains a healthy sceptic.

“I accept the possibility that the Sasquatch may turn out to be nothing more than mythology and folklore, and that alone makes it worth looking into,” said Steenburg, who lives in the nearby city of Mission.

If Sasquatch is real, Steenburg believes it’s an unclassified primate, possibly gigantopithecus blacki, an extinct ape from southern China that could have crossed the Bering Land Bridge and remained concealed in North America’s vast boreal forest. But the fact that no one has produced credible documentation of Sasquatch bothers him. Ultimately, the burden of proof lies in DNA, he said.

“Science needs what science has always demanded: a body or piece of body,” said Steenburg, standing next to a display case of Sasquatch footprint casts inside the Sasquatch Museum.

If Sasquatch is real, researcher Thomas Steenburg believes it's an unclassified primate, possibly gigantopithecus blacki  (Credit: Lisa Kadane)

If Sasquatch is real, researcher Thomas Steenburg believes it’s an unclassified primate, possibly gigantopithecus blacki (Credit: Lisa Kadane)

My curiosity piqued, I went hiking in nearby Sasquatch Provincial Park. Under the dim green glow of the coastal rainforest, it’s easy to see how someone could mistake a mossy stump for a humanoid life form. It’s a psychological effect called pareidolia – seeing an object where there is none, such as Jesus on a piece of toast. This phenomenon could explain the sightings, like the dark figure spotted close to a campground outhouse in 2010, or a purported Sasquatch that caused a group to flee another campground in 1994.

It’s comforting to pass these off as someone’s overactive imagination, but these woods give Bonnie Kent pause. A former volunteer with BC Search and Rescue, she helped extract lost hikers from the bush for 15 years.

Kent, now manager of the Sasquatch Museum, initially rolled her eyes about the creature. But after listening to stories from travellers who have come from as far away as New Zealand, she became open-minded about the possibility. “My first response was that people around here used to smoke too much weed and see big hairy guys!” she said with a laugh, before turning serious. “Out in the bush there are a number of times when your hair stands up; there are areas that you just feel you’re not supposed to be there.”

As Charlie explained, Sts’ailes tradition holds that the creature can change from its physical form to a rock, tree or even another animal. “My grandpa used to say, ‘The slollicum is a shapeshifter and can walk in the two realms, the spiritual and the physical. That’s why you’ll never catch him,'” he said.

But he’s not surprised people are still trying. “I think [Sasquatch] resonates because all cultures in the world had some thing, like a supernatural being, and through time and evolution and humanness, we’ve lost a lot of these things,” said Charlie. Perhaps science has made us all sceptics.

Charlie told me about how he saw two Sasquatch drinking water from Harrison Lake in 2002, a dusk sighting that made his hair stand up on end. At the time, he was bashful to tell anyone what he’d seen, fearing derision.

"The word comes from a mountain that's called Sasq'ets Tel, the place where the Sasquatch gather," said Kelsey Charlie, a Sts'ailes band councillor (Credit: Lisa Kadane)

“The word comes from a mountain that’s called Sasq’ets Tel, the place where the Sasquatch gather,” said Kelsey Charlie, a Sts’ailes band councillor (Credit: Lisa Kadane)

“You don’t want to have people looking at you in a certain way,” Charlie explained. “Then again, I thought, ‘Xwem xwem sq’welewel,’ which in our language means, ‘you’re proud of who you are, where you come from and what you belong to.” So, he shared his story.

Ultimately, seeing Sasquatch is considered a blessing and a sign of good luck, Charlie’s grandfather used to say. “If you’re able to see him, hear him or see his footprints, there’s some type of good fortune that’s going to come your way because he’s making sure that you know that he’s there and that you still have to live by the rules,” said Charlie, referring to the agreement between humans and sasq’ets to live in harmony with nature. “They live off the land, they live on the land, they are the land.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Steenburg, and perhaps a place where Sts’ailes mythology and Western fascination come together. “Sasquatch, if it exists, is a symbol that there’s still wilderness out there,” he said. “We haven’t tamed everything.” 

 Ghost Drives Burning Bus Across Road?

A bizarre video from New Zealand shows the moment when a burning bus inexplicably drives across a road on its own and some suspect that the mystifying maneuver may have been the work of a ghost. The very strange incident reportedly took place last month in the community of Raumati Beach as witness Craig Meek was in the area visiting his family. Troubled by the smell of gasoline, the man ventured outside and was stunned to see that a bus parked along the side of the road had burst into flames. While watching the fiery scene, Meek spoke to the owner of the burning vehicle, who expressed concern that it could explode and cause untold damage to the neighborhood, which is when something truly weird unfolded before their eyes.

Seemingly in response to the owner’s fears, the light of the bus suddenly went out and then it started on its own. With its horn blaring, the burning vehicle then proceeded to drive drove across the road to a less precarious spot where the fire was unlikely to threaten any residences. According to Meek, the odd turn of events occurred at the “perfect time” as the flames from the vehicle had begun to burn a nearby hedge. Had the fiery bus not moved to the other side of the street, he believes, the resulting inferno would have “definitely taken out the house” next to where the blaze had begun and, quite possible, spread to even more homes.

Musing that the situation was “surreal” and “paranormal,” Meek revealed a rather odd insight which suggests that there may have actually been a supernatural explanation for the eerie event.During their conversation, the owner of the bus wistfully recalled how he and his late wife had many adventures in the vehicle over the years. Chillingly, he also indicated that the woman had actually passed away in the bus itself. This spooky detail was seemingly acknowledged by the owner when the peculiar trip across the road occurred as he wondered aloud “if it’s my wife taking it away,” since she wanted to spare their neighbor’s home from the flames.

Meek subsequently shared his video of the peculiar event on social media and some viewers offered a prosaic explanation for what could have happened. They theorize that the fire caused a short circuit in the vehicle’s starter, which led to it ‘coming to life’ and lurching across the street. However, Meek is not entirely convinced of that scenario, noting that “it’s the timing that’s bizarre,” since the bus moved just moments before the blaze would have erupted and taken out the neighboring home.

Dangerous Looking Sasquatch Spotted in Winnipeg

A Sasquatch has been spotted darting around the urban landscape in the downtown. What is even more concerning is that the big hairy hominid is wearing a Jason mask. Yes, the evil Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’ infamy.  Why a Jason mask? What is the intentions of this Squatch? Are the intentions nefarious and evil? No community deserves to have a psychopathic huge ape that walks on 2 legs on the loose.

Local newspaper the Midtown Plaza Bulletin took action and brought in renown paranormal investigator Mel Ryan. Mel has covered exorcisms at the now destroyed Demon Hotel, rooted out annoying ghosts at the old Archives building and confronted evil specters at the infamous Vaughn Street Jail, to name but a few of his audacious exploits. Mel immediately immersed himself into locating the rogue Sasquatch.

With the help of veteran clairvoyant Dean McDay and a resourceful bloodhound named Doctor Nose, Mel cornered the enigmatic Squatch at the dog park on Assiniboine Avenue. Mel immediately snapped a photo.

urbannnax (2)

With a Jason mask covering its face and holding a soccer ball under its right arm, it stood and faced the stunned intrepid paranormal investigator. Mel was dumbfounded. What is going through this creature’s primitive mind? As Mel reloaded to take another photo the Squatch, with super-human strength, threw the soccer ball towards him. Mel ducked in the nick of time, the speeding ball just missed his head, Mel’s glasses went flying. By the time he crawled around and located his glasses the Sasquatch disappeared down an adjoining back lane.

Mel called his psychic friend Dean McDay instantly. McDay predicted the Squatch was headed towards The Forks. Mel Ryan ran at full speed to the green area in downtown Winnipeg known as The Forks. Doctor Nose was distracted by the other hounds running around the dog park. He wanted to join the doggy fun.


Mel made it to The Forks in short time. It didn’t take long before he spotted the elusive cryptid at the Oodena Celebration Circle.

urbannnax (1)

Donning the Jason mask and petting a raccoon, the Squatch was reclining in the sand. With the beast making no attempt to flee, Mel ran back to his SUV to get his rocket propelled stun grenades. That weapon was capable of immobilizing a bull elephant, surely it would knock out cold the red furred Squatch.

As it often turns out with the Bigfoot creature, when Mel returned it was nowhere to be seen. Mel was disappointed, if only Doctor Nose had not abandoned him for the smell of other dogs at the dog park, this may have ended differently.

The investigation continues. Updates shortly.

Winnipeg has a history of urban Sasquatches. Why in Winnipeg, its anybody’s guess. The beasts have been spotted all over the downtown area and along the river.

Some images:

Urbannnna (1)
Urbannnna (3)
Above: appears the Sasquatch is chasing a Zombie into the river!


Urbannnna (2)

The brave citizens of the city even have tours:

Increased Number of Possible Possessions Prompt Catholic Exorcists to Call for Help

A worrisome survey of Catholic exorcists found that they feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of potentially possessed people coming to them for help to the point that they are asking the church to provide them with assistance. The troubling trend reportedly came to light during an annual conference of priests who specialize in the practice of casting demons out of unfortunate individuals. Speaking to researchers from the Catholic Church’s educational institute Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, the 120 exorcists in attendance at the event raised serious concerns about managing the myriad of possible possession cases they are currently encountering with some saying that they receive a staggering 30 to 50 such reports per day.

In the face of this monstrous workload, the exorcists called upon the Catholic Church to provide them with additional resources, specifically access to psychologists, in order to determine if an individual is actually possessed or if they are afflicted with mental illness. One priest who encountered this conundrum recounted how he was forced to independently enlist such a professional when a young woman’s parents were divided over what had caused her to attack a group of monks and assail them with insults spoken in Latin. He indicated that it was ultimately determined that the woman was possessed and she was freed from the demonic grip following an arduous nine-hour-long exorcism.

Beyond feeling as if they were forced to take on the burden of helping possibly possessed people by themselves, the exorcists also expressed unhappiness with having to perform the ritual for those who were sick with COVID-19 as it puts their own health at risk. Why, exactly, there are so many people requesting the practice is uncertain, though Spanish priests in attendance at the conference indicated that these individuals “have spent time with New Age, spiritual or meditation groups.” By taking their grievances public, one hopes that the exorcists can receive the help they need from the Catholic Church as, after all, they are something of a front line in the battle of good versus evil.

See also:

Mono Lake Bigfoot Footage

Mono Lake is a large, shallow saline soda lake in Mono County, California.  It is located in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range.  The lake was the backdrop for the town Lago in the 1973 Clint Eastwood film “High Plains Drifter”. 

Clint Eastwood riding towards the lake.


In 1991 another film was shot at Mono Lake.  And one of the characters in that film was very big and hairy.

Back in 2008, a science teacher from Orange County, California came forward and presented to the Bigfoot community one of the most intriguing footage of Bigfoot they had seen in a long time. The teacher said his family had viewed the vacation video privately for almost 20 years– not knowing he had captured a possible Bigfoot until his daughter pointed it out to him. The home video was taken in 1991, around Mono Lake, near the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In the video, a large, hairy, upright figure can be seen walking between two rock formations near the shore.


Investigators suggest that the figure in the video shows either a Bigfoot, or someone in a Bigfoot costume. According to the BFRO, if it was a person, it would have been someone who was wearing a large, full-length brown fur coat with excessively long furry sleeves.

The witness submitted his report to the BFRO on May 9, 2008 (17 years after filming the creature). Based on his credibility as a high school science teacher with absolutely nothing to gain by releasing the tape– the BFRO believes the film is authentic:

He is a science teacher at a high school in south Orange County, California. He has no incentive to fake this footage or to involve his family in an elaborate prank.

The animal seen strolling among the tufa spires appears to be upright and bipedal and muscular. It appears to have long arms and makes long strides with its legs. It does not appear to be a bear. It appears to be either a man in a bigfoot costume, or an actual bigfoot.

The profile of the cameraman, combined with the random circumstances of the videotaping, strongly suggest this is not a man in a costume — not a hoax.

On May 18, 1991, while on vacation in the Mammoth Lakes area in Northern California, my family took a short day hike to Mono Lake to do some sightseeing. It was overcast and very cold with a strong wind blowing. There was still snow on the surrounding peaks. Mono Lake is at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I do not recall the location at which we parked the car to begin our hike, but I do remember that ours was the only car in the parking area and that the spot was quite desolate. It was a cold Saturday morning and the area was deserted. At 9:17AM I began shooting VHS video footage of our trek, and after a short period of time we finally decided to leave because of the wind and cold. We went back to our hotel in June Lake, enjoyed the rest of the weekend and went home. The trip was quite uneventful (or so we assumed).

mono lake

The tape went into our family home video collection and for 17 years, from 1991 to 2008, it has been watched countless times by family and friends. So much so that my kids have the dialog on much of the tape collection memorized. On April 19, 2008 my daughter (6 years old in the video and now 22) was watching the tape in the downstairs family room when she suddenly screamed out and began yelling for me to come downstairs. I thought something bad had happened and after racing down the staircase, found my daughter and my ex sitting in front of the television telling me to watch a segment from the tape. What I saw when we played it back made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. And it was something none of us had ever noticed in almost 17 years of watching this tape,

In the final few seconds of the Mono Lake segment just before I turned the camera off I caught something very large and black moving between two rock formations a short distance from where we had been hiking. It was completely black with no differentiation in color or texture and walked upright like a human but with a gate more like a primate. At first I thought it was a bear, but after going over the video many times and finally digitizing and sharpening it I am now unsure what to think. From examination of the footage of my family whose distance from the camera was comparable to that of the creature it is easy to see the distinct details and variation in clothing, hair, face and hands. In contrast, the creature caught on tape exhibits none of those distinctions. The shape of the body does not resemble a human. The head is too large and the arms are too long. And although it does resemble a bear at one particular angle in the clip, the stance and gate don’t add up. It is an intriguing mystery.

That we were able to go for 17 years without noticing this event on the tape seems unbelievable, but in retrospect it actually makes some sense. The segment lasts for only a couple of seconds and the focus is on the lake and mountains which is what I must have been filming at the time. I didn’t see it when I shot the tape and it has since gone unnoticed because one must really be looking for it to see it.

mono lake1

I am not a person who is prone to believing in conspiracy theories, alien abductions and bizarre events such as a purported Bigfoot sighting. I’ve seen various footage and photographs of Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings over the years and have always been extremely skeptical of their authenticity. As an engineer who now teaches high school physics, I am highly educated and very level headed. If I see something I don’t understand my natural reaction is to analyze it rationally using the scientific method. I do not jump to conclusions based on faulty hypotheses. So in this case, I will suspend judgment pursuant to further investigation. But having shown this video to family and friends whose opinions I trust, the overall reaction seems to be a unanimous “Bigfoot!!” Wishful thinking? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way it is very intriguing and definitely warrants further investigation.

Your opinion and assistance in this matter would be appreciated.


Another strange encounter in the same range.


Strange Flying Saucer Filmed Landing in Colombia

Video below.

A witness in Colombia captured some rather peculiar footage of a flying saucer-shaped UFO that appears to land somewhere off in the distance. Photographer John Vargas reportedly filmed the curious scene last Saturday in the city of Medellín. In the video, the puzzling object initially appears to simply be a dark spot hovering around in a fairly cloudy sky. However, when the camera manages to get a clearer look at the oddity, one can see that it sports the iconic flying saucer shape so often associated with the UFO phenomenon.

While Vargas and some companions watch the weirdness unfold before their eyes, they debate what exactly they are seeing. His friends argue that it could be some kind of drone, but the photographer insists that is not the case. The sighting then takes an unexpected turn as the ‘flying saucer’ begins to slowly descend from the sky and eventually it seems to land somewhere in the city. Unfortunately, Vargas’ video ends without any indication of where the UFO may have ultimately come to rest.

As for what the UFO could have been, besides some kind of alien craft, the possibility that it was merely a drone cannot be discounted, despite Vargas’ dismissing the idea, as there are UAVs that are, indeed, shaped like a flying saucer. Failing that, another explanation is that the odd object could have simply been some kind of balloon. Considering that the UFO ultimately landed somewhere on the ground and there were no fantastic reports of an alien ship arriving in Medellín.

In my humble opinion the thing landing is sort of a giveaway. It must be some type of drone as it is going back to its handler.