The Desert Sasquatch


The Mojave desert lies in south-central California. It is barren with some hills and miles upon miles of desolate sand and cactus.  There have been reports of Bigfoot activity in the area.  Why would a Sasquatch live in barren open desert?  Food would be a problem for one, let alone water. And the scorching summer heat, after all these things reportedly have thick fur coats.  But then most experts contend these creatures are nocturnal, the desert gets very cool to cold at night, the creature could rest all day under a huge cactus and hunt at night.

But there is one key reason why these creatures may live in this area.  There are virtually no people. Vast swaths of uninhabited territory where the beast can do his thing and not have to worry about ducking away from humans. In the Mojave desert of San Bernardino county near Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corp base and Joshua Tree National Park it is said the creature known as the ‘Yucca Man’ lurks.




The Yucca Man is a Bigfoot-like creature that supposedly live around Joshua Tree National Park.


The Yucca Man is described as a large and hairy desert beast.

History of sightings

On a cold February night in 1971 a lone guard manned a post outside an armory on the outskirts of the Marine Base near Twenty-Nine Palms. Without warning the otherwise unearthly quiet was suddenly shattered when a large mass appeared out of the dark desert landscape. The guard raised his riffle and commanded the being to “halt”. Much to the young mans surprise the large figure did not stop but instead charged right at him at an inhuman rate. As the figure grew closer the Marine realized what was approaching, rapidly, was not a man at all, but a huge, upright running, hair covered creature. Paralyzed by shock, the young guard stood his ground, too frightened to move.

The mysterious creature threw the young man to the ground rendering him unconscious. When the guard’s relief arrived several ours later they found him almost incoherent with his rifle almost bent in two.

After the incident both the CIA and FBI were called in to conduct an investigation. Much to their surprise, the locals were more than eager to tell their own stories about giant man-beasts in the area.

As a matter of fact, on the very same night as the attack on the guard, two of the creatures were seen roaming through a neighborhood, relatively close to the base. When a local couple took a look outside of their front window to see what was upsetting their dog, they saw the two Yucca Men crossing the front lawn. Then some time later the same creatures were seen near a horse corral some distance away by others in the same neighborhood.

The investigation also revealed that several employees at the Joshua Tree National Monument had seen Bigfoot-like creatures on numerous occasions.

Eight years later, in May of 1979, a young couple were leaving their condominium complex in Desert Hot Springs, north of Palm Springs, when a large harry creature emerged from behind a yucca in front of their car. According to the driver the animal, which had “a chest the size of a refrigerator and arms that hung down below its knees”, was so large that he could only see it from the mid-section down. The beast that reportedly was covered in long tan colored hair disappeared quickly back into the night leaving no footprint evidence.

Also in 1979 a 12-foot-tall Bigfoot made a visit to Hemet, California some distance to the south of Palm Springs twice in a period of a week. This time, however, the creature left a grand total of 17 tracks in the mud along a rural road during its initial visit. These tracks measured 18 inches in length and were spaced some 6 feet apart.

Noted Bigfoot researchers Douglas Trapp and Danny Perez both conducted a investigation of this sighting, even going as far as to perform a “stakeout” of the location where the tracks were found. But alas, the monster did not return.

In 1988 a couple of service men from Twenty-Nine Palms were returning home from a day of fun in the sun at Big Bear Lake at about 9:00 p.m. when they encountered a creature that the locals call the “Cement Monster”, due to the fact that it is said to live near an old cement factory in Lucerne Valley.

As the two men approached the old factory, a large upright running creature moved across the road in front of their car. As was the case 9 years earlier in Desert Hot Springs the animal in question was so large that the men could only see it’s lower half.

In disbelief the two men just looked at each other for a moment before one of them exclaimed “What the Hell was that?” The other replied, “That was the Cement Monster, after him!” The driver hit the brakes while the other reached for a gun that was in the glove box. The two adrenaline filed men searched up and down the road and around the cement factory, but never found any sign of the creature.

The pair came to the conclusion that they had seen some form of prehistoric man and returned to their journey home.


One possible explanation might include the unusual shape of the Joshua trees themselves, which can appear human in an instance of poor light.

But Joshua trees don’t walk or bend rifles do they?


Sasquatch sightings in California


San Bernardino county bottom right

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow Offers Nearly $1 Million for Evidence of the Afterlife

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow has launched an intriguing competition in search of evidence for the afterlife and has put up nearly $1 million which will be awarded to the winning entries. The president of Bigelow Aerospace is well known in UFO circles for his many initiatives aimed at solving the mystery of the phenomenon as well as other matters of high strangeness, including the bizarre happenings reported at Skinwalker Ranch. Now Bigelow hopes that his considerable fortune can be used to answer one of humanity’s greatest questions: is there an afterlife?

This past June, he launched the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies with an aim to “support research into both the survival of human consciousness after physical death and, based on data from such studies, the nature of the afterlife.” The organization notes that even though everyone on Earth will eventually die, there seems to be no serious research being done on what actually happens when such an event occurs. Lamenting that the “current scientific paradigm” does not treat afterlife studies seriously, the BICS argues that it is probably time to end this closed-minded approach.

As such, they have launched an essay contest “seeking hard evidence ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that takes us beyond religion or philosophy and provides a body of knowledge to be brought widely into the public arena.” These papers, the BICS envisions, will focus on scientific evidence and be backed up by documentation whether it be credible witnesses or photographic data. Judging the papers will be a panel that includes a number of experts including investigative journalist Leslie Kean and professor of religion Jeffrey Kripal.

While the competition is open to everyone, in order to actually submit an essay to the BICS, prospective entrants must first complete an application to the organization. Should they be approved, they will then have until August 1st, 2021 to produce a paper detailing their research into the afterlife. The winners of the competition will be announced on November 1st, 2021 with first place netting a whopping $500,000 and runners-up getting $300,000 and $150,000 respectively. Coast listeners looking to learn more about the competition can check out the BICS website and be sure to tune in to this coming Sunday’s edition of C2C as Robert Bigelow will be George Knapp’s guest in the first half of the program.

Just watch one of the ghost TV shows Robert. I counted 25 currently on the tube.

Cops in Pakistan Bust ‘Werewolf’

A young man in Pakistan found himself at the center of an odd controversy after cops arrested him for prowling the streets of a city on New Year’s Eve while dressed as a werewolf. The strange incident reportedly occurred in the city of Peshawar last Thursday evening when the unnamed individual was spotted riding around on a motorcycle wearing a fairly realistic lycanthrope mask and allegedly roaring at bystanders in an attempt to frighten them.

Cops subsequently arrested the ‘werewolf,’ presumably for causing a public disturbance, and photos of the mask-clad man handcuffed and standing alongside two police officers were posted to social media shortly thereafter. The images quickly went viral in Pakistan and prompted a bit of a backlash from residents who questioned the reasoning for the man’s arrest. Specifically, they noted that wearing a mask is required by law in Peshawar in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and therefore, technically, he was following the rules.

To that end, some people also pointed out the amusing fact that one of the police officers in the photos is not wearing a mask, which should actually be a violation of the regulations. And there were others who credited the youngster with coming up with a clever way to keep people off the streets during New Year’s Eve, making him an unlikely public health hero in their eyes. It remains to be seen whether any of their points will help the young man avoid being punished for the mask misadventure.

A No Go Zone for Vampires


The Hill of Crosses is a site of pilgrimage about 12 km north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania. The precise origin of the practice of leaving crosses on the hill is uncertain, but it is believed that the first crosses were placed on the former Jurgaičiai or Domantai hill fort after the 1831 Uprising. Over the generations, not only crosses and crucifixes, but statues of the Virgin Mary, carvings of Lithuanian patriots and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but estimates put it at about 55,000 in 1990 and 100,000 in 2006.



Over the generations, the place has come to signify the peaceful endurance of Lithuanian Catholicism despite the threats it faced throughout history. After the 3rd partition of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795, Lithuania became part of the Russian Empire. Poles and Lithuanians unsuccessfully rebelled against Russian authorities in 1831 and 1863. These two uprisings are connected with the beginnings of the hill: as families could not locate bodies of perished rebels, they started putting up symbolic crosses in place of a former hill fort.

When the old political structure of Eastern Europe fell apart in 1918, Lithuania once again declared its independence. Throughout this time, the Hill of Crosses was used as a place for Lithuanians to pray for peace, for their country, and for the loved ones they had lost during the Wars of Independence.

The site took on a special significance during the years 1944–1990, when Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union. Continuing to travel to the hill and leave their tributes, Lithuanians used it to demonstrate their allegiance to their original identity, religion and heritage. It was a venue of peaceful resistance, although the Soviets worked hard to remove new crosses, and bulldozed the site at least three times (including attempts in 1963 and 1973). There were even rumors that the authorities planned to build a dam on the nearby Kulvė River, a tributary to Mūša, so that the hill would end up underwater.

On September 7, 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the Hill of Crosses, declaring it a place for hope, peace, love and sacrifice. In 2000 a Franciscan hermitage was opened nearby. The interior decoration draws links with La Verna, the mountain where St. Francis is said to have received his stigmata. The hill remains under nobody’s jurisdiction; therefore people are free to build crosses as they see fit.





The vampires will be destroyed if they venture near this holy hill.


Hinterland Who’s Who: the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Humanoid Beastie

Hinterland Who’s Who is a federally funded educational wildlife agency.

Today’s featured creature on Hinterland Who’s Who is the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Humanoid Beastie otherwise known as the (Green Gill-man).  The creature is seen by many witnesses and has been observed by paranormal nature biologists working for Hinterland Who’s Who.  The biologists estimate the creature to stand at least 8 feet tall and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 350- 500 pounds. The beasts’ diet seems to consist of tree leaves and other riverine plants, small mammals such as squirrels and cats, the odd dog and periodically a cow.  Farmers along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers have reported lost cows, only to find the skeleton of the cow a few days later.  The cows have been eaten completely, no flesh is found. Some think it could be space aliens, but Hinterland Who’s Who is sure the culprits are the Green Gill-man.

Mainstream science doesn’t touch the subject of the Green Gill-man, they want a body, as the mainstreamers profess they need actual physical evidence.  The sightings, photos, video and webbed footprints just aren’t enough for these obstinate skeptics. Maybe a body will surface one of these days, but let’s not hold our breath.

The sightings and reports go back hundreds of years to pre European contact in Manitoba.  The Cree Indian tribes had a name for the Gill-man, “Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa,” which literally translates into “big green varmint that swims like fish but walks on the land and will attack our women.”  The Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa is deeply ingrained in Native legend and stories.  One story is about the Gill-man having a major tussle with a Sasquatch.  The battle was observed near Pukatawagan in the 1920’s.  The beasts were laying heavy punches on each other until they all of a sudden stopped, shook hands and walked off in different directions.

Recent photos of the creature in the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg


It appears obvious that this thing doesn’t hibernate. How it survives Manitoba’s winter is anybody’s guess.

Another brute enjoying a dip near the Midtown Bridge..


Damn that must be cold!

The creature’s habitat seems to go beyond the river systems. Sightings have been reported on the big lakes north of Winnipeg.  Gill-man has also been sighted deep inland, miles from any water.  They are usually sighted near cow pastures.  And immediately after the pasture sightings, a farmer reports a missing cow.  Dinner time for the green water goblin?

Here is a sighting at Patricia Beach on the south end of Lake Winnipeg.


The photo was taken very close to the section of the beach that is reserved for nude beachgoers. The Green gill-man seems to have an interest in female humans.  Not sure why.

The famous Grand Beach Photo.  Taken 2 years ago by ghost hunter Mel Ryan. Mel was quoted as saying: “No ghosts this time, but sovanabitch this big green thing was even better than a ghost.  I wonder, when the gill-man dies, does it manifest into a gill-man ghost? Now that would be 2 birds with one stone my man.”


It appears to be stalking something.  Female human?

If anybody out there has reports, photos or video of the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Humanoid Beastie please forward them to Hinterland Who’s Who, PO Box 2300, Ottawa, Ontario, Q4J 1X9. Email:

For the record: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that he will be increasing the HWW budget ten-fold over the next few months. Yaha!

What do Space Aliens want with our Cows?

When UFOs fly over a farm, it always seems that the first thing they do is to beam up the farmer’s cows with their Tractor Beam. Alien abduction accounts being what they are, you’d think they’d be more interested in the farmer, but where else would you test a tractor beam but on a farm?



The entry portal has to be quite large for a 900 pound bovine to make it through.




What do they want with the cattle? They like the taste of beef or cow milk?



Do they probe the cows cavities and orifices? If so, do they use an anesthetic?



The rest of the herd here looks totally oblivious to the tractor beam abduction.  Wouldn’t they be spooked?



The other cows just continue grazing, as if nothing is happening. Could it be that the other cows are being communicated to telepathically by the Aliens to Stay Calm and Carry On?



Those cows will not be going up that chute without being nudged along by an electric cattle prod.  This race of Space Aliens obviously haven’t figured out how to build a tractor beam.



Not only has this race of Aliens figured out how to build a tractor beam, they have mastered the art of camouflage.


Landed UFO in a field abducting cattle

Here the Alien has left the UFO. It appears to be beating on the unsuspecting bovine! This Alien is looking to get a good kicking.



Another milking dairy cow. Why the persistent interest in cows that need to be milked by suction devices?



This cow looks pissed. The Aliens better be prepared for some agitation up in the spacecraft.



The Aliens obviously didn’t perform proper reconnaissance on this bovine. The poor thing is chained to the ground!  Great way to test the strength of the tractor beam.


It is not always a sad ending. Not all the cows are mutilated and have their sexual organs, eyeballs and brains removed.  Some are returned to their relieved and exhilarated farmers.






Ultimately, why, why?  Are those dirty little Gray Aliens into bovine bestiality?  Or could it be honest to goodness veterinarian research. If only the NSA and CIA would disclose the truth! They know, oh yes they do!  They listen in to everything. They have operators hiding in those corn fields and paddy saturated pastures pointing intercept signals dishes at the whole damn situation. Why won’t they tell us what the hell is going on?!!

Rare ‘UFO House’ for Sale in New Zealand

An incredibly rare Futuro House has been put up for sale in New Zealand, where less than ten of the flying saucer-shaped residences exist. The brainchild of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, approximately 100 of the homes were constructed over the course of the 1960s and ’70s. Since that time, a great number of the houses have fallen into disrepair, making the remaining residences something of an expensive collector’s item with some becoming roadside attractions and one, in California, was transformed into an Airbnb.

This particular Futuro House is reportedly located in the city of Christchurch and has been on display at various sites throughout the city over the last 14 years. For fans of the famed residences, the home serves as something of a museum as it contains a number of placards detailing the history of the odd buildings. Although there is no listed asking price for the ‘UFO House,’ an initial estimate placed the value at around $200,000, though that price could climb considerably higher given the rarity of the residence as well as its pristine condition.

The real thing.

The Misfits: ‘Halloween.’

The Misfits are an American punk rock band often recognized as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre, blending punk and other musical influences with horror film themes and imagery. The group was founded in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey, by vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist Glenn Danzig, and drummer Manny Martínez. Jerry Only joined on bass guitar shortly after. Over the next six years, membership would change frequently with Danzig and Only the only consistent members. During this time period, they released several EPs and singles, and with Only’s brother Doyle as guitarist, the albums Walk Among Us (1982) and Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood (1983), both considered touchstones of the early-1980s hardcore punk movement. The band has gone through many lineup changes over the years, with bassist Jerry Only being the only constant member in the group.