Way-out Giorgio Tsoukalos 

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (born March 14, 1978) is a Swiss-born Greek-Austrian writer and television personality. He is a proponent of the idea that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans. He is the Chairman and co-founder of Legendary Times magazine, which features articles from Erich von Däniken, David Hatcher Childress, Peter Fiebag, Robert Bauval, and Luc Bürgin on the topic of ancient astronauts and related subject matter.

Tsoukalos is the director of Erich von Däniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (the A.A.S. R.A.—Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association), and has appeared on The Travel Channel, The History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, the National Geographic Channel, as well as Coast to Coast AM, and is a consulting producer of the television series Ancient Aliens.

Tsoukalos is a 1998 graduate of Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, with a bachelor’s degree in sports information and communication. For several years in the early 2000s, before he made ancient astronaut research his primary career, he served as a bodybuilding promoter in IFBB sanctioned contests, including Mr. Olympia. He is fluent in English, Greek, German, French, Italian, Vulcan and Andromedian.

Tsoukalos is the host of the H2 series In Search of Aliens, which premiered on July 25, 2014


Giorgio and his cohort Erich von Daniken refer to themselves as Ancient Astronaut theorists. With a degree in sports communications I guess that isn’t that much of a leap. They base all their theories, and they try to make people believe these theories, on wishful thinking, conjecture, guesses and assumptions.  They put forward absolutely no hard evidence whatsoever.

Yet people buy into this bunk allowing these guys to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from TV shows and books etc. People will believe anything at anytime.


Illogical and nonsensical arguments through and through.


Giorgio appeared on a show about the Loch Ness Monster.  His theory was that Nessie was transported from an Alien world to the Scottish lake by an Alien time-travel machine. Okay.


Where will the transformation end?


Is Saskatchewan named after Sasquatches?  

Saskatchewan not named after sasquatches, residents insist

bigfoot1 (2)


Saskatchewanians are eager to correct the record after an NBA announcer insisted Wednesday that their province is named for its abundance of sasquatches.

The Fox Sports announcer made the comment while pointing out that Utah Jazz forward Trey Lyles is the first person from the province to play in the NBA.

“That region’s known for being home to a lot of sasquatches,” the announcer said, adding, “that’s what it’s named after.”

For the record, Saskatchewan comes from a Cree word for “swift flowing river.”

And as Manitoba sasquatch expert Chris Rutkowski points out, there are far fewer bigfoot sightings in the Land of the Living Skies than other regions like the Pacific Northwest.

Washington has had the most of any state or province, with 617, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association. British Columbia has had the most in Canada, 130. Saskatchewan has had a mere seven.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall laughed when he heard the news. “We might have more Elvis sightings,” he said.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere also found it amusing, but saw an upside: “Now we’re going have a bunch of people that are going to come here wanting to see the sasquatch.”

Saskatchewan Tourism’s Aviva Kohen seemed more annoyed by the other things the Fox Sports announcer rattled off about her province, including that it’s cold and flat.

“That’s a myth I run into quite a bit in marketing and a myth I try to dispel.”

Sasquatch sightings in Canada


Sasquatch caught on video near Craven, Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan plumb out of Exorcists  

CBC story believe it or not!

Exorcist expertise sought after Saskatoon ‘possession’

Bishop looks for inspiration from Calgary diocese

A case of what is being called possible demonic possession in Saskatoon has prompted local church officials to consider the need for an exorcist.

CBC News spoke with a Catholic priest involved in the case, which arose in March, and agreed not to identify participants in order to protect their privacy.

‘There are perhaps more stories about exorcisms in Hollywood than there are on the ground.’—Bishop Don Bolen

According to church officials, a priest was called to a Saskatoon home by a woman who said her uncle showed signs of being possessed by the devil. The woman believed a priest’s blessing could help the distraught man.

At the home, the priest encountered a shirtless middle-aged man, slouched on a couch and holding his head in his hands.

The man had used a sharp instrument to carve the word Hell on his chest.

When the priest entered the room, the man spoke in the third person, saying “He belongs to me. Get out of here,” using a strange voice.

The priest told CBC News that he had never seen anything like this and was concerned enough to call police, for safety reasons.

He said he then blessed the man, saying he belonged to the good side, to Jesus. With that, the man’s voice returned to normal for a short time.

Not a formal exorcism

The unusual voice returned when police arrived, and the priest continued to bless the man until he resumed a more normal composure.

CBC News followed up on the incident to learn if an exorcism had been performed, but church officials said a formal exorcism did not happen.

Bishop Don Bolen explained that the ritual of exorcism is a very structured exercise. He said it was not clear if the Saskatoon man was possessed or experiencing a mental breakdown.

“I would think there are perhaps more stories about exorcisms in Hollywood than there are on the ground,” Bolen said. “But the Catholic Church teaches that there is a force of darkness, and that God is stronger than that darkness.”

Church leaders in Saskatoon have been considering whether Saskatoon needs a trained exorcist.

The last person in the city with formal training, Rev. Joseph Bisztyo, retired in 2003.

Nor does the Regina archdiocese have an exorcist, so Bolen said they are looking to other locations.

“We’re kind of looking at what the diocese of Calgary does — they have a special commission for spiritual discernment,” Bolen said.

He explained that the commission meets with people connected to a possible possession, “to ask whether there’s some kind of psychological or psychiatric explanation to a situation,” he said, adding the commission is also open to the possibility of demonic possession.”

Catholics are not the only ones examining what to do when presented with possible cases of possession.

The ‘work of the devil’

Anglican priest Colin Clay, who has worked with Bisztyo, told CBC News the topic of exorcism touches on questions that go back centuries.

The issues revolve around the nature of evil and how to respond to people who claim they have the devil in them.

“The churches have to respond,” Clay said. “And they’ll either do it by saying — some churches will say — ‘Well that’s the devil, and the devil is at work in the world and we’ve got to deal with it,’ or the churches will say, ‘Well there’s certainly evil in the world, whether there’s an actual Satan or devil, there’s certainly evil in the world, and it has a terrible effect on people’s lives,’ and so we’ve got to respond to it.”

Clay said he does not dismiss how evil can affect people.

“I take evil very, very seriously,” Clay said. “I take the effect that it has on people very seriously, but I don’t think that there’s any quick fix. The word exorcism worries me a little bit, because it’s been given a Hollywood sort of flavour to it, and it’s not as simple as that. You don’t just say you’ve got the devil, I’m going to drive it out.”

Like the bishop, Clay advocates a measured approach to dealing with claims of possession.

I think what we have here is an over eager priest who takes his job too seriously.  Or a more conspiratorial angle.  The Catholic church is losing adherents in droves these days.  The churches are becoming empty, therefore less cash in the baskets.  So the church decides to fall back on a true but trusted technique, fear.  Make it look like some poor pion is possessed and scare the bejesus out of some people.  The people that fall for this will be high-tailing it back to church lickity split.

More returnees and recruits and the donation baskets will be full again.  More revenue for the church.  Bible sales go up and there is a frenzied demand for crucifixes, not to mention holy water.  The church coffers will be back to pre-war levels.

But when it is finally determined that the poor soul in Saskatoon was actually having a bad acid trip everything will calm down.  But then again the intense fear instilled in borderline believers by this story may linger for years to come.  And holy water sales will stay hot.

Just in case there is something to this story.  The Catholic church in Saskatchewan has to open the purse strings and send a recruitment team to the Vatican and bring back a take no prisoners, no holds barred Exorcist.

Catholic Church’s Former Top Exorcist Claims He Rid World of 160,000 Demons

The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, SSP (1 May 1925 – 16 September 2016) was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome who claimed to have performed tens of thousands of exorcisms over his half a dozen plus decades as a Catholic Priest. He never served as “the Vatican’s chief exorcist” or any similar role, despite popular media headlines.

No wonder he had no hair


 Amorth, who headed the International Association of Exorcists, told The Sunday Times back in 2013 that he asked Pope Francis to allow all priests the right to do exorcisms without the church’s approval.  According to the report, priests currently need special approval from their bishop to perform the rite and it is rarely granted.

“I will ask the pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms,  and to ensure priests are properly trained for these starting with the seminary.  There’s a huge demand for them,” said Father Amorth.

He explained that he was inspired to make the request after watching Pope  Francis perform what he insists was an exorcism on a man “possessed by four demons” in St.  Peter’s Square.

“The pope is also the Bishop of Rome, and like any bishop he is also an exorcist,” Amorth reportedly told La Repubblica newspaper. “It was a real exorcism. If the Vatican has denied this, it shows that they understand nothing.”

“There was now, more than ever, a need for exorcists to combat people possessed by ‘sorcerers’ and ‘Satanists,’” he noted in that report.

An 84-page update of exorcism rites compiled in 1614 and drawn up in 1998 stipulates how Catholic priests trained as exorcists should operate. According to the guidelines established by the church, they have to follow a ritual known as “De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam,” or “Of exorcisms and certain supplications.”

Amorth explained that Pope Francis’ exorcism on May 19 helped to balance the growing atheism in the world where people don’t believe in the Devil anymore.

“We live in an age in which God has been forgotten. And wherever God is not present, the Devil rules,” said Amorth.

Amorth claimed to have sent 160,000 demons back to hell, that’s why he wanted Pope Francis to allow all priests to start performing the ritual to deal with a rising demand for exorcisms from the faithful.

Good luck!!

Store Security Camera Films Ghost Girl?

A creepy piece of security camera footage from Peru shows what some believe to be the ghost of a little girl running through a store. The eerie video was reportedly captured last month at a shopping center in the city of Pucallpa and subsequently wound up being shared on TikTok, where it amassed over a million views in just a few days. In the footage, which appears to have been filmed after the store had closed, a small figure can be seen dashing down a hallway between racks of clothing. The curious trespasser then briefly lingers behind a display before running back to where it had come from at an incredible speed.

It has been suggested that the figure in the video could be the ghost of a girl who died when she was accidentally electrocuted at the shopping center back in 2018. That said, some media outlets have strangely postulated that the odd interloper is actually a goblin or similarly “diminutive being” like an elf. Meanwhile, skeptical observers argue that the ‘apparition’ is the result of some kind of trickery likely created by somehow altering the speed of the video. As of now, the nature of the figure remains a mystery.

Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd. (Nepali: यती एअरलाइन्स) is an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The airline was established in May 1998 and received its air operator’s certificate on 17 August 1998. It is the parent company of Tara Air. As of 2021, Yeti Airlines was the second largest domestic carrier in Nepal, after Buddha Air.

Yeti Airlines Operations Manager Bhavraroopa Biswabandita investigating a lost luggage complaint at Kathmandu International Airport.

Company president Indragop Rakshek holding a news conference with the local media. He is known to get quite animated and emotional when discussing his airline.

A Boeing executive making a sales pitch to Acquisition manager Gianprakash Tribikram.