Giant Beasts attack Putin and Taliban

Russian president Vladimir Putin had a close call with a grizzly bear in north-central Siberia two days ago.  Putin was swimming in an ice cold river when a giant 800 pound grizzly ran out of the tree line straight for the outdoor enthusiast Putin. Putin had to swim for his life just to keep ahead of the bone crushing jaws and flesh piercing claws of the mad bear. Just as the crazed grizzly was going to pounce on Vlad, the president’s security detail opened up with rocket propelled grenades and AK-47 machine guns, bringing the berserk grizzly down with a massive fusillade of firepower.

Vladimir breast stroking for his life


According to reliable sources, Vlad was mentally shaken after the incident. Prez Putin feels he has a metaphysical rapport with wild creatures. And this incident just didn’t jive with that perception. The Moscow Sun-Times is reporting that Vladimir is considering hunting the giant grizzlies in the near future.

A thousand miles to the west in Afghanistan, another bizarre attack occurred.  In the towering Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, what can only be described as a huge Yeti type creature ambushed a platoon of Taliban fighters.  The anti-government Taliban had stopped in a mountain pass for a goat barbeque. All seemed well, the bearded Jihadists were mingling after the feast, discussing the after-life martyr paradise where they would be treated to free wine and unlimited virgin girls.  When up from behind the group a fifteen foot brown Yeti stealthily snuck up and sent the Taliban mountain men to that very paradise they were lauding.

Just prior to the attack the Taliban had set up a camera for a group selfie


U.S. Special Forces soldiers came across the scene while on patrol and discovered the camera among the carnage. The Jihadists had been ripped to shreds the American commander reported.  A Delta operator with the American patrol was later quoted as saying, “first we have to fight these suicidal Taliban fanatics, now we have a giant Sasquatch thingamajig lurking out there somewhere, what the f#@k is next in this crazy place?”

This was reported 2 months ago. Since then all U.S. forces have evacuated Afghanistan.

Bigfoot Filmed Crossing River in Michigan?

An intriguing piece of footage from Michigan shows a rather sizeable creature in the process of crossing a river and some suspect that the strange beast could be Bigfoot. A group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received the wild report earlier this month from an individual named Eddie, who claimed that their cousin spotted the strange scene while “kayaking on the Cass River.” The man initially provided them with a remarkable photo that appears to capture a bipedal creature crossing the river while seemingly holding something in its arms. Fortunately, Eddie subsequently shared a brief video of the eerie encounter which provides a somewhat better glimpse of the oddity.

Although admittedly difficult to decipher, as all potential Sasquatch photos seem to be, some have theorized that the witness captured footage of an adult Bigfoot holding either a juvenile version of the creature or perhaps a deer as it makes it way across the Cass River. As one might imagine, more skeptical observers have argued that the ‘Sasquatch’ is merely a hunter or perhaps the whole scene is a clever hoax. Should that latter scenario be the case, one would almost have to salute the creators of the faked material, since it would have required someone don a Sasquatch costume and venture out into the river.

Flying Saucer Attack!!!


There’s a threat approaching from the stars
All the horrors from Venus and Mars
Everybody’d better be on guard
When the flying saucers land

Watch the skies above the horizon
For the spies who have no flies on
When they appear through the stratosphere
Better lock yourself inside

Flying saucer attack
I’m never coming back
Oh, oh, oh, until it’s over

Laser beams and gamma projectors
There’ll be nothing on Earth to protect us
When they arrive out of the sky
They’ll be frying us alive

Call out the Army and the United Nations
Alert the police and Air Force stations
Tell everybody to run and hide
Because the end is near at hand

Flying saucer attack
I’m never coming back
Oh, oh, oh, until it’s over

Sasquatch Provincial Park

Sasquatch Provincial Park is a provincial park in Kent, British Columbia, Canada.

The park was established 1968, in its present condition. It actually began in 1959 as a 20 hectare inland fjord called Green Point Park, which was expanded into a picnicking area in 1960. Eight years later the park was expanded greatly and renamed. It was named after Sasquatch (a Halkomelem Salish word), the cryptid said to be endemic to the area.

The park is 1217 hectares in size. It is characterized by a series of pocket lakes, a unique second-growth and birch forest, and scenic mountain ridges.

The park is located in the District of Kent, 6 kilometres north of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.

Wildlife: tailed frogs, beavers, mountain goats, bears, deer, and Sasquatch
Fish: sturgeon, smelt, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook char, salmon, catfish, and stickleback
Birds: bald eagles, woodpeckers, warblers, and vireos
Insect: black petaltail dragonfly

Sasquatch sightings go back as far as the 1800s when prospectors and miners from the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon told stories of wild ape-men. In British Columbia, over 200 Sasquatch sightings have been reported in the area of Harrison Hot Springs, Pitt Lake, Whistler and Squamish, Hope, Mission, and on Vancouver Island. People have also reported hearing the Sasquatch making high-pitched screams and howling at night across British Columbia.

The last sighting on record was in 2014; Global News reported that a Sasquatch-like creature was seen trudging through snow in a remote area near Whistler.

Bush Family Divided Over Whether or Not White House is Haunted

Video at bottom.

An amusing difference of opinion has emerged among the Bush family as to whether or not the White House is haunted as the former first lady dismissed such an idea, while her daughter insists that it’s true. The proverbial paranormal divide reportedly came to light earlier this month when Laura Bush appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. During her conversation, the former first lady was asked if she had ever experienced ghostly activity at the White House as her daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, has claimed happened to her and her sister while they were living there. Unfortunately for the former first daughters, their mother responded in the negative and suggested that they were imagining the spooky activity.

“Barbara and Jenna were the ones that felt like it was haunted and pretended they heard voices,’ she said, “it’s probably just the secret service talking down the hall in another room that they heard, but we didn’t think it was haunted.” As one might imagine, having her paranormal experience debunked by her mother on national television didn’t sit too well with daughter Jenna, who pushed back on the assertion that she was exaggerating during a subsequent appearance on the Today Show. Explaining that the two sisters would often hear “1920s piano music” being played outside their room at night, she recounted talking to a longtime worker at the White House, named Buddy, about the weirdness.

“I said, ‘Buddy, you wouldn’t believe what Barbara and I heard last night,'” she recalled, “and he said, ‘oh Jenna, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen in these walls.'” The former first daughter went on to offer to call her sister so that she could confirm their experience and argued that it’s rather unlikely that secret service agents were playing 1920s piano music outside their room at night. ” I love my mom,” she said with a laugh, “but the ghost might not have been into her.”

The Desert Sasquatch


The Mojave desert lies in south-central California. It is barren with some hills and miles upon miles of desolate sand and cactus.  There have been reports of Bigfoot activity in the area.  Why would a Sasquatch live in barren open desert?  Food would be a problem for one, let alone water. And the scorching summer heat, after all these things reportedly have thick fur coats.  But then most experts contend these creatures are nocturnal, the desert gets very cool to cold at night, the creature could rest all day under a huge cactus and hunt at night.

But there is one key reason why these creatures may live in this area.  There are virtually no people. Vast swaths of uninhabited territory where the beast can do his thing and not have to worry about ducking away from humans. In the Mojave desert of San Bernardino county near Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corp base and Joshua Tree National Park it is said the creature known as the ‘Yucca Man’ lurks.




The Yucca Man is a Bigfoot-like creature that supposedly live around Joshua Tree National Park.


The Yucca Man is described as a large and hairy desert beast.

History of sightings

On a cold February night in 1971 a lone guard manned a post outside an armory on the outskirts of the Marine Base near Twenty-Nine Palms. Without warning the otherwise unearthly quiet was suddenly shattered when a large mass appeared out of the dark desert landscape. The guard raised his riffle and commanded the being to “halt”. Much to the young mans surprise the large figure did not stop but instead charged right at him at an inhuman rate. As the figure grew closer the Marine realized what was approaching, rapidly, was not a man at all, but a huge, upright running, hair covered creature. Paralyzed by shock, the young guard stood his ground, too frightened to move.

The mysterious creature threw the young man to the ground rendering him unconscious. When the guard’s relief arrived several ours later they found him almost incoherent with his rifle almost bent in two.

After the incident both the CIA and FBI were called in to conduct an investigation. Much to their surprise, the locals were more than eager to tell their own stories about giant man-beasts in the area.

As a matter of fact, on the very same night as the attack on the guard, two of the creatures were seen roaming through a neighborhood, relatively close to the base. When a local couple took a look outside of their front window to see what was upsetting their dog, they saw the two Yucca Men crossing the front lawn. Then some time later the same creatures were seen near a horse corral some distance away by others in the same neighborhood.

The investigation also revealed that several employees at the Joshua Tree National Monument had seen Bigfoot-like creatures on numerous occasions.

Eight years later, in May of 1979, a young couple were leaving their condominium complex in Desert Hot Springs, north of Palm Springs, when a large harry creature emerged from behind a yucca in front of their car. According to the driver the animal, which had “a chest the size of a refrigerator and arms that hung down below its knees”, was so large that he could only see it from the mid-section down. The beast that reportedly was covered in long tan colored hair disappeared quickly back into the night leaving no footprint evidence.

Also in 1979 a 12-foot-tall Bigfoot made a visit to Hemet, California some distance to the south of Palm Springs twice in a period of a week. This time, however, the creature left a grand total of 17 tracks in the mud along a rural road during its initial visit. These tracks measured 18 inches in length and were spaced some 6 feet apart.

Noted Bigfoot researchers Douglas Trapp and Danny Perez both conducted a investigation of this sighting, even going as far as to perform a “stakeout” of the location where the tracks were found. But alas, the monster did not return.

In 1988 a couple of service men from Twenty-Nine Palms were returning home from a day of fun in the sun at Big Bear Lake at about 9:00 p.m. when they encountered a creature that the locals call the “Cement Monster”, due to the fact that it is said to live near an old cement factory in Lucerne Valley.

As the two men approached the old factory, a large upright running creature moved across the road in front of their car. As was the case 9 years earlier in Desert Hot Springs the animal in question was so large that the men could only see it’s lower half.

In disbelief the two men just looked at each other for a moment before one of them exclaimed “What the Hell was that?” The other replied, “That was the Cement Monster, after him!” The driver hit the brakes while the other reached for a gun that was in the glove box. The two adrenaline filed men searched up and down the road and around the cement factory, but never found any sign of the creature.

The pair came to the conclusion that they had seen some form of prehistoric man and returned to their journey home.


One possible explanation might include the unusual shape of the Joshua trees themselves, which can appear human in an instance of poor light.

But Joshua trees don’t walk or bend rifles do they?


Sasquatch sightings in California


San Bernardino county bottom right

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow Offers Nearly $1 Million for Evidence of the Afterlife

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow has launched an intriguing competition in search of evidence for the afterlife and has put up nearly $1 million which will be awarded to the winning entries. The president of Bigelow Aerospace is well known in UFO circles for his many initiatives aimed at solving the mystery of the phenomenon as well as other matters of high strangeness, including the bizarre happenings reported at Skinwalker Ranch. Now Bigelow hopes that his considerable fortune can be used to answer one of humanity’s greatest questions: is there an afterlife?

This past June, he launched the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies with an aim to “support research into both the survival of human consciousness after physical death and, based on data from such studies, the nature of the afterlife.” The organization notes that even though everyone on Earth will eventually die, there seems to be no serious research being done on what actually happens when such an event occurs. Lamenting that the “current scientific paradigm” does not treat afterlife studies seriously, the BICS argues that it is probably time to end this closed-minded approach.

As such, they have launched an essay contest “seeking hard evidence ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that takes us beyond religion or philosophy and provides a body of knowledge to be brought widely into the public arena.” These papers, the BICS envisions, will focus on scientific evidence and be backed up by documentation whether it be credible witnesses or photographic data. Judging the papers will be a panel that includes a number of experts including investigative journalist Leslie Kean and professor of religion Jeffrey Kripal.

While the competition is open to everyone, in order to actually submit an essay to the BICS, prospective entrants must first complete an application to the organization. Should they be approved, they will then have until August 1st, 2021 to produce a paper detailing their research into the afterlife. The winners of the competition will be announced on November 1st, 2021 with first place netting a whopping $500,000 and runners-up getting $300,000 and $150,000 respectively. Coast listeners looking to learn more about the competition can check out the BICS website and be sure to tune in to this coming Sunday’s edition of C2C as Robert Bigelow will be George Knapp’s guest in the first half of the program.

Just watch one of the ghost TV shows Robert. I counted 25 currently on the tube.

Cops in Pakistan Bust ‘Werewolf’

A young man in Pakistan found himself at the center of an odd controversy after cops arrested him for prowling the streets of a city on New Year’s Eve while dressed as a werewolf. The strange incident reportedly occurred in the city of Peshawar last Thursday evening when the unnamed individual was spotted riding around on a motorcycle wearing a fairly realistic lycanthrope mask and allegedly roaring at bystanders in an attempt to frighten them.

Cops subsequently arrested the ‘werewolf,’ presumably for causing a public disturbance, and photos of the mask-clad man handcuffed and standing alongside two police officers were posted to social media shortly thereafter. The images quickly went viral in Pakistan and prompted a bit of a backlash from residents who questioned the reasoning for the man’s arrest. Specifically, they noted that wearing a mask is required by law in Peshawar in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and therefore, technically, he was following the rules.

To that end, some people also pointed out the amusing fact that one of the police officers in the photos is not wearing a mask, which should actually be a violation of the regulations. And there were others who credited the youngster with coming up with a clever way to keep people off the streets during New Year’s Eve, making him an unlikely public health hero in their eyes. It remains to be seen whether any of their points will help the young man avoid being punished for the mask misadventure.