Aliens Blamed for Abducted Ducks


An Australian woman who had eight of her ducks go missing under mysterious circumstances suspects that aliens may be to blame! Desi Friend explained to a local newspaper that the weirdness occurred back in May when “over the course of two weeks, one by one they disappeared into thin air.” The systematic strangeness was made all the more perplexing by the fact that there were no signs of forced entry at the enclosure nor clues left behind by whatever caused the ducks’ departure.

“A wild dog couldn’t have got past my dog and would have left feathers or a mess,” she mused, “and a snake couldn’t have eaten eight ducks in three weeks.” Friend also noted that the birds could not have simply flown away because their wings had been clipped. Meanwhile, the other animals residing in the enclosure, like chickens and a rooster, remained untouched, suggesting that something was specifically targeting the ducks.

With all that in mind, Friend believes that there was one potential culprit that could have been behind the sophisticated operation: aliens. Incredibly, part of her reasoning for this rather fantastic conclusion lies in the perceived quality of the birds that were taken. “Whoever has taken the ducks has taken all the good ducks,” she lamented, “so it must be alien forces, that have left me my two worst ducks.” While one might worry about what became of the abducted ducks, we can’t help but feel a bit bad for the pair who were left behind to wonder why they weren’t good enough to take.

Dangerous Looking Sasquatch Spotted in Winnipeg

A Sasquatch has been spotted darting around the urban landscape in the downtown. What is even more concerning is that the big hairy hominid is wearing a Jason mask. Yes, the evil Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’ infamy.  Why a Jason mask? What is the intentions of this Squatch? Are the intentions nefarious and evil? No community deserves to have a psychopathic huge ape that walks on 2 legs on the loose.

Local newspaper the Midtown Plaza Bulletin took action and brought in renown paranormal investigator Mel Ryan. Mel has covered exorcisms at the now destroyed Demon Hotel, rooted out annoying ghosts at the old Archives building and confronted evil specters at the infamous Vaughn Street Jail, to name but a few of his audacious exploits. Mel immediately immersed himself into locating the rogue Sasquatch.

With the help of veteran clairvoyant Dean McDay and a resourceful bloodhound named Doctor Nose, Mel cornered the enigmatic Squatch at the dog park on Assiniboine Avenue. Mel immediately snapped a photo.

urbannnax (2)

With a Jason mask covering its face and holding a soccer ball under its right arm, it stood and faced the stunned intrepid paranormal investigator. Mel was dumbfounded. What is going through this creature’s primitive mind? As Mel reloaded to take another photo the Squatch, with super-human strength, threw the soccer ball towards him. Mel ducked in the nick of time, the speeding ball just missed his head, Mel’s glasses went flying. By the time he crawled around and located his glasses the Sasquatch disappeared down an adjoining back lane.

Mel called his psychic friend Dean McDay instantly. McDay predicted the Squatch was headed towards The Forks. Mel Ryan ran at full speed to the green area in downtown Winnipeg known as The Forks. Doctor Nose was distracted by the other hounds running around the dog park. He wanted to join the doggy fun.


Mel made it to The Forks in short time. It didn’t take long before he spotted the elusive cryptid at the Oodena Celebration Circle.

urbannnax (1)

Donning the Jason mask and petting a raccoon, the Squatch was reclining in the sand. With the beast making no attempt to flee, Mel ran back to his SUV to get his rocket propelled stun grenades. That weapon was capable of immobilizing a bull elephant, surely it would knock out cold the red furred Squatch.

As it often turns out with the Bigfoot creature, when Mel returned it was nowhere to be seen. Mel was disappointed, if only Doctor Nose had not abandoned him for the smell of other dogs at the dog park, this may have ended differently.

The investigation continues. Updates shortly.

Winnipeg has a history of urban Sasquatches. Why in Winnipeg, its anybody’s guess. The beasts have been spotted all over the downtown area and along the river.

Some images:

Urbannnna (1)


Urbannnna (3)


Urbannnna (2)

The brave citizens of the city even have tours:


For more information on the Demon Hotel, please see

Falcon Lake UFO Incident gets its own coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

It was just around lunchtime, so the story goes, when Stefan Michalak saw several unusual silver objects cross the sky in Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park.

It was May 20, 1967, and Michalak, an avid rock collector, was searching for new specimens near the shores of Falcon Lake.

What unfolded that day would go down in Canadian history as one of the country’s best-documented UFO encounters – one that’s now commemorated in a limited-edition coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.


But at the time, Michalak didn’t know what to make of the strange silver objects, even as one of them landed on a rocky outcropping nearby.

So he decided to pull out some paper and sketch the object, according to author Chris Rutkowski, who detailed the encounter in the book “When They Appeared.”

“He thought it was some sort of American secret Apollo moon landing thing that got astray,” Rutkowski said.

Michalak was perplexed by what he saw, so he walked over and touched the side of the object. It was so hot, it burned his glove.

That’s when, rather suddenly, the object shot back into the sky.

“Then this thing took off and blasted a hot gas on him, setting his clothes on fire, injuring him and then giving him some burns on his abdomen as well,” Rutkowski said.

The perplexing incident has fascinated Manitobans for years. Investigations were carried out by the RCMP, the Canadian Forces and U.S. officials. None have conclusively determined what happened.

Regardless, the Falcon Lake incident, as it’s come to be known, has cemented itself in Canadian lore for 51 years.

So it seemed only natural to immortalize the event in a collectable coin, said Allison Crawford, a spokesperson for the Mint.

“The Royal Canadian Mint is known for having polar bears and maple leaves and beautiful natural settings on coins, but we also do a lot of coins that reflect Canada’s culture. And some of our best Canadian stories are actually supernatural stories,” she said, citing the Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan and Quebec’s werewolf-like loup-garou.

“We wanted to share that story with the rest of the country.”

The coin has a $20 value but retails for $129.95. Made from pure silver, the one-ounce coin comes with a black light that, when shone on the oblong currency, reveals the yellowish blast that burned Michalak.

Only 4,000 of the coins will be produced, making the currency highly collectible, Crawford said.

The unusual coin has drawn new attention to an unusual incident that, for believers, represents a significant moment in Canadian UFO history.

“It’s an interesting case, because you have physical evidence as well as the witness’ story,” Rutkowski said.

Five months after the Falcon Lake incident, residents of Shag Harbour, N.S. watched as an 18-metre wide, saucer-shaped aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the water. Before officials could reach it, the craft either submerged or disappeared.


Artist’s impression from Michalak’s description


Michalak with the burns on his chest