Watch: Monkey Uses Rock to Smash Glass Wall at Chinese Zoo

A wild video taken at a Chinese zoo shows a clever monkey using a sharpened rock to smash the glass wall of its enclosure and, in the process, give itself quite the scare. The odd scene was reportedly filmed in the city of Zhengzhou last week and subsequently went viral when it was posted on Chinese social media. In the video, the Colombian white-faced capuchin can be seen methodically slamming a sizeable stone against the glass wall under it suddenly breaks and sends the surprised creature scurrying away.

The incident was not altogether surprising to the staff at the zoo as the capuchin has proven to be particularly perceptive in the past. “This monkey is unlike other monkeys,” said one worker, almost ominously. He explained that the creature “knows how to use tools to break walnuts,” while its counterparts in the enclosure merely bite them because they apparently haven’t figured out the creature’s trick yet.

Unfortunately for the monkey, it would seem that its dreams of staging a daring getaway were dashed by what the zoo says is specially reinforced glass that only cracked and did not fully shatter. Although they expressed confidence that it would have “never” gotten out by smashing the wall, they also removed any rocks in the enclosure which could be used to make a monkey out of them should the capuchin try to escape again and wind up successful this time around.