Cool photos hot off the presses


Unloading potatoes in Minnesota


Coiling Dragon Cliff Walk in China


Great view when taking a leak, location unknown.


Giant sinkhole in Fukuoka, Japan. Completely repaired in 2 weeks.


Sunset over a volcano


San Diego, the city with perpetual perfect weather.


New Zealand earthquake. Wire like rail tracks.


Great shot of Joe Biden. Most experts agree that Joe would have mopped the floor with Trump if he would have ran in 2016.


Whales feeding in Alaska. New underwear for those fisherman.


Angolan President’s palace juxtaposed beside the slums that he rules.

The Big Apple at night.


ISIS suicide “Frankentruck” speeding towards Kurdish lines. These thing are packed with over a thousand pounds of explosives and plated with steel sheeting to protect the driver and engine. Packs a hell of a punch. The key is to hit it with a missile before it gets too close.



Photos held back by the media. They don’t seem to hate each other after all.


Tourists checking out Yosemite in the late 1880’s.


He saved his sister from a German shepherd dog & said “If anyone has to die, it’s me as big brother”

Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf

Italy from space.


If only you knew the power of the bark side…

Nepalese climbers removed 2.2 tons of trash from Everest while the tourists were away.

The Colored Palace in Yemen (Bugshan Palace).

Unfortunately not this time.

Chill cat enjoying the view at dawn | Santorini, Greece

Bed bugs

Saltwater crocodile riding the surf in Australia, anybody for a swim?

Interesting Photos from around the World

macdonald's in norway

McDonald’s in Norway



Great reflection


cool zippo bradford penn

Street lights at the Zippo factory in Bradford, Pennsylvania



Just a Cape Cobra checking out the beach near Cape Town, South Africa.

The warm climes are nice to live in, but you do have to deal with this kind of crazy nonsense.



Powerful Atlantic storm off the coast of Ireland


 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador


7.8 ecuador


Japan earthquake 2016

japan quake


rednew3 japan quake





rednew2 florence

Photo shot using tilt frame making Florence, Italy look like a miniature.



4 legged tree



Surfing whales


rednew2 new zealand

Maori rock sculpture in New Zealand

Stunning National Geographic Photos



Kirill Vselensky perches on a cornice in Moscow as Dima Balashov gets the shot. The 24-year-olds, risktakers known as rooftoppers, celebrate their feats on Instagram.



As an evening storm lights up the sky near Wood River, Nebraska, about 413,000 sandhill cranes arrive to roost in the shallows of the Platte River.



Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve.



Tempted by the fruit of a strangler fig, a Bornean orangutan climbs 100 feet into the canopy. With males weighing as much as 200 pounds, orangutans are the world’s largest tree-dwelling animals.



In Flint, Michigan, siblings Julie, Antonio, and India Abram collect their daily allowance of bottled water from Fire Station #3, their local water resource site.



Russia’s Bovanenkovo natural gas field, on the Yamal Peninsula, was deemed too expensive to develop until President Vladimir Putin made it a priority.



The colors of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone come from thermophiles: microbes that thrive in scalding water.



Steven Donovan, flipping into a pool, took a seasonal job at Glacier National Park to sharpen his photography skills.



Kirk Odom was convicted of rape after an expert testified that a hair on the victim’s nightgown matched his. He spent years in prison before DNA tests proved his innocence.



In Alaska, a mother grizzly and her cubs cause a “bear jam” on Denali’s 92-mile-long Park Road, open to private vehicles only five days each summer.



On a mountainside in Yosemite National Park, photographer Stephen Wilkes took 1,036 images over 26 hours to create this day-to-night composite.



Dressed for Mars, space engineer Pablo de León tests a prototype space suit at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where fine soil and fans simulate conditions on the red planet.



Villagers in Bagaran, Armenia, sing of cultural endurance and survival while picnicking at night beneath apricot trees—and a giant cross that shines defiantly into Turkey.



These rhinos on a South African ranch have recently had their horns trimmed. Unlike elephant ivory, rhino horn grows back when cut properly. The rancher is stockpiling the horn in hopes that selling it will soon be legal.



On their first migration to their summer range in southeastern Yellowstone, three-week-old calves of the Cody elk herd follow their mothers up a 4,600-foot slope.



Summer attracts sunbathers—clothed and otherwise—to the grassy banks of Munich’s Schwabinger Bach. The meadows here have been popular with nudists since the 1970s.



A panda keeper in China uses a stuffed leopard to train young pandas to fear their biggest wild foe. A cub’s reactions help determine if the bear is ready to survive on its own.



Lounging in inches of warm water, blacktip reef sharks wait for the tide to refill the lagoon at Seychelles’ Aldabra Atoll.