Driver Caught Using Carpool Lane with Eerily Realistic Mannequin Riding Shotgun

Authorities in California couldn’t help but marvel at the length one motorist went to in order to use the carpool lane when the driver was caught with an incredibly realistic mannequin riding shotgun. The surprising stop reportedly occurred last month when Highway Patrol Officer Rodrigo Jimenez was keeping an eye on traffic passing through the community of Glendora along Interstate 210. As an otherwise innocuous Toyota Tacoma zipped past him in the carpool lane, he caught sight of the passenger in the vehicle and sensed that something was amiss.

Jimenez’s police instincts were proven correct when he pulled the driver over and, upon walking up to the vehicle, discovered that there was a mannequin in the passenger seat. The life-size doll, which sported a full head of hair and some remarkably realistic wrinkles on its face, was clad in a red flannel shirt, a Cleveland Indians baseball cap, glasses, and a face mask. Taken together, it’s actually rather impressive that Jimenez caught on to the ruse, especially since the vehicle presumably passed him at a high rate of speed.

Sharing a photo of the mannequin on Facebook, the California Highway Patrol of Baldwin Park declared that the mannequin was “by far, one of the best dummies we have ever seen” and joked that “to clarify, we are referring to this fake passenger.” Despite crediting the driver with going the proverbial extra mile to get into the carpool lane and applauding the person for going so far as to equip the doll with a face mask so that it was “following CDC guidelines,” cops still issued him a citation for the illegal maneuver.

Moose Running on Water?

It’s not every day that you get to witness something bizarre. But if you spend enough time outdoors in nature, sometimes you will see something that makes you do a double take. Of course, nothing prepares you for seeing something truly insane, like a moose running on water. That is definitely not something that would ever cross our minds as being remotely possible. We all know that a moose is a very, very large and heavy animal. That is why we’d never imagine them being capable of running on water.

But there is one very funny video clip from a Tik Tok user, kristy_234, which shows a large moose running on water. The clip, which was taken in Alaska, is more of an optical illusion.

He’s not really running on the water’s surface like it might appear at first. The reality was that the moose was running along in shallow water, but because it’s so large and tall, it looks like he’s traversing the water’s surface.

The moose is in roughly 6 inches of water. The boat is a flat bottom that can traverse very shallow water.