Exotic Animal Ranches that Offer Hunting

Only in Texas, this is just too crazy!

Beyond Joe Exotic: On a private ranch in Texas Hill Country, about 30 scimitar-horned oryx gallop across a field. This is more than exist in the wild. Welcome to the $2 billion exotic animal ranching industry, where an adult female Cape buffalo or giraffe could sell for $200,000. Not all ranches offer hunting, but it’s what underpins the industry—customers pay big fees to shoot rare, exotic animals without having to travel abroad. Under the law, these exotic animals are considered private property, in the same category as livestock. Ranchers and hunters argue that there’s conservation value in these herds as “insurance populations,” but it’s a claim many conservationists and animal advocates reject, Nat Geo’s Douglas Main reports. Pictured above, Brian Gilroy, owner of an exotic wildlife ranching business, feeds giraffes in Mountain Home, Texas.

National Geographic

Some of the Best Bigfoot Videos

If this Sasquatch creature does exist, how does it stay so well hidden for so long? It has utterly amazing abilities of stealth and concealment.  But it does get photographed and videotaped. Footprints are found that have dermal ridges very similar to great apes. Thousands of witnesses. Many of the eye witnesses sightings are probably misidentified stumps, logs and bears etc.

But many witnesses are law enforcement people, university professors, doctors, game wardens and just average people that have nothing to gain by reporting a sighting. Just the opposite, by coming forward and admitting that a they saw one of these creatures, it opens up the witness to ridicule and the subsequent grief that comes with that. One investigator put forward the thesis that only 10-20 percent of people who see these things report it. Therefore there are many thousands of eye witness sightings that go unreported. If you were by yourself and you saw one of these big hairy monsters, would you say anything? The Bigfoot phenomenon is confusing, mysterious, illogical and just plain weird.


The Silver Star Mountain sighting from a few years ago in Washington state.




The Silverton, Colorado train sighting from 2011.



The Masked Women of Iran

Head covering, veils and burqas are common sight among many Muslim communities around the world. There are a lot of different styles and each have their own name, but none of these come even remotely close to the vibrancy of the boregheh mask.

These colorful masks are donned by the women of the Hormozgan Province in southern Iran. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles, but the most common ones are rectangular, pinched between the eyebrows to create a sort of vertical wall running along the bridge of the nose and across the forehead. A rectangular slit over the eyes allows the wearer to see. They are most gorgeously decorated with embroidery and beads.

boregheh mask

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

The styles usually vary according to region, ethnicity, and religious affiliation. Shia women wear red rectangular masks, while those of Sunni women are black or indigo with gold and of less geometric shapes. One peculiar design is shaped like eyebrows and moustache. It is said that this mask was designed centuries ago as a ruse to fool potential invaders into thinking that the women they spied from a distance were in fact men.

The masks are thought to have practical and cultural purposes. They shield the skin and the eyes from the sun which can be very harsh in the Persian Gulf.

The masks are worn by young girls as soon as they hit puberty. They are also worn at social events and gatherings.

These pictures were captured by photographer Eric Lafforgue, who spent time travelling around to meet the women who make and wear these masks.

boregheh mask

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

boregheh mask

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

boregheh mask

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

boregheh mask

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Sleuth finds the truth in ghost stories


A scene from the 2008 movie “Shutter” shows a ghostly shape in a photo.


Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell has busted a lot of ghostly myths over the past 40 years — but the spookiest part of his job comes when he actually catches a ghost red-handed.

No, we’re not talking about spirits of the dead: These “ghosts” are hotel clerks who flick the lights to keep the guests talking about the place’s ghost story. Or a mischievous child who plays tricks on his parents. Or maybe a camera crew catching weird-looking “orbs” floating through the frame — orbs they didn’t notice until they looked at the pictures later.

“Much of what so-called ghost hunters are detecting is themselves,” Nickell, the author of “The Science of Ghosts,” told me this week. “If they go through a haunted house and stir up a lot of dust, they shouldn’t be surprised if they get a lot of orbs in their photographs.”

The orbs are actually out-of-focus reflections from a camera flash, created by dust particles floating in front of the lens. The clumping noises that ghost hunters hear often turn out to be the footsteps of crew members elsewhere in the building, or even someone on a stairway next door. And those weird readings they pick up with thermal imagers? They’re typically left behind by the flesh-and-blood visitors.

A tough job
Tracking down the truth behind spooky sightings is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, Nickell said.

“It takes only a moment for someone to say that they saw something,” he said, “but it can take a huge expenditure for someone to fly somewhere, and they might never re-create that one little moment.”



Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell appears to be surrounded by an aura in a photograph that was created to duplicate a spooky effect.


Nickell, a former professional magician and detective, has been that someone for Skeptical Inquirer magazine and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry since the 1970s. “I’ve been in more haunted houses than Casper,” he joked. And the truth is that there are worse jobs in the world.

“I wouldn’t want anyone ever to know this, but it really is a great deal of fun to do what I do,” Nickell said.

In “The Science of Ghosts,” Nickell spins a series of tales about his worldwide travels. His first haunted-house investigation, in 1972, took place at Toronto’s Mackenzie House, where residents reported seeing apparitions hovering over their bed, and hearing footsteps when no one else was in the house. Nickell ascribed the apparitions to “waking dreams,” a phenomenon that leads people to see things when they’re half-asleep or in an idle reverie. And as for those footsteps: Nickell found out that there was an iron staircase in the building next door. The strange sounds were traced to a late-night cleanup crew tromping up and down those stairs.

Nickell learned a lot from that first case. “You must go on site, and you must investigate just like any other piece of detective work,” Nickell said. “You can treat the house as a sort of crime scene.”

Other cases involved spirit photographs, such as the ones that show orbs or bright streaks. One family called Nickell in to explain a series of pictures that showed bright, hazy loops of energy in the foreground. Nickell eventually figured out that the loops were created when a flash bounced off a camera strap dangling in front of the lens. “Now we know about the camera-strap effect,” Nickell said.

Taking on TV psychics
Nickell also takes on psychic mediums who claim to speak with the dead. In the book, he traces his encounters with TV-show medium John Edward, who uses so-called “cold reading” techniques to draw information out of a crowd. (For example, “I feel like someone with a J- or G-sounding name has recently passed. …”)

“The people who profess to be able to talk to the dead tend to be either fantasy-prone personalities, or charlatans, or possibly a bit of both,” Nickell declared. “They would be harmless if they didn’t mislead so many people.”

Nickell totally understands why a belief in ghosts and the afterlife is so important to people. “If ghosts exist, then we don’t really die, and that’s huge. … It appeals to our hearts,” he said. “We don’t want our loved ones to die. We have this whole culture that we’re brought up with, that encourages this belief in ghosts.”

Once a ghost story gets attached to a place or a situation, then almost anything that happens can be interpreted as supporting that story, he said. That’s one reason why ghostbusting can be a thankless job. Another reason is that it’s so hard to wrap your arms around the evidence — or, more appropriately, the lack thereof.

“No one is bringing you a ghost trapped in a bottle,” Nickell said. “What they’re offering is, ‘I don’t know.’ Over and over, they’re saying something like this: ‘We don’t know what the noise in the old house was, or the white shape in the photo. So it must be a ghost.’ These are examples of what’s called an argument from ignorance. You can’t make an argument from a lack of knowledge. You can’t say, ‘I don’t know, therefore I do know.’… If I could just teach people a little bit about the argument from ignorance, I think we could give the ghosts their long-needed rest.”

People love to believe in this type of stuff. But if you use your logic and common sense it becomes apparent that there is absolutely, without a doubt, no solid evidence to support ghost claims.  Just watch Ghost Hunters and this lack of evidence becomes crystal clear.



If only this was real. It would make reality so much more exciting!

Spooky Paranormal Winnipeg

There was an old apartment building in downtown Winnipeg dubbed the Demon Hotel.

As they were tearing it down workers would get spooked by spectres and other phantasma. Then is burned down.

A photograph of a panicked worker with an otherworldly entity harassing him below.

For an extensive description and stories about the Demon Hotel, there is a dedicated blog regarding the unholy structure.



Giant Bird Snags Shark-Like Fish

Tourists visiting Myrtle Beach in South Carolina could not believe their eyes when they spotted a giant bird soaring through the air with what appeared to be a shark in its claws. The jaw-dropping scene was reportedly captured on film by Ashley White, who saw the remarkable moment from the 17th floor of the hotel where she was staying last week. In the video, a massive bird of prey can be seen clutching onto the rather sizeable denizen of the deep as it valiantly undulates in an attempt to escape the perilous predicament.

White’s footage was subsequently posted to social media and quickly went viral with many people jokingly comparing the video to something from the Sharknado film series. As one might imagine, all manner of armchair wildlife enthusiasts and genuine experts offered opinions as to the nature of the two creatures seen in the video. Based on where the footage was filmed, it was ultimately determined that the bird was most likely an osprey and the fish was either a ladyfish, which resembles a shark, or an Atlantic Spanish Mackerel.

A Mystery That May Never Be Solved

The Crooked Forest is a grove of oddly-shaped pine trees located near the town of Gryfino, West Pomerania, Poland.

This grove of 400 pines was planted in the village of Nowe Czarnowo in around 1930. Each pine tree bends sharply to the North just above ground level, then curves back upright after a sideways excursion of three to nine feet (1–3 m). It is generally believed that some form of human tool or technique was used to make the trees grow or bend this way, but the method was never determined and remains a mystery to this day. It has been speculated that the trees may have been deformed to create naturally curved timber for use in furniture or boat building. Others surmise that a snowstorm could have bent the trunks, however, there is little evidence of that and nobody knows what happened to the pine trees. Some hypothesize that a unique gravitational pull in this particular area caused the trees to grow curved northwards, but this theory does not hold up to basic scientific scrutiny given that gravity pulls things downward and not at a curve. The site is open to the public and serves as a notable tourist attraction in the region.



Jesus Built My Hotrod

Some wake up music.

Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true
Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil
Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world
So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

Ding dang a dong bong bing bong
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Everytime I try to do it all now baby
Am I on the run
Why why why why why baby
If it’s so evil then?
Give me my time, with all my power
Give it to me all again (wow)
Ding a ding a dang a dong dong ding dong
Every where I go

Everytime you tell me baby
When I settle down
Got to get me a trailer park
And hold my world around
Why why why why?

Ding ding donga dong dong ding dong
Dingy dingy son of a gun
Half my time I tell you baby
Never am I all for sure
Why why why why why baby
Sicky sicky from within
Everytime I stick my finger on in ya
You’re a wild wild little town bitch
Now how ’bout ding a dang dong dong dong ling long
Dingy a dingy dong a down

Everytime you tell me baby
When I settle down
Got to get me a trailer park
And hold my world around
Why why why why?

In my dang a ding a ding a ding dong
A sticky sticky son of a gun
Ding a danga danga dong dong ding dong
Why why never know
Why why wack a dong a dang ding dong
Then you take it on the bill
Ding dang dong don’t dong

I wanna love ya!

Why why why, why why darling
Do you do you tell me to play?
Half the time I talk about it all now baby
You know what I’m talkin’ about I said
Why why why it’ll
Ticky ticky ticky ticky
Son of a gun
Ding ding dong a bong bong bing bong
Ticky ticky thought of a gun

Bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong
Binga bing a bang a bong bong bing bong bing banga bong

Bing bing bang a bong bong bing bing binga binga banga bong
Bing bing bang a bang bang bing bong


Ding dang a dang bong bing bong
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Everytime I try to do it all now baby
Am I on the run
Why why why
It’ll ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky
Dawn of a gun
Bing bing bang a bong a bong bing bang a
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Bing bip bip a bop bop boom bam
Ticky ticky through the day

If you got a doubt ’bout baby
The memory is on the bed
Why why why why why
Darlin’ uh it don’t know
When my time is on
Might tell me never do it on his own
If my time was all as is yours
Make me burn a wish
When my time with you is brutish
No I’ll never not ever

Why why why why why why baby heavy hell
Alone and it’s here it’s this thunder
The thunder oh thunder

Jesus built my car
It’s a love affair
Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

Yeah, fuck it!