The Donald wants to suppress the news media

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Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6 hours ago

The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91% of the Network News about me is negative (Fake). Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?

Any negative news is fake news to the Donald. This guy is like a little baby that wants everything to go his way or he has a fit. Spoiled brat! “Take away their credentials!”


Trump and the Mexican border

WASHINGTON — Frustrated by Congress’ refusal to provide funds for more than a modest length of border wall, President Donald Trump declared Tuesday that he will deploy U.S. troops to the frontier with Mexico.


He also dramatically scaled back his demand for a barrier along the border, saying he wants a wall along just “700 to 800 miles” — a far cry from what he led supporters to expect.

Militarizing the border would likely escalate tensions with Mexico, which is in the midst of a presidential campaign in which a leading candidate has vowed to ensure that his country is no longer a “piñata” for foreign powers. Trump has been threatening to scrap NAFTA — both to secure more favorable trade terms, and to pressure Mexico to curb the flow of its own citizens and migrants from Central and South America.


But Trump’s inability to deliver on his signature campaign promise has left backers deflated and the president himself openly flustered. He briefly threatened to veto the $1.3 trillion budget deal over the shortage of wall funds.

Trump vowed throughout the 2016 campaign to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the 1,954-mile U.S.-Mexico border, and his rhetoric was widely regarded as a call for a full-length barrier.


About 654 miles of the border is already fenced, so Trump’s new goal represents only a modest expansion. Congress provided $1.6 billion in the recent $1.3 trillion omnibus budget, enough to add 33 miles and for replacement barrier along twice that length.

“We have $1.6 billion, and we’re starting brand-new sections of walls. But we need to have a wall that’s about 800 miles — 700 to 800 miles of the 2,000-mile stretch. We have a lot of natural boundaries,” Trump said at a White House meeting, with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis at his side.

Trump has generally been vague about many miles of barrier he envisions. Last July, he told reporters aboard Air Force One as he flew to Paris that he wants “anywhere from 700 to 900 miles of see-through wall.” The remarks were initially off the record but the White House later agreed to release them.

Trump’s Delusion




As The White House Turns

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway claimed Monday that she has a “great relationship” with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president’s family members and close advisers, disputing an assertion from the author of a forthcoming book that she is the “number one leaker” in the White House.

“I have a great working relationship and a great relationship with Jared and Ivanka, had dinner with them recently at their house,” Conway said Monday morning, telling Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” that she had discussed the issue briefly on Sunday with President Donald Trump. “He knows, and he has said publicly and privately who the leakers and the liars are and have been. Very happy that there’s a lot less leaking in the White House now than there was.

those who have “survived a lot of people and continue to be here” inspire “a lot of jealously and backbiting.”


She also seemingly reveled in her continued role with the Trump administration while others have departed, telling Fox News reporter Abby Huntsman that those who have “survived a lot of people and continue to be here” inspire “a lot of jealously and backbiting.” Without naming names, she attacked administration leakers and suggested those who have been the loudest in their complaints about the media have also been among the most prolific sources for political reporters. Conway also warned that she will someday have her own story to tell.

“He knows, and he has said publicly and privately who the leakers and the liars are and have been. Very happy that there’s a lot less leaking in the White House now than there was.”

Russians released anti-Clinton video game weeks before election


Russians created an anti-Hillary Clinton video game called “Hilltendo” and tried to make it go viral in the weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, CNN has determined through a review of internet records and computer code.

It’s one of the strangest ways yet discovered that Russians tried to influence the American election. But it’s indicative of just how creative Russian internet trolls were willing to be.

 On the surface, it looks like a silly, Flash-based game of the sort that populated the internet for years. Yet Hilltendo appears to be more sophisticated than that. In fact, it may indicate an intent to zero in on the people who played the game, track their behavior on social media, and hit them later with micro-targeted advertisements, according to several website programmers and cybersecurity experts who viewed the code at CNN’s request.

The evidence is embedded in the website’s code, internet records, the methodical campaign to make Hilltendo gain popularity online, and a Russian software developer’s ties to the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency.

Jonathon Morgan, whose company New Knowledge tracks the spread of misinformation online, said the game is an example of how sophisticated and expansive Russian propaganda is and why it’s difficult for any one social media platform to solve the problem.


The game consisted of three levels, starting with this one: “Help Hillary delete as many classified emails as possible before she is caught.” Players controlled a Hillary Clinton character who sits on a missile and eliminates emails, all while avoiding FBI agents.


The next level asked: “How much money can Hillary get from the Arab states?” At the top of the screen, nations’ flags drop money. At the bottom, the Clinton character holds a basket to collect the cash as it falls.

The final level challenged users to “Help Hillary throw the Constitution as far as possible,” and it included caricatures of then-President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

The game’s website had Facebook and Google tracking software embedded on it. This software would have made it possible for the game’s creators to identify people who played the game and later target them with advertising elsewhere on the Web, including on Facebook, potentially to direct them to disinformation campaigns.

Hilltendo would have been a relatively simple game to build, said Brian Moore, a New York-based developer who built the viral anti-Republican video game “GOP Arcade.”

“You could get this out in as quickly as 12 hours. It’s a very simple game. They could have found a template to build the game on. The animations are pretty stock. It’s not anything too insane,” he told CNN. “The art is the hardest part. It’s pretty polished.”

How CNN made the Russian connection, like any website, is kept online by a computer network with an Internet Protocol address. Many websites can be randomly grouped together on the same IP address — 17 different websites that have nothing to do with anti-American Russian activity once had the IP address eventually used by Hilltendo.

But records examined by cybersecurity expert Paul Vixie and CNN appear to show that, beginning in May 2016, the hosting company dedicated this IP address to a single client. From that point on, the only new websites assigned to that address were,, and has previously been shown to have been run by the Internet Research Agency, the Kremlin-linked corporation indicted by U.S. Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller last month.