Every Riotous Hooligans Worst Nightmare: The Brutish Water Cannon


Watching the riots that developed at the memorial march in Brussels the other day I again noticed a huge Water Cannon.  Right-wing thugs showed up at the march screaming anti-migrant and white supremacist chants.  The hooligans got washed good by a gigantic Belgium water cannon.


Water cannon on use on a demonstrator


water cannon is a device that shoots a high-velocity stream of water. Typically, a water cannon can deliver a large volume of water, often over dozens of meters. They are used in firefighting, large vehicle washing and riot control.

The first truck-mounted water cannon were used for riot control in Germany in the beginning of the 1930s.

The most modern versions do not expose the operator to the riot, and are controlled remotely from within the vehicle by a joystick. The German-built WaWe 10.000 can carry 10,000 litres (2,200 imp gal) of water, which can deploy water in all directions via three cannons, all of which are remotely controlled from inside the vehicle by a joystick. The vehicle has two forward cannons with a delivery rate of 20 litres per second (260 imp gal/min), and one rear cannon with a delivery rate of 15 litres per second (200 imp gal/min).

Water cannons designed for riot control are still made in the United States and the United Kingdom, but most products are exported, particularly to Africa and parts of Asia such as South Korea.




Use of water cannon in riot control contexts can lead to injury or death, with fatalities recorded in Indonesia (in 1996, when the cannon’s payload contained ammonia), Zimbabwe (in 2007, when the use of cannons on a peaceful crowd caused panic), Turkey (in 2013, when the payload was laced with “liquid teargas”), and Ukraine (in 2014, with the death of activist and businessman Bogdan Kalynyak, reportedly catching pneumonia after being sprayed by water cannon in freezing temperatures). South Korea used water cannons containing capsaicin and fluorescent dyes for later screening and arrest in recent protests against its citizens.

Water cannons in use during the 1960s, which were generally adapted fire trucks, would knock protesters down and on occasion, tear their clothes.

On 30 September 2010, during a protest demonstration against the Stuttgart 21 project in Germany, a demonstrator was hit in the face by a water cannon. Dietrich Wagner, a retired engineer, suffered from the damage to his eyelids, a fracturing of a portion of the retinal bone, and damage to the retinas. The eye injuries thus inflicted on the man resulted in near-complete loss of eyesight. Graphic imagery was recorded of the event, sparking a national debate about police brutality and proportionality in the use of state force.




Turkish riot police use water cannon to disperse demonstrators during a protest against the destruction of trees in a park brought about by a pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central Istanbul May 31, 2013. REUTERS/Murad Sezer (TURKEY - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST ENVIRONMENT CRIME LAW TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTX106VO

Istanbul above


A few examples of the beasts


Demonstrationsverbot in Berlin! Infolge der Ruhestörungen durch die Aufführung des Remarque-Films "Im Westen nichts Neues" ist ein Demonstrationsverbot für Berlin erlassen worden. Die Polizei sicherte die Strassen und Plätze im Berliner Westen mit Wasserwerfer und grossem Polizeiaufgebot. Der Wasserwerfer der Schutzpolizei am Wittenbergplatz in Berlin zur Verhinderung nächtlicher Demonstrationen.

One of the first water cannon. Germany 1930’s.


cannon6 france


cannon6 germany



cannon8 russia



cannon9 columbia



cannon10 china

China. Typical Chinese approach, if the water cannon don’t knock them down, plow through the crowd with the big blade.

California man arrested for alleged assault sticks tongue out in mugshot

He was sticking it to authorities.

A California man posed for a mugshot by sticking his tongue out after allegedly assaulting his former landlord and leading authorities on a pursuit, news station KTLA reported.

Paul Stephen Otto, 27, is accused of illegally entering his ex-landlord’s home Friday and putting the man in a chokehold, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

He then fled the scene in a silver Volvo sedan and was tracked down by officers near Norco Police Station, the report said.

The alleged culprit led authorities on a short chase before he crashed into another vehicle, totaling his car, officials said.

Otto was brought to a nearby hospital, where he was evaluated before he was released to police, KTLA reported.

He was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on charges of attempted murder and cruelty to a dependent adult.

He’s being held on $300,000 bail and is set to appear in court Dec. 10.

New York Post

Royal Treasure Heist

Dresden Green Vault robbery: Priceless diamonds stolen

Burglars have stolen three diamond jewellery sets from one of Europe’s largest treasure collections – the Dresden Green Vault in eastern Germany.

The historic sets consist of 37 parts each, and there are fears the thieves may try to break them up.

Officials are still trying to establish exactly how much was stolen in the break-in early on Monday.

Saxony’s ruler, Augustus the Strong, created the collection in 1723 in what is one of the world’s oldest museums.

“Three out of 10 diamond sets have gone,” said Marion Ackermann, head of the Dresden state museums.

A forensic expert searches the area in front of the Royal Palace that houses the historic Green Vault in Dresden, Germany. (Sebastian Kahnert/dpa/AFP via Getty Images)

The stolen sets from the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) are reported to also include some rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

How did the thieves get in?

The thieves – still on the run – removed part of an iron grille on a ground-floor window, then smashed the glass.

At about 05:00 (04:00 GMT) on Monday, firefighters were called to tackle a blaze in a nearby electricity junction box.

There is speculation that the fire disabled the museum’s alarm system. It put out some of the street lights.

Police are examining CCTV footage which shows two suspects in the dark. But more people may have been involved in the robbery.

A car found burning in Dresden early on Monday may have been the getaway vehicle used by the burglars, police say.

The museum had guards on duty at night, Ms Ackermann said.

Dozens of police cars are at the scene and the Green Vault in central Dresden is now shut.

What exactly was taken?

“Three out of 10 diamond sets have gone,” said Ms Ackermann.

However, Dresden police and museum officials did not provide any further details.

How much are the stolen jewels worth?

Ms Ackermann described them as “priceless – we can’t put a figure on it”.

“The items cannot be sold on the art market legally – they’re too well known,” she said.

Ms Ackermann stressed that the cultural value of the unique collection was far greater than its material value.

The popular German daily Bild said the thieves had grabbed the jewels worth €1bn (£855m). Roughly $1 billion American.

What is the Green Vault?

The collection is housed in eight ornate rooms in the Residenzschloss – a former royal palace.

Three rooms were destroyed by Allied bombing in World War Two, but after the war, the museum was restored to its previous glory.

It is called the Green Vault because some rooms were decorated with malachite-green paint.

The most valuable items are in the palace’s historic section on the ground floor.

There are about 3,000 items of jewellery and other treasures decorated with gold, silver, ivory and pearl. They include a figure of a moor studded with emeralds and a 648-carat sapphire – a royal gift from Russia’s Tsar Peter the Great.

One of the most valuable jewels is a 41-carat green diamond currently on show in New York.

The collection was founded by Augustus the Strong. He was Elector of Saxony (a German prince entitled to take part in the election of the emperor) and later king of Poland.

What has the reaction been?

Saxony’s minister-president, Michael Kretschmer, voiced outrage at the crime, saying “not only were the state art collections burgled, but the people of Saxony too”.

“The valuables housed in the Green Vault and Residenzschloss were acquired by people in the Saxony Free State with difficulty, over many centuries.” He said the collection was an integral part of Saxony’s history.



New York Mafia Member Nicknames



VINCENT AULISI, also known as “The Vet”

GIOVANNI VELLA, also known as “John Vella,” “Mousey” and “Little John”

STEPHEN DEPIRO, also known as “Beach”

ANTHONY CAVEZZA, also known as “Tony Bagels”

JOHN BRANCACCIO, also known as”Johnny Bandana”

ANTHINO RUSSO, also known as “Hootie”

FRANK BELLANTONI, also known as “Meatball”

CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, also known as “Burger”

VINCENZO FROGIERO, also known as “Vinny Carwash”

JOSEPH CARNA, also known as “Junior Lollipops”

DENNIS DELUCIA, also known as “Fat Dennis,” “Little Dennis” and “the Beard”

LUIGI MANOCCHIO, also known as “Baby Shacks,” “The Old Man,” and “the Professor”

ANTHONY DURSO, also known as “Baby Fat Larry” and “BFL”

GIUSEPPE DESTEFANO, also known as “Pooch”

JOHN AZZARELLI, also known as “Johnny Cash”

ANDREW RUSSO, also known as “Mush”

VINCENT FEBBRARO, also known as “Jimmy Gooch”

BENJAMIN CASTELLAZZO, also known as “Benji,” “The Claw” and “the Fang”

ANTHONY LICATA, also known as “Cheeks,” “Anthony Firehawk,” “Anthony Nighthawk,” “Nighthawk” and “Firehawk”

JOHN HARTMANN, also known as “Lumpy,” “Fatty” and “Fats”

VICTOR AMUSO, “Little Vic”, “The Terminator”


JOHN BARBATO, “Johnny Sausage”

RICHARD BOIARDO, “Richie the Boot”

CHARLES CARROLLO, “Charlie the Wop”




MICHAEL “TRIGGER MIKE” COPPOLA, “Trigger Mike” (died 1965)


JOHN DEROSS, “Jackie”, “Jackie Zambooka”

EDDIE GARAFOLA, “Eddie the Chink”

SALVATORE “SAMMY” GRAVANO, “Sammy the Bull” (1945-)

MATTHEW IANNIELLO, “Matty the Horse”

PHILIP LOMBARDO, “Benny Squint”, “Cockeyed Ben”, “Ben”


LOUIS PIOGGI, [Poggi], “Louie the Lump”

THOMAS PITERA, “Tommy Karate”

HARRY RICCOBENE, “Harry the Hump”, “The Humpback”

GERLANDO SCIASCIA, “George from Canada”




While these nicknames are funny, we must remember these guys were, and are, mean cold-blooded killers.

Winnipeg Homicides for 2019 May Break Record

A man is dead after being shot at a townhouse in south Winnipeg.

Officers were called to the home off Tim Sale Drive, in the South Pointe neighbourhood, around 11:45 p.m. Monday.

When they arrived, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe the man did not live at the house, but it wasn’t a break-in, Const. Rob Carver said.

The man’s death is the city’s 40th homicide of the year.

Winnipeg homicides by year

Trump’s Obsession with the Mueller Probe

The Bob Mueller probe really gets Trump worked up. It must keep him awake at night to put it mildly. Actually it is torturing him.



If ‘The Donald’ has nothing to hide he should welcome the probe, it will exonerate him! It will clear his reputation. But he is terrified of the probe. I think the probe could put Trump in very deep doo doo. I think the most conceited, arrogant and mean spirited President ever, is having nightmares that his orange hair may be colored coded with future clothing.