The Infamous Foreign Object in Professional Wrestling

“Foreign object” is a professional wrestling term for an object introduced into the match. Foreign objects are often used to give the bearer an unfair advantage. According to the supposed rules of professional wrestling, if a foreign object is used inside the ring on another wrestler in the presence of a referee, the user would be immediately disqualified. However, it is to note that forcing the opponent into parts of a ring (such as the turnbuckles) or the surrounding areas (such as the announce tables) is not illegal. Thus, while picking up the steel steps leading to the ring and using it on an opponent is illegal, ramming an opponent against the steps while the steps are on the floor is not.


Here the steps have been brought into the ring. This is illegal and the perpetrator should be disqualified. However, there is a distinct possibility that the referee has himself been beaten unconscious at this point.


A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Does the Walking Dead come to mind?


A sledgehammer, this psycho means business. Should be instant disqualification, but then again the ref has likely been beaten senseless.


There goes what may have been a perfectly good guitar. El Kabong!

foreign2 barbeque sauce

Barbecue sauce?  It may be ‘Turbo Hot Texas Dante Red Hot Pepper’ sauce.


The chair is one of the most popular foreign objects. Many a referee has had their melon slapped hard with a chair.


How to counter a chair? Get a chainsaw!!


The electricians and painters have to remember to put their ladders away!

Featured Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna, Intercontinental Championship. “The Good Housekeeping Match,” No Mercy 1999. On a night where The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian set new standards for ladder matches in WWF, Jarrett and Chyna set new lows for gender-equality and hardcore wrestling in their match-up for the Intercontinental Championship. On Jarrett’s last night with WWF, he and Chyna faced each other in a hardcore match where any household object (because according to Jarrett “women belong in the home”) could be used: a toaster, coffee maker, tongs, ironing board, pots and pans, as well as flour, eggs, a fish filet, and a cake and pie. And, of course, the kitchen sink. It was a literal mess.



This was the only Presidential Debate that Trump won:

foreign3 Owners Arrested on Extortion Charges and have Their Mugshots Posted Online

Two South Florida men are among four people named Wednesday in arrest warrants related to an online website,, which posts arrest records and booking photographs – and takes them down only for a fee.

Ever since the fall of 2013, Jesse T., of Sonoma County, Calif., has found it nearly impossible to land a job. He’s applied for construction, manufacturing, and electrical positions, with no luck. After nearly a year of unreturned calls and emails, his friend alerted him to a troubling Web page.

Was Jesse in prison, his friend asked, according to an arrest warrant, which did not give Jesse’s last name. When Jesse searched his own name in Google, the first result was a post on, a website that mines publicly available arrest records from across the country. It indicated that Jesse had been arrested, and included his full name, address and the reason for his detention.


Thomas Keesee; Sahar SaridPhoto: California Attorney General’s Office

They made profits from mug shots, but isn’t it ironic that the owners of could end up on their own site?

On Wednesday, Sahar Sarid, Thomas Keesee and Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie—three out of four alleged owners of—were arrested and charged with extortion, money laundering and identity theft, according to the Washington Post. The infamous website harvested people’s mug shots and charged them exorbitant fees to have the photos removed.

The removal fees for the site range from $399 and up. And over the last several years, many people have filed lawsuits against the site, citing embarrassment and saying that just because a booking photo was taken doesn’t mean that a person has been prosecuted for a crime. But the embarrassment of having someone Google your name and your mug shot pops up has lasting effects.

“Once subjects request that their booking photos be removed, they are routed to a secondary website called and charged a ‘de-publishing’ fee to have the content removed. does not remove criminal record information until a subject pays the fee,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said.

“This pay-for-removal scheme attempts to profit off of someone else’s humiliation,” said Becerra. “Those who can’t afford to pay into this scheme to have their information removed pay the price when they look for a job, housing, or try to build relationships with others. This is exploitation, plain and simple.”

Earlier this year, Peter Gabiola filed a lawsuit against after he was fired an hour after starting a new job because his new boss Googled his name and saw his photo on the site.

In total, Becerra says, the owners of the site have been paid more than $2 million in removal fees. Talk about making a profit off of someone else’s bad fortune.

I bet these guys didn’t pay.




Walter White

The Boys Wanted Some Beer

May 9, 2018

Winnipeg Police Service Media Release
For Immediate Release

Commercial Robbery – Arrests: C18-94997

On May 8, 2018, at approximately 8:45 p.m., members of the Winnipeg Police Service responded to the report of a robbery at a beer vendor in the 1100 block of St. Mary’s Road.

A young male had entered the vendor while another young male waited outside. The male inside the vendor grabbed a case of beer and fled after being asked for ID.

A manager, who had observed the suspicious behaviour, approached the two males and was threatened at knifepoint by each suspect before they fled with the alcohol. The employee then contacted police and helped direct police resources to the area where the suspects had last been seen.

With the assistance of AIR 1 and the Tactical Support Team, two males were placed under arrest in the first 100 block of Arden Place. Officers recovered the stolen beer, a knife and clothing that had been discarded.


A 12-year-old male of Winnipeg was arrested for:

– Robbery
– Possession of a Weapon
– Disguise with Intent

He has been released on a Promise to Appear.

A 13-year-old male of Winnipeg has been charged with:

– Robbery
– Possession of a Weapon
– Fail to Comply Condition Undertaking by Judge/Justice (x2)

He was detained in custody.

This Is Just Too Weird To Comprehend

Parkland school shooting: Florida killer suspect Nikolas Cruz receives adoring fan mail in prison

Admirers send letters detailing their ‘attraction’ to alleged gunman, including his ‘beautiful eyes’, while offering support and companionship


Accused Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz has been receiving volumes of fan mail at the Florida prison where he is being held.

In a pattern seen before with other killers and men accused of violent crimes, Cruz, who is charged with 17 counts of murder for the massacre at the school, has been sent suggestive photographs, greeting cards, encouragement and other kind notes, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, which obtained copies of some of the missives.

Broward County public defender Howard Finkelstein, whose office represents Cruz, said he was concerned about the notoriety Cruz was getting.

“The letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation,” he said. “That scares me. It’s perverted.”

The Sun Sentinel showed a thick stack of hundreds of pages of photocopies of the letters Cruz has been sent.

“You’re in a tough spot, Nik and that is something I know, because I’ve been there myself,” one letter writer wrote to Cruz. “If you need something, I can mail to you … ask. If you need to talk … I’ll listen.”

On 15 March, a person who identified themselves as an 18-year-old woman from Texas wrote: “When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you.”

The letter was inside an envelope decorated with hearts and happy faces, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.”

Another woman sent Cruz nine suggestive photos, the newspaper reported.

Mr Finkelstein told the Sun Sentinel that the “piles of letters” to Cruz was unlike anything he has seen before.

“In my 40 years as public defender, I’ve never seen this many letters to a defendant,” he said. “Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this.”

Some of the correspondence is also from men. Mr Finkelstein told the newspaper that Cruz, who is on suicide watch, has not seen the letters. The Broward County Jail opens most mail for inmates, the Sun Sentinel reported; mail that is vulgar or deemed a security threat is returned to the sender.

“We read a few religious ones to him that extended wishes for his soul and to come to God, but we have not and will not read him the fan letters or share the photos of scantily-clad teenage girls,” Mr Finkelstein told the newspaper.

The $800 (£568) in Cruz’s commissary account has apparently been sent, at least in part, by fans, Finkelstein said.

Crime Statistics Update

A 4 percent decrease in Winnipeg homicides is a start. A 54 percent increase in shootings is not good. Every gang member is packing. Strange how it went from knives to guns so quickly.

Car thefts up 7 percent. Nearly 2,000 stolen vehicles, actually not bad, considering that in 2008 nearly 9,000 were stolen. Since the introduction of mandatory and factory installed immobilizers, the thieves have to really look hard for vehicles that can be stolen.


Winnipeg used to have the dubious distinction of “murder capital of Canada”. But that title has shifted further west. Edmonton has roughly 250,000 more people than Winnipeg, but they had almost double the homicides.

No one factor accounts for all of the 45 homicides in Edmonton in 2017. There are parents who face charges in the death of their little ones and seniors believed to have been randomly killed by strangers.

Some victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others were targeted. There were deaths by stabbing, shooting, beating, drugs, strangulation and fire. Eight were women; the rest were men.

The youngest victim was an 11-day old girl, who died from methamphetamine poisoning. She was one of three children under the age of two to be killed. The oldest was a 76-year-old man who died after a bullet was shot through the door of his suite, located in the same house where a 25-year-old man was found murdered days later.

“There’s domestic violence, there’s gang violence in there, there’s some incidents where two people are fighting and it takes the wrong turn, somebody exercises some force on somebody,” Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht recently told Postmedia. “We don’t have a definitive pattern on this city for at least 10 years that says this is how we can focus and stop the number of homicides.”


Seized submachine guns built in a machine shop west of Edmonton, say police.


Gunshot wounds were responsible for the greatest number of homicides, with 16 such incidents, not counting police-involved shootings.

Edged weapons were used in 14 homicides.

A baseball bat was used in one homicide and another homicide used a weapon, but the information on the type of weapon was withheld.

“It’s two individuals sitting there drinking a bottle of whisky in the middle of the afternoon and one guy gets up, gets a baseball bat, whacks the other guy in the side of the head — probably has done it before — (but) this time the guy dies,” Knecht said. “How do you prevent that? It’s inexplicable.”