1995 San Diego Tank Rampage

Crazy news story from the past revisited.

Shawn Timothy Nelson (August 21, 1959 – May 17, 1995) was an American plumber and U.S. Army veteran who stole an M60A3 Patton tank from a U.S. National Guard armory in San Diego, California and went on a rampage on May 17, 1995; he destroyed numerous cars, fire hydrants and an RV before being shot and killed by a policeman.

According to San Diego police, in the week before his tank rampage, Nelson told a friend that he was thinking of committing suicide, and the following weekend, told a friend that “Oklahoma was good stuff,” in apparent reference to the Oklahoma City bombing which happened about a month before. Whether Nelson condoned the attack or simply meant that he enjoyed the drama was not clear. Police did not believe that Nelson had any connection with the bombing or with a terrorist group.

At dusk, approximately 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 1995, Nelson drove his Chevrolet van to the California Army National Guard Armory on Mesa College Boulevard in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego. Employees at the armory were working late and the gate to the vehicle yard, which was completely deserted, was left open.

The tanks at the armory started with a push button and did not require an ignition key. The first two tanks Nelson broke into would not start. As he lowered himself into the third tank, a 57-ton M60A3 Patton, he was finally noticed by a guardsman, who approached the tank. Nelson started the vehicle, and with little chance of stopping him, the guardsman rushed to a phone and called the police. As ammunition was kept in another building, none of the vehicle’s weapons could be loaded or used by Nelson.

Nelson led police on a 23-minute, televised chase through the streets of Clairemont. Police agencies involved in the chase included the San Diego police, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, and due to the tank being stolen from the armory, possibly military police as well. The tank had a top speed of 30 miles per hour (48 km/h), making the chase slow compared to police chases involving automobiles. The 57-ton tank easily plowed through road signs, traffic lights, utility poles, and fire hydrants, and crushed approximately forty parked vehicles, including an RV. The damage to utility poles knocked out power to at least 5,100 San Diego Gas & Electric customers in the Linda Vista neighborhood.

From the armory, Nelson traveled along neighborhood streets, eventually turning north on Convoy Street, west on to Balboa Avenue (then signed as State Route 274), and entered Interstate 805 heading south. While on I-805, he attempted to knock down a pedestrian bridge by running into the pillars, but failed after a few hits, and decided to continue onto the freeway. Nelson then drove the tank onto the State Route 163 freeway heading southbound, resulting in the freeway being closed and thousands of motorists being stuck. At least one news article speculated that he may have been headed to Sharp Memorial Hospital, which he had unsuccessfully sued in 1990 and partially blamed for his mother’s death. After Nelson attempted to cross into the northbound lanes of State Route 163, the tank became caught on the concrete median barrier and lost one track.

After the tank was immobilized, four policemen climbed onto the tank. San Diego Police officer Paul Paxton, a gunnery sergeant at the time with the Marine Corps Reserve, opened the hatch using bolt cutters. They ordered Nelson to surrender, but he said nothing and began rocking the tank back and forth in an attempt to free it from the median. Paxton’s partner, Officer Richard Piner, leaned in and shot Nelson. The bullet entered through Nelson’s neck.

Nelson later died at the Sharp Memorial Hospital. Despite the widespread property destruction, he was the only fatality reported during the rampage.

Mass Shooting 4 hour Update

(CNN)When eight people died in a mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx facility Thursday night, the news was compounded by a string of similar incidents that preceded it.

Starting on March 16, when eight people were killed at three Atlanta-area spas, the US has had at least 45 mass shootings, according to CNN reporting and an analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), local media, and police reports.
Analysis: A return to normal in America means a return to violence
The US has seen at least 147 mass shootings in 2021, according to data from the GVA, a non-profit based in Washington.
CNN considers an incident to be a mass shooting if four or more people are shot, wounded, or killed, excluding the gunman; so does the GVA.
Here are the 45 incidents reported since March 16.


Trump’s Thugs!

Trump Hooligans face down.


How it started top, how it ended below.


This clown broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office. Vandalized the office and stole her mail.


Capital police keeping the thugs at bay.


Idiot sits at Mike Pence’s throne in the senate.


This moron poses for a photo as he is stealing a podium from the Capitol building.


Some of Trump’s supporters were rabid!


And this disgusting mayhem wasn’t planned out?


Trump’s thugs have so much style. Trailer park trash.


This fool broke into Mitch McConnell’s office.


U.S. Capitol building 2021 with politicians hiding from the vandals.


This came out a few years ago.  Whoever made it saw what was coming.


Trump MAGA supporter disrespecting the American flag in D.C.

Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters deplorables back in 2016. She hit the nail on the head.

In 2016 Trump made the following comment at a rally in Iowa: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” — Donald Trump, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president, insulting the intelligence of his own supporters. From Mother Jones 2016.

What in the Hell is going on in Washington, D.C.?

US Congress in turmoil as violent Trump supporters breach building

Violent supporters of President Donald Trump have breached the Capitol in Washington, as lawmakers met to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s poll win.

In dramatic scenes, demonstrators swarmed the building as Congress members were escorted out by police.

Mr Biden said the action should “end now”, and Mr Trump released a video message asking supporters to go home.

The joint session of Congress certifying Mr Biden’s win has been suspended and forced into recess.

There are reports of guns drawn in the building and at least one person shot. A woman was reported to be in a critical condition after receiving a neck injury.

There has been an armed confrontation at the doors of the House of Representatives. Tear gas has also been used.

Members of Congress have been told to evacuate the building or remain where they are. One congresswoman tweeted that she was staying in her office.

What has Trump created? These thousands of blind ignorant supporters that believe Trump’s election fraud bullcrap lock, stock and barrel. What is wrong with these people?

This is beyond ludicrous and absurd, it’s pure unadulterated insanity. What has Trump done to the United States? How has he brainwashed so many people into believing every psychotic statement he makes. Why are his supporters so gullible? It is beyond comprehension for the average commonsensical human being.

Go away Trump, please please just go away.

Map of Homicide Rates by Country


Highest homicide rates per 100,000 people.

El Salvador (82.84 per 100k people)
Honduras (56.52 per 100k people)
Venezuela (56.33 per 100k people)
United States Virgin Islands (49.26 per 100k people)
Jamaica (47.01 per 100k people)
Lesotho (41.25 per 100k people)
Belize (37.60 per 100k people)
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines (36.46 per 100k people)
Saint Kitts And Nevis (34.23 per 100k people)
South Africa (33.97 per 100k people)

Mugshots of Strange Criminals

William Bottoms Jr., 29, was convicted of the murders of two Louisiana men on August 9, 2019. Bottoms, whose entire face and neck is covered in tattoos, was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder for the murders of Muhammad Hussain, 29, and Dedrick Williams, 23, in 2017. Bottoms’ defense lawyer asked the jury at one point during the trial whether his appearance had any effect on their verdict. (East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s office via AP)



Samantha Vaughan, a 26-year-old woman from Texas, was arrested after she left her sleeping one-year-old child in a car outside a club on Monday morning in Copperas Cove, Tex. When cops arrived, Vaughan said she had two shots inside the club, resisted arrest, yelled racial slurs and threw herself around and injured her head. Despite the serious charges against her, Vaughan had a big smile in her mug shot. (Copperas Cove Police Department)
A Florida man is facing a domestic battery charge after his girlgfriend accused him of throwing a cookie at her over the weekend. It looks the accused needs to add a new tattoo to that mug of his…we suggest a chocolate chip cookie. (Pasco County Sheriff’s Office).
Where’s batman when you really need him… (Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)
What neck of the woods was he caught in? Escambia County, Florida! (Escambia County Sheriff’s Office)
Virginia Beach local Crystal Mostek is behind bars at the Virginia Beach Jail thanks to a bomb hoax she pulled at a 7-Eleven on April 3, 2018. Mostek, 33, placed what she said was a bomb on the counter of a 7-Eleven, located at the 2200 block of Pleasure House Road in Virginia Beach, on Tuesday night and threatened to blow the store up. After cops found out she was lying, Mostek was charged with threatening to bomb and possession of a hoax device, according to local news outlets. (Virginia Beach City Jail).
It’s written all over his face … literally. A man with “I’m a pornstar” tattooed on his forehead, along with other text too obscene to repeat, has been charged with sexual imposition and assault. Christopher Wilson, 37, has been accused of kicking a woman to the ground before groping her near Univeristy of Cincinnati campus. The victim filed charges against Wilson in June 2016, over a year after the incident which occurred on Wheeler Street in May 2015. (Hamilton County Jail).
A man was beat to a pulp after he tried to carjack a group of football players at gunpoint, according to KOAT Action 7 News. Angelo Martinez (pictured) was spotted trying to get into one of the player’s car in Albuquerque, N.M. in August 2017, one of the athletes said. Martinez said he just needed a ride when he was confronted, but after being dropped off at a home, he allegedly pulled a gun on the players and demanded they get out of the car. The men then beat Martinez up after he fumbled with the gun and police arrested him at the scene. A note was found with him that said, “Give me the keys to your wip and a nobody get heart. I know where you live so don’t make me kill.” (Bernalillo County Sheriff’S Office).
Riley Dee Lewis, 36, was arrested and charged with assault in Ogden, Utah, for allegedly chasing two joggers while carrying a folding tree-trimming knife, the Standard-Examiner reported. (Weber County Sheriff’S Office)
Brandy Lerma was accused of drunk driving with her unbuckled child in the car on August 16, 2017 in Palm Beach County, Flordia. The driver who witnessed the erratic vehicle, Juan Martinez, wrote in his witness statement that he was worried Lerma was “going to kill someone.” (Palm Beach County Sheriff’S Office)
Noel E. Dawson Jr. was charged with domestic violence, assault, criminal damaging, and failure to disclose personal information on April 6, 2017, according to The Toledo Blade. Dawson, of North Toledo, Ohio, pleaded not guilty to the charges that stemmed from him allegedly chasing a family member with a hatchet and swinging at him, the online paper said. (Toledo Police Department).

For this Guy Crime Doesn’t Pay

What king of idiot would get this tattoo splattered across his forehead?

An Indiana man with a “CRIME PAYS” tattoo etched across his forehead is headed back to jail after leading officers on a pursuit.

Donald Murray was arrested Monday after leading officers with the Terre Haute Police Department on a short chase. He faces charges of resisting law enforcement, reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance and auto theft, the department said in a Facebook post.
This isn’t Murray’s first run-in with the law. Late last year, he was featured on an episode of A&E’s “Live PD” for leading officers on a high-speed pursuit. He crashed into a tree and escaped on foot before eventually being captured.
Following that incident, he was charged with criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement, NBC affiliate WTWO in Terre Haute. Murray was being held without bail, but was later released on his own recognizance in January.

Murray is being held on a $15,000 bond stemming from Monday’s chase. He is due in court on Friday.

Every Riotous Hooligans Worst Nightmare: The Brutish Water Cannon


Watching the riots that developed at the memorial march in Brussels the other day I again noticed a huge Water Cannon.  Right-wing thugs showed up at the march screaming anti-migrant and white supremacist chants.  The hooligans got washed good by a gigantic Belgium water cannon.


Water cannon on use on a demonstrator


water cannon is a device that shoots a high-velocity stream of water. Typically, a water cannon can deliver a large volume of water, often over dozens of meters. They are used in firefighting, large vehicle washing and riot control.

The first truck-mounted water cannon were used for riot control in Germany in the beginning of the 1930s.

The most modern versions do not expose the operator to the riot, and are controlled remotely from within the vehicle by a joystick. The German-built WaWe 10.000 can carry 10,000 litres (2,200 imp gal) of water, which can deploy water in all directions via three cannons, all of which are remotely controlled from inside the vehicle by a joystick. The vehicle has two forward cannons with a delivery rate of 20 litres per second (260 imp gal/min), and one rear cannon with a delivery rate of 15 litres per second (200 imp gal/min).

Water cannons designed for riot control are still made in the United States and the United Kingdom, but most products are exported, particularly to Africa and parts of Asia such as South Korea.




Use of water cannon in riot control contexts can lead to injury or death, with fatalities recorded in Indonesia (in 1996, when the cannon’s payload contained ammonia), Zimbabwe (in 2007, when the use of cannons on a peaceful crowd caused panic), Turkey (in 2013, when the payload was laced with “liquid teargas”), and Ukraine (in 2014, with the death of activist and businessman Bogdan Kalynyak, reportedly catching pneumonia after being sprayed by water cannon in freezing temperatures). South Korea used water cannons containing capsaicin and fluorescent dyes for later screening and arrest in recent protests against its citizens.

Water cannons in use during the 1960s, which were generally adapted fire trucks, would knock protesters down and on occasion, tear their clothes.

On 30 September 2010, during a protest demonstration against the Stuttgart 21 project in Germany, a demonstrator was hit in the face by a water cannon. Dietrich Wagner, a retired engineer, suffered from the damage to his eyelids, a fracturing of a portion of the retinal bone, and damage to the retinas. The eye injuries thus inflicted on the man resulted in near-complete loss of eyesight. Graphic imagery was recorded of the event, sparking a national debate about police brutality and proportionality in the use of state force.




Turkish riot police use water cannon to disperse demonstrators during a protest against the destruction of trees in a park brought about by a pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central Istanbul May 31, 2013. REUTERS/Murad Sezer (TURKEY - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST ENVIRONMENT CRIME LAW TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTX106VO

Istanbul above


A few examples of the beasts


Demonstrationsverbot in Berlin! Infolge der Ruhestörungen durch die Aufführung des Remarque-Films "Im Westen nichts Neues" ist ein Demonstrationsverbot für Berlin erlassen worden. Die Polizei sicherte die Strassen und Plätze im Berliner Westen mit Wasserwerfer und grossem Polizeiaufgebot. Der Wasserwerfer der Schutzpolizei am Wittenbergplatz in Berlin zur Verhinderung nächtlicher Demonstrationen.

One of the first water cannon. Germany 1930’s.


cannon6 france


cannon6 germany



cannon8 russia



cannon9 columbia



cannon10 china

China. Typical Chinese approach, if the water cannon don’t knock them down, plow through the crowd with the big blade.

California man arrested for alleged assault sticks tongue out in mugshot

He was sticking it to authorities.

A California man posed for a mugshot by sticking his tongue out after allegedly assaulting his former landlord and leading authorities on a pursuit, news station KTLA reported.

Paul Stephen Otto, 27, is accused of illegally entering his ex-landlord’s home Friday and putting the man in a chokehold, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

He then fled the scene in a silver Volvo sedan and was tracked down by officers near Norco Police Station, the report said.

The alleged culprit led authorities on a short chase before he crashed into another vehicle, totaling his car, officials said.

Otto was brought to a nearby hospital, where he was evaluated before he was released to police, KTLA reported.

He was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on charges of attempted murder and cruelty to a dependent adult.

He’s being held on $300,000 bail and is set to appear in court Dec. 10.

New York Post