Mass Shooting 4 hour Update

(CNN)When eight people died in a mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx facility Thursday night, the news was compounded by a string of similar incidents that preceded it.

Starting on March 16, when eight people were killed at three Atlanta-area spas, the US has had at least 45 mass shootings, according to CNN reporting and an analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), local media, and police reports.
Analysis: A return to normal in America means a return to violence
The US has seen at least 147 mass shootings in 2021, according to data from the GVA, a non-profit based in Washington.
CNN considers an incident to be a mass shooting if four or more people are shot, wounded, or killed, excluding the gunman; so does the GVA.
Here are the 45 incidents reported since March 16.

Massive Underground Storage Facility outside of Pittsburgh in Limestone Cave

Iron Mountain Inc. is an enterprise information management services company founded in 1951 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Its records management, information destruction, and data backup and recovery services are supplied to more than 156,000 customers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


The Iron Mountain storage facility is a high-security storage facility in a former limestone mine at Boyers, Pennsylvania, near the city of Butler in the United States.

It began storing records in 1954 and was purchased by Iron Mountain in 1998. It is here that Bill Gates stores his Corbis photographic collection in a refrigerated cave 220 feet (67 m) underground. Nearby, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management leases another underground cavern to store, and process government employee retirement papers.


Located inside a cavernous former limestone mine in rural Boyers, the underground, climate-controlled, 1.9 million square-foot facility houses some of the world’s most valuable information, including data centers, government archives — and notably, the Bill Gates-owned Corbis Image Collection. Hollywood’s major motion-picture studios also send original film reels to the facility — away from the threat of California’s earthquakes and wildfires — for safekeeping.


Iron Mountain also boasts an underground lake fed by a natural spring that is used for cooling the data centers, as well as drinking water for its 2,200 employees. The facility also supplies its own fire trucks, should flames ever break out. There’s also a high-tech studio for digitizing and editing media. While we’re not allowed to spill the beans on what all is stored there (Iron Mountain keeps its customers’ information confidential), we can reveal that the facility’s locked, numbered vaults contain original films from a bevy of blockbuster and classic movies, as well as sound recordings from some of the biggest names in the music industry.


The conspiracy theorists have a field day with these high-security underground facilities. They claim UFO space ships and space alien communities are housed in these facilities. If you are prone to outrageous conspiracies these underground secret facilities must make your mouth water.


What a bizarre place to work.


The Fire Station in the Mountain

With a sleek black facade set into a remote mountain side emblazoned with an eagle crest, you’d be forgiven for thinking the ominous-looking building in the South Tryolean town of Margreid was a James Bond set. It certainly resembles something Sir Ken Adam, the set designer responsible for Dr No.’s Subterranean bunker and the atmospheric Pentagon War Room in Dr. Strangelove, might have come up with. It is, in fact, a fire station designed by Italian architects Bergmeister Wolf. The architects were approached in 2010 to build a fire station in a cliff of sheer rock. The reason such a challenging spot was chosen was to conserve the small amount of arable land in the area. “The building could have been placed on a normal lot,” explained the architects, “but the community decided to build the fire station into the rock, saving valuable land for use as agriculture.”

The town of Margreid is located among breathtaking alps of northern Italy.

If you think the exterior is striking by itself, wait till you get a good look inside. Tucked away in the side of a cave, the interior of the station has a sophisticated design, that has won international architecture awards around the world. Three caverns had to be blasted into the mountain, in order to form a cave deep enough to fit the structure, which also serves as a good insulator for heat.

This genius structure was done by acclaimed Northern Italy architecture firm Bergmeisterwolf, which has offices in Italy and Austria. The interior of the building is definitely a sight to behold, with sleek and futuristic accents that you can simply marvel at.

Sleeper movie Sculptured House

The Woody Allen 1973 film Sleeper was on the tube the other day.  The movie is quite funny and interesting in terms of its science fiction angle.  The futuristic cars were sensational.  But what really attracted my attention was the strange curved house.  Something to behold.

When architect Charles Deaton designed the “Sculptured House” on Genesee Mountain just outside Denver in Colorado, he had definite ideas about its unique design.
“People aren’t angular. So why should they live in rectangles?” he said.

There’s no way anyone could confuse this house with the rectangular homes of the 1960s. The 7,500-square-foot home is three levels and curves unpredictably. It was designed as a sculpture first; the floor plan for the home was drawn up later (thus it was given the name, “Sculptured House”).

The Deaton-designed house was built in 1963. Delzell Inc. was the original builder of the house on an experimental permit, Clifford M Delzell was owner operator of Delzell Inc.

The interior of the Sculptured House went largely unfinished and was vacant for almost three decades until entrepreneur and one-time Denver, Colorado economic-development chief John Huggins purchased the house in 1999.  He built a large addition designed by Deaton with Nick Antonopolous before Deaton’s death in 1996, and commissioned Deaton’s daughter, Charlee Deaton, to design the interior, completed in 2003.

In 2006, fellow Denver entrepreneur Michael Dunahay purchased the house from Huggins.  By late 2010, Dunahay had become delinquent on the nearly $2.8 million outstanding balance of his $3.1 million mortgage on the house, and the Public Trustee in Jefferson County, Colorado scheduled a foreclosure auction for November 10, 2010.  The house was sold again in November 2010.

Woody Allen released Sleeper 37 years ago, and it’s still one of his top-ten grossing films. It generated about $18 million in sales at the time, but when that figure is adjusted for inflation, it grossed about $52.5 million, making it Woody Allen’s fifth most financially successful film. Sleeper famously ended with the line: “Sex and death: two things that come once in a lifetime. But at least after death you’re not nauseous.”

America’s gun culture in charts


US president Joe Biden’s announcement on gun control throws the spotlight once again on Americans’ attitudes to firearms.

Here is a selection of charts and maps on where America stands on the right to bear arms.

How does the US compare with other countries?

There were 14,400 gun-related homicides in 2019.

Killings involving a gun accounted for nearly three quarters of all homicides in the US in that year.

That’s a larger proportion of homicides than in Canada, Australia, England and Wales, and many other countries.

Who owns the world’s guns?

While it is difficult to know exactly how many guns civilians own around the world, by every estimate the US, with more than 390 million, is far out in front. The latest figures from the Small Arms Survey, a Swiss-based leading research project, are for 2018.

Switzerland and Finland are two of the European countries with the most guns per person – they both have compulsory military service for all men over the age of 18. The Finnish interior ministry says about 60% of gun permits are granted for hunting – a popular pastime in Finland. Cyprus and Yemen also have military service.

How do US gun deaths break down?

Figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show there were a total of more than 38,300 deaths from guns in 2019 – of which more than 23,900 were suicides.

A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found there was a strong relationship between higher levels of gun ownership in a state and higher firearm suicide rates for both men and women.

The number of mass shootings fell last year during the pandemic.

According to investigative magazine Mother Jones, which has been tracking such incidents since 1982, there were only two in the whole of 2020. Mother Jones defines a mass shooting as three or more people shot dead.

It does not include violent crimes like robberies or gang-related violence in its statistics.

Other figures from the Gun Violence Archive suggest mass shooting may have risen last year. It uses a broader definition of shootings including those where victims are shot and injured, as well as robberies.

Attacks in US become deadlier
The Las Vegas attack in 2017 was the worst mass shooting in recent US history – and eight of the shootings with the highest number of casualties happened within the past 10 years.

How much do guns cost to buy?

For those from countries where guns are not widely owned, it can be a surprise to discover that they are relatively cheap to purchase in the US.

Among the arsenal of weapons recovered from the hotel room of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock in 2017 were handguns, which can cost from as little $200 (£145) – comparable to a Chromebook laptop.

Assault-style rifles, also recovered from Paddock’s room, can cost from around $1,500 (£1,100).

Who supports gun control?
US public opinion on gun laws has fluctuated over recent years.

Opinion polling by Gallup suggests that a majority of Americans would like to see the laws covering the sale of firearms made more strict.

Some states have taken steps to ban or strictly regulate ownership of assault weapons. Laws vary by state but California, for example, has banned ownership of assault weapons with limited exceptions.

Who opposes gun control?
The National Rifle Association (NRA) campaigns against all forms of gun control in the US and argues that more guns make the country safer.

It is among the most powerful special interest lobby groups in the US, with a substantial budget to influence members of Congress on gun policy.

Figures from the Center for Responsive Government suggest that groups advocating stricter gun controls actually spent more than gun rights groups like the NRA in 2018.

In January 2021, the NRA filed for bankruptcy as part of a fraud case against some of its own senior staff.

The NRA said it would continue “confronting anti-Second Amendment activities, promoting firearm safety and training, and advancing public programs across the United States”.