The Week In Pictures: limited edition

President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania wait to greet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House.


Worshipers in Tehran, Iran during the end of the holy month of Ramadan.


A sniffer dog is transported across a river in southwestern China after a landslide.


Large sinkhole swallows car in St. Louis, Missouri.


Queen Elizabeth arrives at Buckingham Palace for the Young Leaders Awards.


Manitoba UFO sightings date back to 1792


Manitoba has seen more than its fair share of UFOs over the years.

A new report suggests that there have been over 2,000 UFO sightings in Manitoba in the last 200 years.

The report, which has been compiled from Canadian and US government records, suggests that people have been seeing strange things in the skies over North America for several centuries.

“It’s not a phenomenon that’s a product of television and movies that are going on right now,” said researcher Chris Rutkowski. “These things go back quite a number of years. People have been fascinated with things in the sky and wondering, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’”

The earliest documented Manitoba sighting dates back to 1792 when two explorers reported witnessing a strange object cascading from the sky which “struck the river ice, with a sound like a mass of jelly, was dashed into innumerable luminous pieces and instantly expired.”



Another report, this time from 1967, detailed how Stefan Michalak had observed two disc-shaped objects landing on a flat rock near Falcon Lake. When he approached he heard what he thought were human voices and was instantly hit by an explosion of hot gas which set his clothes on fire.

In 1989 a family had been visiting the Fort Whyte Nature Center when they encountered a white boomerang-shaped object hanging in the sky over Winnipeg. They later recalled how they had watched the craft slowly rotate in the air and noted that it had a peculiar bulge on its underside.

One of the most recent sightings was in 2012 when two witnesses, again in Winnipeg, saw a disc-shaped object with red lights all around its perimeter. As they watched it the craft suddenly swooped towards their vehicle before turning and zooming off in to the distance.

“That doesn’t mean that aliens are invading Canada in any way, but it simply means there are unusual reports of things in the sky,” said Rutkowski.

“It certainly says that we probably are not alone in the universe and that there probably are some sort of alien civilizations out there somewhere but there is no proof of that.”




The Charlie Redstar Flap

The Charlie Redstar Flap is one of the best documented UFO cases in Canadian History. The events of 1975-1976 are a great and entertaining read. I think you will enjoy the information below, it has about everything in that you could imagine, multiple groups of witnesses, drunken teenagers, news crews filming UFOs, radioactive ground material, possible crop circles, crafts of different shapes, sizes, colors and much more.

Charlie Redstar was a name given to some UFOs sighted across Manitoba in 1975–1976, many of them near the town of Carman, Manitoba.  It was described as a red fireball, sometimes stationary and sometimes speeding off rapidly, and similar fireballs were also dubbed Charlie’s “friends” and “cousins”. Other similar UFOs were reported as flying saucers or “Ferris wheel”-shaped. It was often described as playful, friendly, or mischievous by witnesses.



May 16, 1975, near Stephenfield, Manitoba – Three drunk youths were at a party north of Boyne River, when one of them saw a stationary moon-sized red light. After ten minutes, it shone a white searchlight-like beam onto the lake. An underwater object shone below the beam that made the lake bottom visible, then moved towards the shore, creating ripplets. One youth threw a rock at the object, which broke into four, then separated and individually moved “like a conveyor belt” towards the beam of light. The lights in the objects went out, then the hovering object was observed to break in half and the halves moved away from each other in opposite directions. Although they admitted to being drunk, hallucination seemed unlikely as they each saw the same event.

Photo of Charlie


  • June 4, 1975, north of St. Claude, Manitoba – A farmer saw a flying saucer with two domes top-to-bottom, made from a glass-like material. The top of the craft was silver in colour and the bottom was described as a fish-like milky white. He attempted to leave the area but his truck failed to start. 
  • July 1, 1975, west of Roland, Manitoba – Three people saw a strange object moving towards them with a bobbing motion. The UFO shone a bright light onto a grain elevator, bright enough to make its nails visible. It was about 85 feet (26 m) across and perfectly circular. It appeared as a similar flying saucer, but the domes were rotating in opposite directions. The centre disk was stationary and appeared to have several oval windows. The object landed in a nearby field, and the three approached the object, but it flew away before they reached it. 
  • July 2, 1975, near Halbstadt, Manitoba – A farmer discovered a barren patch in his field of sugar beets, oval and 39 feet (12 m) in diameter. Vegetation in the patch was dehydrated, and a 50 ft (15 m) swath west of the patch was also damaged, but less so farther from the patch. A tripod-like mark was also discovered in the oval.


By the end of April 1976 the UFOs seemed to have left the area, There were some sporadic distant sightings but nothing similar two what had occurred in the previous two years. The Charlie Redstar Flap is one of the best documented UFO cases in Canada but one that is rarely discussed or written about today. 

MarkosZen has a first cousin who lives in Notre Dame De Lourdes, not far from Carman, he was a teacher in 1975. He ultimately became the principle of the high school in Notre Dame. In the fall of 1975 he saw a glowing red light that was above the horizon a few hundred meters to the right of his car. For 10 miles it kept pace with the vehicle.  His wife was with him and she collaborates the story. He has no explanation as to what it could have been.

Living in the Clouds of Ostentatious Luxury


432 Park Avenue is a residential skyscraper in Manhattan, New York City that overlooks Central Park. Originally proposed to be 1,300 feet (396.2 meters) in 2011, the structure topped out at 1,396 ft (425.5 m). It was developed by CIM Group and features 104 condominium apartments. Construction began in 2012 and was completed on December 23, 2015.

The building required the demolition of the 495-room Drake Hotel. Built in 1926, it was purchased for $440 million in 2006 by developer Harry Macklowe and razed the next year. Its footprint became one of New York’s most valuable development sites due to its location, between East 56th and 57th Streets on the west side of Park Avenue.
As completed, 432 Park Avenue is the third tallest building in the United States, and the tallest residential building in the world. It is the second-tallest building in New York City, behind One World Trade Center, and ahead of the Empire State Building.


The floor-to-floor height of each of the 85 stories is 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m), with 10 in (25 cm) thick floor slabs, although to dampen the acceleration from wind loads, upper floors have slabs up to 18 in (46 cm) thick to add more mass. Also aimed at reducing the potentially uncomfortable effects of swaying due to wind vortex loading on such a flexible tower, the window grid and interior space of 2 floors between every 12 occupied floors are left open to allow the wind to pass through. These floors also contain modularized mechanical services for the six floors above and below to reduce ductwork. In addition two tuned mass dampers are located at the top of the tower and in the outriggers of some of the mechanical floors to help damp the motion.



Architectural 1,396 ft (425.5 m)
Tip 1,396 ft (425.5 m)
Top floor 1,286 ft (392.1 m) (occupied)
Technical details
Floor count 96 + 3 below ground
Floor area 412,637 square feet (38,335 m2)
Lifts/elevators 6

View of Central Park from the top floor

park5 (2)

The tower’s condominium units feature high ceilings, and range from a 351-square-foot (32.6 m2) studio to a six-bedroom, seven-bath penthouse with a library, which sold for $95 million to real estate mogul Fawaz Al Hokair. The building’s amenities include 12-foot (3.7 m) golf training facilities and private dining and screening rooms.

The first sale of apartment #35B was reported in January 2016 for $18.116 million, more than the $17.75 million asking price. Ten additional apartments were available at the time ranging from $17.4 to $44.25 million. #35B covers 4,000 square feet (370 m2), one half of the 35th floor of the tower, and contains three bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths. Each face has six 10 by 10 ft (3.0 by 3.0 m) windows, which for #35B, face south and west with views of Central Park.



The multi-millionaires get their way and play high.


Mount Thor



Mount Thor, officially gazetted as Thor Peak, is a mountain with an elevation of 1,675 metres (5,495 ft) located in Auyuittuq National Park, on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. The mountain is located 46 km (29 mi) northeast of Pangnirtung and features Earth’s greatest vertical drop of 1,250 m (4,101 ft), with the cliff overhanging at an average angle of 15 degrees from vertical. Despite its remoteness, this feature makes the mountain a popular rock climbing site. Camping is allowed, with the only official site being at the entrance to the Akshayuk Valley near Overlord Peak.

I don’t know about climbing it, maybe a parachute jump from the top.








Trump goes postal against media critics

President Trump hurls unbelievable new insults at ‘Morning Joe’ hosts


This guy is too thin skinned to be president. Any criticism hurts him so deeply that his temper explodes and he attacks like a rabid wolverine.



Bully. Oh yes, he was a notorious bully in elementary school according to his own admission.



Fictional Espionage Agencies with Interesting Acronyms

C.I.S.O. (Canadian International Security Organization), from the Captain Canuck comic book series. Not to be confused with C.S.I.S., the current Canadian spy agency.



C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S. (The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society), from Red Dwarf




C.O.B.R.A. (Criminal Organization of Bloodiness, Revenge and Assassination), an international terrorist organization, headed by Cobra Commander, from the G.I. Joe series.



G.R.A.M.P.A. (Global Reaction Agency for Mysterious Paranormal Activity), an international intelligence agency in Marvel Comics.



I.S.I.S (International Secret Intelligence Service) is the agency employing the lead characters in Archer (TV series). Not to be confused with those blood thirsty Muslim terrorists.



K.A.B.O.O.M. (Key Atomic Benefits Organization oMankind), from the movie The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear.



SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion), from the James Bond series.



  • T.H.U.N.D.E.R.(The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves), from Tower Comics.



U.G.L.I. (Undercover Global League of Informants) in the Hardy Boys book, Secret Agent of Flight 101.



U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) and T.H.R.U.S.H., from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. (The meaning of T.H.R.U.S.H. was never revealed on the series; but, in the novelizations it was stated to be “Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity”.)



V.E.N.O.M. (The Vicious, Evil Network OMayhem), the evil mask-wearing cohort from the 1980s Saturday-morning cartoon M.A.S.K.



V.I.L.E. (The Villains’ International League of Evil), Carmen Sandiego’s band of international thieves.



Z.O.W.I.E. (Zonal Organization for World Intelligence and Espionage), from the movies Our Man Flint and In Like Flint.



USS Dwight D Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier arrives in Halifax


HALIFAX — The FA-18 Super Hornet revs its engines to maximum thrust, and the jet fighter’s nose wheel is locked into a steam-powered catapult on the aircraft carrier’s flight deck.

The thunderous noise reaches an overwhelming, bone-jarring intensity, and in less than three seconds, the jet is gone — hurled over the bow of the ship at 200 kilometres per hour.

That was the scene aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on Tuesday as the U.S. navy played host to a select group of Canadian journalists, politicians and military officials in advance of the ship’s week-long visit to the port city, which started Wednesday.


The ‘IKE’ approacing Georges Island in Halifax harbor.


Trump Unleashes “Shock and Awe”

Using the term the U.S. military coined during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Donald Trump tweeted that “we are going to take out the mortal enemy with a ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign.” Trump then did his usual double tweet. “Bad people, fantastic, Great!”


Sean Spicer then held an impromptu press briefing to try to explain what Trump meant.
Spicer’s face was beat red as he stepped to the podium, word was that he had eaten 30 sticks of gum before the briefing and was having a negative reaction. Heads up: Spicer has admitted that he eats dozens of sticks of gum before noon everyday. Fact check it.
Spicer started off by saying. “Today is a great day for this administration and all Trump supporters. Military action has been taken against the blood enemy of Donald Trump. An underhanded adversary that is cunning and uses every trick in the devil’s toolbox to defame and criticize the president. An enemy that has no morals when it comes to telling the truth. A despicable force within this great country that is the ultimate enemy of the American people. An enemy that had to be eliminated. An enemy that will be wiped off the face of the earth. An enemy that will burn in the depths of hell for all eternity.”
“Today at 11 am eastern daylight time. The U.S. air force was ordered to take out this enemy. Fighter bombers from east coast bases conducted missions against the headquarters of CNN, The Washington Post and the New York Times. No questions you bastards. God Bless Donald Trump and the Trump administration. End of press briefing.”
Fox News distributed the photos below
Bombing run against the Washington Post
CNN headquarters seconds before being blown to hell
And finally, the final seconds before the NY Times building collapsed into a heap of rubble as it was hit by six 500 pound laser guided bombs.
There was reports that the pilots were ready to revolt and mutiny. But a memo was handed to each pilot written by Trump himself that read: “if you disobey these orders and do not carry these missions, your immediate family and extended families will all be Fired!!”
As reporters kept flinging questions at Spicer today after he abruptly ended the press briefing, he suddenly started to shutter, everyone in the room gasped as he began to direct some energy ray that emanated from his eyes at CNN reporter Jim Acosta.
Acosta is in stable condition at a Washington area hospital.