Golden Gate Bridge Road Zipper

A barrier transfer machine, also known as zipper machine or road zipper, is a heavy vehicle used to transfer concrete lane dividers, such as jersey barriers, which are used to relieve traffic congestion during rush hours. Many other cities use them temporarily during construction work. The lanes created by the machine are sometimes referred to as “zipper lanes”.

One advantage of barrier systems over other lane management treatments (i.e. traffic cones or overhead directional lights) is that a solid, positive barrier prevents vehicle collisions due to motorists crossing over into opposing traffic flow. A disadvantage is that lane widths can be slightly reduced.



15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

15. 2004 Covini C6W


The Covini C6W opens the list with its 6-wheeled monstrosity. The car had a decent 400 horsepower and the extra wheels were meant for balance and to give it better braking. The makers were simply trying to achieve functionality but the result was not so appealing to the eye. The other car that follows this pattern is No.1. You won’t believe the insane idea behind it!

14. Marcos Mantis


Marcos was a British manufacturer that specialised in sports cars. Their cars were generally ugly but the Marcos Mantis seems to have taken the cake home. Fortunately, only one was released in 1968 and it did not even last that long before it was retired. It made one last appearance in 2008 at the Festival of speed.

13. Troll Sportcoupé

Troll Plastik & Bilindustri, a Norwegian company, attempted to build a car with a fibreglass body. The material is light and it has other benefits such as resistance to rust. The engineering aspect might have been commendable but for the design, the makers of the car deserved a harsh jail term. The car was only produced for two years from 1956 to 1958. The next car is not all that bad it is still ugly.

12. Hyundai Tiburon


The Hyundai Tiburon went by many names. In Europe, it was called the Hyundai Coupe while in America and other markets, it went by the name Tiburon. Tiburon is the Spanish word for Shark. They were right- It does look like an ugly shark. If you think this is bad, wait till you see the next car which looks like a hideous alien coffin.

11. Stutz Blackhawk


The Stutz Blackhawk was first produced in 1972. Over 4 decades later, it is not clear what was going through the minds of the designers when they made the ugly thing. It was 19 ft ( almost 6 metres) long. Apparently, it was loved by Elvis, the King. It was also quite expensive costing over $120,000 in 2017 Dollars. That is clearly a ripoff. The car maker is relatively unknown, but the next one comes from a renowned company. You won’t believe it is on the list!

10. PT Cruiser


Chrysler is a decent car maker. Unfortunately, they failed quite lamentably with the Chrysler PT Cruiser. We cannot say much about the car’s performance but we will unapologetically say this is quite an ugly car. But it is definitely a whole lot better than the next demon.

9. Brubaker Box


The makers of the Brubaker Box deserve an A plus for accurate representation. That’s right – the name is as ugly as the car. It really does look like a rig from hell and it is devoid of any character at all. It is just an ugly box on wheels. It does, however, look like something that would be useful in case of nuclear world war. Speaking of usefulness, the next car is not only ugly but it seems to be quite useless as well.

8. Reliant Robin


The reliant Robin looks like a cross between a car, a boat, and a motorcycle. That doesn’t sound right on any front. The robin was one of the most popular fibreglass cars in history and today, it has rightly earned a place on Top Car Magazine’s list of the ugliest cars in the world. It was first manufactured in 1973 to take the place of the Reliant Regal. Although this one is ugly, the next one is actually scary!

7. 2010 Veritas RS III


Vermot AG had not been active in the automotive industry for 60 years by 2010. That same year, they decided to make a comeback, a hideous comeback. The 2010 Veritas RS III is not only ugly, it actually looks like something you would see in a nightmare. It seems they pressed the wrong button and pulled a monster from hell. But we appreciate their intentions nonetheless.

6. The Nissan Cube


The Nissan Cube could care less about aerodynamics, and it most definitely does not give a damn about beauty. It is not clear what exactly the Japanese car maker was trying to achieve but one thing we can all agree on is that this car was an aesthetic crime. The car was first produced in 1998 and to this day, it is still being thrown onto the streets.

5. Weber Sportscars aka ‘Faster One’


The Weber Sportscars was nicknamed the Faster One. But an even more apt name would have been ‘the ugly one’ because it really was hideous. This was Switzerland’s attempt to dethrone the Veyron as the fastest street legal car in 2008. The result? A fast assault to the eye! What makes this car unforgivable is that unlike some entries on the list, this blunder was made in 2008 when there was so much automotive enlightenment. The same can be said of the next pic. You have never seen anything uglier!

4. Panoz Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le Mans’


The Panoz Abruzzi ‘Spirit of Le Mans’ is a grand tourer that takes ugly to a whole new level, an expensive level. That’s right – the Panoz Abruzzi “Spirit of Le Mans came with a £330,000 price tag. Only 81 units were planned to be produced (thank God). Fortunately, the car never saw the light of day. It died a natural death right at the prototype stage. But once you see the next one, you will wish it was never created as well.

3. Citroën Ami


When you think of France, fine taste in wine, perfume, and fashion come to mind. Unfortunately, one of their cars happens to be on the list, and it really is ugly. It was in 1961 when the world first saw the oversized headlamps and a strange new body shape called the notchback. It is the reverse of a hatchback and that gave it a really unattractive appearance and crappy aerodynamics. This one was fighting for 2nd place with the next one.

2. Fiat Multipla


The Fiat Multipla is really an overdose of ugly. Even if the goal was to design the ugliest car ever, no one would manage to create such an atrocity. The car was really terrible when it was first built but it got a little better towards the final production years. The model’s hideous reign started in 1998. In 2010, the Italian car maker decided that people’s eye had been assaulted enough and shut the line down. Today, remnants of the car still haunt the streets. The next one, however, is the finest example of an ugly car!

1. The Aurora


One fine day in 1957, a priest woke up and after reflecting upon the death toll resulting from car accidents, he decided to save the world. He had a brilliant idea. He was going to build the world’s safest car. He did, and the result was the Aurora. We are not sure how safe it was but it was astonishingly ugly.

Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving officially ends

Saudi women are officially allowed to get behind the wheel, after a decades-old driving ban was lifted.

The change was announced last September and Saudi Arabia issued the first licences to women earlier this month.

It was the only country left in the world where women could not drive and families had to hire private chauffeurs for female relatives.

However, the move comes amid an intensified crackdown on activists who campaigned for the right to drive.

At least eight women’s rights activists are being detained and could face trial in a counter-terrorism court and long prison sentences for their activism, human rights group Amnesty says.

They include Loujain al-Hathloul, a well-known figure in the campaign for women’s driving rights.

Amnesty has also called for wider reforms in Saudi Arabia, where women remain subject to male guardianship laws.

Excited Saudi women up early to go for a drive


Human rights groups in the kingdom have campaigned for years to allow women to drive.

Dozens of women were arrested for driving in Riyadh in 1990 and some Saudi women began posting videos of themselves at the wheel in 2008, and between 2011 and 2014.

Thousands of women could soon take to the roads.

“It is a historic moment for every Saudi woman,” Saudi television presenter Sabika al-Dosari told the AFP news agency

She said she was behind the wheel minutes after the end of the driving ban at midnight local time (21:00 GMT Saturday).


Insurance companies are bracing! I kid I kid.

Ice Road Truckers to the Rescue

Ice road to Churchill complete; goods to arrive by Wednesday

The town of Churchill will be getting an early Christmas present this year.

A winter road link has been completed between Gillam and the northern community that lost its rail line in the spring due to severe flooding.

The distance from Gillam to Churchill is 300 kms or 175 miles.

ice roadzzz

The ice road was a joint project between Polar Industries, Fox Lake Cree Nation and Churchill’s Remote Area Services.


“The guys finished up late [Thursday] night and they’re on their way back out to Gillam so we can start our actual journey with freight on Sunday,” explained Polar Industries president Mark Kohaykewych. Polar Industries is featured on the popular TV series ‘Ice Road Truckers’.

“We’re doing a spiritual, traditional ceremony since we are crossing Fox Lake traditional land. We’ve been accepting a lot of freight the last week and the trucks are leaving to head up to Gillam for Sunday afternoon.”

Since making the announcement that the ice road would be built, Kohaykewych has continually stated he hoped the road would be ready for Christmas. Thanks to no huge snow dumps and cold conditions, the road is ready, though not for huge truckloads.

“We’re just starting off with two, we don’t want to go too heavy on this first journey. We definitely want the ground to harden up and we don’t want to be busting through any rivers or damaging any ice bridges that we’ve created,” Kohaykewych said. “We’re splitting the load between three cat trains, 20,000 pounds a piece.”

Cat Trains

ice roads1

ice roadss

The ice road was necessitated by the loss of the rail line, which is still nowhere near ready to be used again. The very public battle between OmniTrax, which owns the line, and the federal government has been taken to court.

In the meantime, the ice road will be used to take much needed supplies to the remote northern town through the winter months.

“We’re cross-docking off of the transport trucks onto sleighs that we’ve manufactured and then pulling them with what the general public would know as dozers or cat trains,” Kohaykewych said. “I’m figuring we should be on the road between 30-36 hours.”

ice roadss1

Cat train in Alaska below

ice roadss2

Churchill is known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. It also has its own trains associated with Polar Bear tourism. The Tundra Buggy trains.

ice roads



All-Star Sinkholes

In the last few years, news of unexpected sinkholes swallowing cars, houses and people have made headlines with disturbingly high frequency. These reports are mainly coming from Florida, the U.S., where almost the entire state is karst terrain (made of limestone), which means it has the potential for sinkholes. Mexico, Belize and parts of Italy and China are also karst area, but the phenomenon of sinkholes suddenly appearing in apparently stable grounds is mostly American. Experts estimate thousands of sinkholes form every year in Florida alone.

Sinkholes form when water flowing underground has dissolved rock, mostly limestone and sometimes clay, below the surface, leading to the formation of underground voids. When the surface layer can no longer take the weight of whatever that’s above, it collapses into the void forming sinkholes. These sinkholes can be dramatic, because the surface land usually stays intact until there is not enough support. Then, a sudden collapse of the land surface can occur.



A giant sinkhole caused by the rains of Tropical Storm Agatha is seen in Guatemala City on May 31, 2010. More than 94,000 people were evacuated as the storm buried homes under mud, swept away a highway bridge near Guatemala City and opened up sinkholes in the capital. (Casa Presidencial / Handout / Reuters)




An aerial view of the damaged Gran Marical de Ayacucho highway in the state of Miranda outside Caracas December 1, 2010. Thousands of Venezuelans fled their homes after landslides and swollen rivers killed at least 21 people and threatened to cause more damage. (Photo by Miranda Government/Reuters)


A construction vehicle lies where it was swallowed by a sinkhole on Saint-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal, August 5, 2013. (Photo by Christinne Muschi/Reuters)



Pamela Knox waits for rescue after a massive sinkhole opened up underneath her car in Toledo, Ohio in this July 3, 2013 handout photo provided by Toledo Fire and Rescue. Toledo firefighters later rescued Knox without major injuries. Fire officials told a local TV station that a water main break caused the large hole. Picture taken July 3, 2013. (Photo by Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld/Toledo Fire and Rescue/Handout via Reuters)



A stranded car is hoisted from a collapsed road surface in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, September 7, 2008. The road collapsed on Sunday afternoon and trapped the car in a hole, which measured 5 meters (16.4 feet) in depth and 15 meters (49.2 feet) in diameter, local media reported. Further investigation is underway. Picture taken September 7, 2008. (Photo by Reuters/China Daily)



An aerial view shows the debris of a residential building and a destroyed road in the village of Nachterstedt, July 18, 2009. Three residents were missing in the eastern German village of Nachterstedt after their lakeside home and another building suddenly collapsed early Saturday into the water. A 350-metre stretch of shoreline gave way next to an old open-cast coalmine converted to a lake, about 170 kilometres south-west of Berlin. (Photo by Reuters/Gemeindeverwaltung Nachterstedt)



Rescue workers remove a bus with a crane from a Lisbon street hole November 25, 2003. The bus was parked on a Lisbon street when the ground began to open up and gobble it. No casualties were reported. (Photo by Jose Manuel/Reuters)



A truck is seen in a hole after part of the structure of a bridge collapsed into a river in Changchun, Jilin province May 29, 2011. Two truck passengers were injured, while the cause of the accident is still under investigation, local media reported. (Photo by Reuters/China Daily)



Cars lie in a sinkhole, caused when a road collapsed into an underground cave system, in the southern Italian town of Gallipoli March 30, 2007. There were no injuries in the overnight incident, according to local police. (Photo by Fabio Serino/Reuters)



A giant sinkhole that swallowed several homes is seen in Guatemala City February 23, 2007. At least three people have been confirmed missing, officials said. (Photo by Reuters/Stringer)



A large sinkhole opened on East Monument Street in Baltimore in summer 2012. The sinkhole appeared above a 120-year-old drainage culvert after heavy rains, causing evacuations and closing the road. (Algerina Perna/Baltimore Sun Photo)