Rare Black Leopard Spotted in India

A tourist on safari at a wildlife reserve in India snapped an incredible photo of a rare black leopard. The breathtaking image was reportedly captured by Abhishek Pangis as he and his family were visiting the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve last summer. Strangely enough, although the young man posted the photo to social media last June it only just captured the attention of people online this past week and has subsequently gone viral around the world.

Recalling his experience encountering the remarkable creature, Pangis explained that it occurred on the second day of their trip and “I went blank when I spotted it. I hadn’t seen anything so beautiful.” Similar to someone who has just stumbled upon a Bigfoot, the young man mused that he amazed by what he was seeing that the thought of taking a picture did not cross his mind. “I was completely stunned,” he recalled, “and came back to my senses after 10 minutes and started clicking pictures.”

Amazingly, Pangis marveled, “usually people have seen it around for two or three minutes but I was very lucky as I could see it for 40 minutes.” During that time, he snapped several photographs of the unusual-looking creature which had likely ventured out of hiding in order to drink some water from a pond as it was extremely hot at the time of the sighting. The big cat’s unique appearance is due to a genetic mutation, known as melanism, wherein dark pigmentation develops in the skin.

Egypt tells Elon Musk its pyramids were not built by aliens

Egypt has invited billionaire Elon Musk to visit the country and see for himself that its famous pyramids were not built by aliens.

The SpaceX boss had tweeted what appeared to be support for conspiracy theorists who say aliens were involved in the colossal construction effort.

But Egypt’s international co-operation minister does not want them taking any of the credit.

She says seeing the tombs of the pyramid builders would be the proof.

The tombs discovered in the 1990s are definitive evidence, experts say, that the magnificent structures were indeed built by ancient Egyptians.

On Friday, the tech tycoon tweeted: “Aliens built the pyramids obv”, which was retweeted more than 84,000 times.

Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation Rania al-Mashat responded on Twitter, saying she followed and admired Mr Musk’s work.

But she urged him to further explore evidence about the building of the structures built for pharaohs of Egypt.

Mr Musk did later tweet a link to a BBC History site about the lives of the pyramid builders, saying: “This BBC article provides a sensible summary for how it was done.”

There are more than 100 surviving pyramids but the most famous is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt – standing at more than 450ft (137m).

Most of them were built as tombs – a final resting places for Egypt’s royalty.

Mr Musk is known for his prolific and at times erratic tweeting. He once told CNBC: “Twitter’s a war zone. If somebody’s gonna jump in the war zone, it’s, like, ‘Okay, you’re in the arena. Let’s go!'”

Top States for Bigfoot Sightings Revealed

An enlightening study of reported Sasquatch sightings determined which states rank among the best places to possibly see a Bigfoot. Developed by the website Satellite Internet, the project compared the database of reports from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization against respective state populations and produced a ranked list. As one might expect, at the top of the chart was Sasquatch hotspot Washington state with a whopping 8.9 sightings for every 100,000 residents. Rounding out the top five for Bigfoot sightings by population were Oregon, West Virginia, Idaho, and Montana.

At the bottom of the list, in descending order, were Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and, ranked dead last, Nevada. Other noteworthy tidbits from the study were that, by virtue of their sizeable population, California, Florida, Ohio, and Illinois were among the top five states for sightings of Sasquatch overall with Washington topping that list likely due to what one assumes is a fairly healthy number of Bigfoot running around the area. And, oddly enough, the only state not listed is Hawaii, which apparently has not logged any sightings of the legendary cryptid in the database used for the study.


Classic Historical Photos

New York Harbor, end of WWII, 1945.

The liner Queen Elizabeth is filled with the American troops coming home from war. Wow !


2 A boy and two big lobsters that have just been caught on the New Jersey Coast, 1916.


3 1945: The Mona Lisa painting can finally be opened again after it had been hidden from German troops in 1939.


4 Longacre Square, New York, 1903, one year before it was named Times Square. That happened because New York Times moved their headquarters there.


5 Imperial Airlines airplane, 1936.   It doesn’t look very safe, right?


 April 15, 1912, a Titanic survival boat meets with a rescue ship.


7 A priest praying over the victims of the Titanic, 1912.


8 France, 1959. Kids playing with the guillotine.  And they say that  today’s video games are violent!


9 Bruce Lee and his master, 1958.


10. Enjoying a meal in the car while getting cooled air piped in the car. This is a drive-in restaurant, in Texas, 1957.


11. MGM opening credits in the making, 1928.  Yes, that’s how they did it!


12. Hitler and Speer looking at the Schwerer Gustav, the biggest gun ever used in battle.


13. Transporting a 5 MB hard drive seemed like a serious job back in 1956.


14. This is how they tested shoes back in 1937.


15. First Wimbledon as an international tournament, 1883.


16. 1993, Queen Elizabeth II tests a big gun.


17. Coca-Cola being introduced to France, 1950.


18. Human-sized chess with actual soldiers, Russia, 1924.


19. Oil Crisis, 1973. People are having picnics on the deserted highways.


Old interesting PICTURES

Her Majesty and Prince Phil – same brooch, same pearls, same love.

We see many old photos, but this set is really special…
Hans Christian Anderson

Winston Churchill, 1895

Mahatma Gandhi dancing

Sophia Loren

Albert Einstein

Paul Gaugin

Vincent van Gogh

John Wayne, 1930 (aged 23)

Elizabeth Taylor… this could have been X rated.

Alfred Hitchcock, 1920’s

Paul Newman, served in the Pacific in WW2

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Confederate general Robert E Lee.
Did you know that when Lee joined the confederacy, his farm was taken and later became Arlington National Cemetery?

William, Diana, Harry

Edgar Allan Poe poses with Abraham Lincoln in Mathew Brady’s Washington ,D.C. studio, 1849

Ernest Hemingway as an American Red Cross volunteer during World War I, 1918

Mark Twain, aged 15, 1850


Mother Teresa, What a find…!!!

Man discovers ‘UFO crash site’ in the woods

This guy jumps to conclusions pretty quick. Why would this be a UFO crash site? Could be a strange weather phenomena. These bloody UFOs come from thousands of light years away and then they crash when they get to earth! I think these things could handle the earth atmosphere without crashing.

What happened here ? Image Credit: YouTube / SWNS / Ben Landricombe
A man from Plymouth, England has filmed a peculiar area of flattened trees in the middle of a Devon wood.

Ben Landricombe came across the unusual scene near Meddon on July 4th while walking his dog.

“Found a crash site in the woods – could be UFO,” he said.

“I stopped to take the dog for a walk in the woods today as we’re camping. [The trees] were snapped at the top – that was what I thought was strange”.

Sure enough, the footage does appear to show a large area of flattened and bent trees arranged in such a way so as to suggest that something heavy had fallen down on top of them.

“We took the pictures and then felt someone was watching us and heard weird sounds so we ran back to our camper,” said Landricombe. “Something strange about this place.”

According to a local news report, he also heard ‘screams’ within the vicinity of the site.

As things stand however, no definitive explanation of his discovery has yet been found.

Images of Big Industry


Bonaire Island, West Indies, Brine Salt Mine



Mito Solar Power Complex, Japan



Industrial Chicken Farm, Michigan, USA


54.0440701, -128.6608887

Pulp and Paper Operation, Kitimat, British Columbia



Main Boeing Aircraft Production Facility, Washington State



Aston Martin Factory, Haydon, England


Aerials Beef City, Darking Downs, Queensland, South Est Queensland, Australia

Aerials Beef City, Darking Downs, Queensland, South East Queensland, Australia



Poti Seaport, Republic of Georgia



Fertilizer Plant, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta



Bingham Copper Mine, Utah. Partial collapse 3 years ago.


Der Antriebssystem- und Energieanlagenspezialist Tognum stellt sein Produktionsnetz internationaler auf und richtet deshalb in Aiken im US-Bundesstaat South Carolina ein neues Montage- und Fertigungswerk für Motoren der Tognum-Marke MTU ein. die Tognum-Gruppe hat dazu vom Antriebskomponentenhersteller SKF ein bestehendes Gebäude samt Gelände gekauft. The specialist for propulsion and power solutions Tognum is expanding its international production network with a new MTU engines assembly and manufacturing plant in Aiken, South Carolina (USA). The Tognum Group has now purchased an existing building and the associated premises for this purpose from the drive component manufacturing company SKF.

Automobile Engine Plant, South Carolina



Petroleum Refinery, Edmonton, Alberta



San Ardo Oil Field, California



CP Rail Yards Winnipeg