Very Big Ostentatious Private Submarine

These are in the design stage so far. No buyers yet.


For those bored with multimillion-dollar megayachts, with their ho-hum helipads and snooze-inducing jacuzzis, consider the 928-foot-long M7, designed by the Austrian company, Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts.

If you’re the helipad-on-a-sea-vessel type, the M7 not only has a place for your chopper to land, it has a swimming pool, VIP suites, multiple hangar bays, and a design inspired by the U.S. Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyers. (Alas, its engines are diesel-electric, not nuclear-powered.)

And unlike a yacht, which is just going to sit there on top of the water, floating around like a $200 million chunk of burnished driftwood, the M7 can dive to 1,500 feet and cruise underwater at 20 knots. The real excitement, as Sebastian the Crab once sang, is “under the sea.”

Life may be better down where it’s wetter, but the M7 will cost you. There’s no precise price tag yet, says Christian Gumpold, chief executive officer of Migaloo. But the $2.3 billion figure mentioned in this report is close. “This would make it for sure to the most expensive private object worldwide,” Gumpold told us via email.










Lynx Face Off

An Ontario man could not believe his eyes nor his ears when he stumbled upon a pair of lynx engaged in an epic and truly strange showdown. Ed Trist captured the bizarre encounter as it unfolded in front of him while driving down a remote logging road. According to him, spotting a lynx in the area is not a particularly rare event, but such sightings usually consist of a fleeting glimpse and the elusive creatures are always alone.

Realizing that this particular scene was rather out of the ordinary, he stopped about 30 feet away and began filming the wildcats. In the amazing and somewhat mesmerizing footage, the lynx can be seen staring each other down and exchanging shrieks that are alternatively haunting and hilarious. Marveling at the remarkable moment he’s been fortunate enough to witness, Trist muses “who runs into this?”

It would seem that the answer to that question is ‘not too many people’ as a wildlife expert told the CBC that “typically it’s not witnessed” in nature since the lynx facing off would likely do so in the boreal forests of the area away from human eyes. He theorized that Trist happened upon a male and a female lynx in the midst of mating season, but the battle could have also been caused by two of the animals running into each other and protecting their respective territory from intruders.

‘World’s oldest woman’, 128, says she’s been miserable every day of her life and her long life is a punishment from God

A Russian woman is claiming to be the oldest person in the world, but says her upcoming 129th birthday is nothing but ‘punishment’.

Koku Istambulova, from Chechnya, says she has not had a single happy day in her entire life, and  has no idea how she has managed to live this long.

Istambulova, who shuns meat but loves fermented milk, believes it simply is ‘God’s will’ that she will live to see 129 next month.


The claim that Istambulova is about to turn 129 is made by the Russian government, and is based on her internal passport, which shows her date of birth as 1 June 1889.


If correct, Istambulova was already 27 when the Russian Revolution unseated Tsar Nicholas II, 55 when World War II ended, and 102 when the Soviet Union collapsed a generation ago.

During the war she recalls ‘scary’ Nazi German tanks passing her family home in a village in Chechnya.

She and her family were later deported along with the entire Chechen nation Kazakhstan and Siberia by Stalin who accused them of Nazi collaboration.

Asked how she lived so long, Istambulova told an interviewer: ‘It was God’s will. I did nothing to make it happen.

Daily Mail