Man Caught Driving Car While Sitting on a Metal Bucket and Steering with Pliers

If you thought you needed a steering wheel to actually drive a car, let this story be an example of the opposite. A man in Norfolk, England, was really caught by police driving a battered car by using a metal bucket as a car seat and pliers for steering.

You might think that this guy was extremely unfortunate to get pulled over by cops, but you’d be wrong. What first caught the attention of police officers patrolling the streets of King’s Lynn, in Norfolk, was the battered state of the car this man was driving. It had no front wing, bumper or headlights and to top it all off, it also had a flat tire. Hardly what you’d call a roadworthy vehicle, but this was nothing  compared to what awaited the officers inside.


The motorist behind the, well, definitely not steering wheel of this deplorable-looking car was actually sitting on an upside down metal bucket and steering the vehicle with a pair of metal pliers. There was no RPM meter or speedometer to speak of, in fact, the thing barely had any dashboard. But hey, it worked, so who needs that stuff anyway?


As you can imagine, the policemen themselves were quite shocked by the sight, and while their subsequent social media post didn’t mention what charges the driver faced, they did say that there were “too many offences to mention”.


Norfolk police tweeted photos of the car in its shocking state on Twitter, and they soon went viral, attracting all kinds of tongue-in-cheek comments. One person wrote that the car “gives a whole new meaning to the word bucket seat”, while another called it “ingeniously unbelievable”.

Aliens Blamed for Abducted Ducks


An Australian woman who had eight of her ducks go missing under mysterious circumstances suspects that aliens may be to blame! Desi Friend explained to a local newspaper that the weirdness occurred back in May when “over the course of two weeks, one by one they disappeared into thin air.” The systematic strangeness was made all the more perplexing by the fact that there were no signs of forced entry at the enclosure nor clues left behind by whatever caused the ducks’ departure.

“A wild dog couldn’t have got past my dog and would have left feathers or a mess,” she mused, “and a snake couldn’t have eaten eight ducks in three weeks.” Friend also noted that the birds could not have simply flown away because their wings had been clipped. Meanwhile, the other animals residing in the enclosure, like chickens and a rooster, remained untouched, suggesting that something was specifically targeting the ducks.

With all that in mind, Friend believes that there was one potential culprit that could have been behind the sophisticated operation: aliens. Incredibly, part of her reasoning for this rather fantastic conclusion lies in the perceived quality of the birds that were taken. “Whoever has taken the ducks has taken all the good ducks,” she lamented, “so it must be alien forces, that have left me my two worst ducks.” While one might worry about what became of the abducted ducks, we can’t help but feel a bit bad for the pair who were left behind to wonder why they weren’t good enough to take.