Crazy Brahma Bull in India climbs a spiral staircase to the top of a water tank tower 

Bull climbs 60ft water tank

The incident took place in Rajasthan’s Churu where a bull was found to have climbed right on top of a water tank.


The incident took place in Rajasthan’s Churu where a bull was found to have climbed right on top of a water tank. The Bull had climbed right to the top and it threw the city authorities in a fix as they were wondering how to bring the animal down. Even the police did not believe the callers when they called in to report the bull on top of the tower. But then soon, as similar calls began coming in from many different people, the police decided to investigate. Initially, they thought of calling for a crane but that did not look feasible. Also, it was already evening when the bull was spotted and the army officials said that they couldn’t begin an operation at that time as the sun was close to setting. The bull was then shown delicacies and people tried luring it too the ground but the bull, clearly enamoured by the view, did not budge!


Many people tried climbing the tower and bringing the bull down. It loudly moo-ed everyone away! Finally, they found one solution and decided to tie up the bull and rappel it down the tank. A doctor was called and the bull was injected with sedatives. Once it lost consciousness, a double rope and safety belt was tied around the bull before it was rappelled down from the tank and brought safely down. The bull also wrapped in thick blankets so it would not hurt itself in any way during the descent. Well, quite a trip for a bull!


Meteorite Crashes Into Volcano!

Odd green light spotted at Indonesian volcano was a meteorite

A series of photos of Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi have gone viral after a photographer captured images that look like a laser is erupting from the massive peak, but it’s most likely a meteorite, according to experts. 

Indonesian photographer Gunarto Song took the photos on May 28 that have now garnered more than 28,000 likes. The caption on the photos reads: ‘a meteor fell into the peak of Mount Merapi?’

However, it’s likely that the strange green light stems from two meteor showers, the Eta Aqarid meteor shower and the Arietid meteor shower, that happened during the time, according to National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN).

The beam was captured in a still photograph and confirmed by CCTV monitoring of the volcano by the Kalitengah Kidul Post for a few seconds. 

‘So, from these two data, it can be assumed that the flash of greenish light that appears near Mount Merapi may be related to meteor shower activity,’ LAPAN wrote in a translated version of its website.

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower happened between April 19 to May 28, while the Arietids shower started on May 14 and will last through June 24. 

As for the bright greenish hue, that can likely be explained by the level of magnesium in the space rock.

‘Given that the light emitted is green, it is likely that the meteor that feel around Merapi was dominated by the element magnesium,’ LAPAN added.

A piece of an asteroid or comet is also known as a meteoroid. Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, it turns into a meteor, fireball or shooting star. 

The pieces that reach the ground are known as meteorites.   

Speaking with CNN Indonesia, Gunarto said he set the shutter speed of his camera at four seconds and hoped for the best.

‘Because I use a speed of 4 seconds. Like it or not, the photo [of light] will be long. But the light is round light, hurry up, the round light keeps falling,’ Gunarto told the news outlet.

Mount Merapi on the border of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta,, is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. It last erupted on March 27, 2021, with prior eruptions happening twice in March 2020.

Indonesia sits on the ‘Ring of Fire,’ a tectonic plate in the Pacific Ocean that results in frequent seismic and volcanic activity.   

“Birds Aren’t Real”

‘Birds Aren’t Real’: Whether comedy or conspiracy, the movement explains the post-truth era

'Birds Aren't Real': Whether comedy or conspiracy, the movement explains the post-truth era

via Birds Aren’t Real / Instagram

A lot of talking heads have remarked that we live in a post-truth era. In 2016, the Oxford Dictionary defined it as “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Media bias, political microtargeting, social media, fake news websites, Donald Trump, and man’s innate desire to prefer being right over correct, have all unwillingly conspired to create a society where people cling to tribal beliefs, regardless of their validity.

This has resulted in a social milieu where conspiracy theories have become mainstream. Sure, they’ve always been around, but they seem to have recently graduated from the basement to the mainstream.

Open up Facebook and you’re sure to find a post from someone about QAnon, flat-Earth theory, pizzagate, faked moon landings, false-flag shootings, 9/11 truth, Bill Gates’ microchips, and Birds Aren’t Real.

Yep, Birds Aren’t Real is a thing. A pretty big one, too. Birds Aren’t Real has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and 66,000 on Twitter. Plus, there are local Birds Aren’t Real chapters sprouting up all over the U.S.

The theory postulates that in the ’50s, the CIA began killing off America’s bird population and replacing them with flying surveillance robots. Birds Aren’t Real estimates there are currently 12 billion birds watching us from above.

The group recently held a rally in the non-specific town of Springfield.

However, it’s pretty clear that Birds Aren’t Real isn’t an actual conspiracy theory. Rather, a piece of comedic performance art revealing how ridiculous ideas take hold in the post-truth era.

Its de facto leader Peter McIndoe won’t tell you that it’s a fake conspiracy, at least not overtly.

“That’s one of the saddest things, that people consider that this could be some sort of mass-improvisational performance, or some sort of showcasing, highlighting a new era we’ve entered into as a society where anything can be true,” he told Newsweek. “Even if [the movement being satirical] was the case, you really wouldn’t even be able to tell.”

He thinks that if it were a parody movement, it could help people cope with living in absurd times.

“I think if it were a parody movement, that might be a point it was trying to make, or maybe, allowing people to cope with those types of presences in our society in a way where you can come together and laugh about the absurdity of a post-truth era, because it’s a horrifying thing,” he said. “The thing is, we’re not that, though.”

While for many, the conspiracy theory is a way to shine a light on the ridiculous conspiracy theories corrupting society, McIndoe claims he isn’t stopping until all of the birds are culled from the sky.

“The end to this project would only exist in the case of societal acceptance and shutting down the 12 billion robot birds that currently swarm the skies of our nation,” McIndoe said, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Drones Rain from the Sky onto Chinese City Following Light Show Fail

A wild video out of China shows the moment when an elaborate light show went awry and dozens of drones began raining down onto stunned spectators watching from below. The eerie scene reportedly unfolded last Friday evening as part of an event celebrating the anniversary of a prominent shopping mall in the city of Zhengzhou. Part of the festivities included a light show wherein around 200 illuminated drones would form the name of the mall, Wanda Plaza, over a crowd of onlookers. However, shortly after the UAVs took flight, the performance took a rather dystopian turn as several of the devices suddenly began to falter and subsequently drop from the sky.

One witness managed to capture the chaos on film and, in the video, dozens of the ‘dead’ drones can be seen falling to the Earth like wayward stars as the people in the crowd shout to each other watch out for the errant UAVs. Some onlookers took cover from the deluge of devices that were crashing onto the pavement, cars, and trees, while other enterprising individuals attempted to snag the downed drones, perhaps thinking that they would be of some value or maybe as merely a memento from the very weird incident. As for what could have caused the mishap, the leading theory is that it was simply a dropped internet connection, though there are also rumblings that it could have been the result of a rival drone company sabotaging the event.

Mystery woman in Croatia can’t recall own name

Police in Croatia are investigating the case of a mystery woman who is unable to recall anything about her life.According to reports, the woman, who is believed to be in her 60s, was discovered sitting on the rocks of Croati’s Krk island back on September 12th.

Sporting cuts on her face, the woman was able to speak perfect English but did not seem to be aware of what had happened to her or even who she was or where she had came from.

She was taken to a local hospital for treatment, however despite their best efforts, authorities have been unable to determine her identity and are now appealing to the public for assistance.

According to a local resident, the mystery is deepened further still by the fact that she was discovered on the rocks because the area itself is dangerous and inaccessible.

In addition, given her physical condition, there’s no way she swam to the island, so it seems that she was either dumped there by someone or had washed up there after falling into the sea.

According to the police description, she is 5ft 4in, has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was found wearing a striped navy blue T-shirt, black trousers and a pink linen cap.

Was she possibly dropped off by space aliens?

Anomaly Hunter Spots ‘Alien Face’ on Side of Martian Mountain

An anomaly hunter pouring over NASA images from Mars believes he has found the depiction of an alien face carved into the side of a mountain in a fashion similar to Mount Rushmore. The odd discovery was made by indefatigable UFO researcher Scott Waring as he was studying a photograph of the Red Planet that was taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover. Standing out amid the rocky landscape was a puzzling shape that drew his further inspection and led to the anomaly hunter concluding that it was not a natural formation.

Specifically, Waring contends, the oddity appears to be the “side profile of an almost human-like alien species” that was presumably carved into the mountain, likely as a tribute to a prominent Martian leader from the distant past. To that end, he theorizes that the weathering of the visage suggests that it could be “over 100,000 years old.” Waring went on to argue that this would seemingly confirm that there was an advanced civilization living on the Red Planet at that time.

Waring boldly concluded by declaring that the purported alien profile is “undeniable proof that intelligent life once roamed the surface of Mars.” While such a discovery would certainly be a fantastic development, skeptics will undoubtedly disagree with Waring’s assessment and, as with so many similar peculiar anomalies found on Mars, point to pareidolia as the source of the ‘Martian face.’

Definition of pareidolia

the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern

Scientists Believe ‘Penguins Could Be Aliens’ After Venus Chemical Discovery

Penguins are Aliens? (PA)

In one of several recent – and bizarre – scientific discoveries, scientists now believe penguins ‘could be aliens’.

UK researchers subsequently believe that studying penguins could help them identify other living beings existing in other worlds.

The strange revelation came after traces of a chemical known as phosphine were found in the bird’s poo.

Gentoo penguins play at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette (PA Images)

Experts have been left baffled due to not knowing how phosphine exists on Earth, as the chemical is located a whole 38 million miles away in Venus.

In order to find out how the penguin’s poo contained traces of the chemical, scientists are now planning to study the lifestyle of gentoo penguins, according to The Daily Star. The gentoo penguin is most common in the Falkland Islands.

Dr Dave Clements of Imperial College, London, told the Daily Star how scientists are ‘convinced’ that the finding of phosphine is ‘real’. However, he admitted they don’t know ‘what’s making it’.

He explained:

There are some anaerobic bacteria that produce phosphine. It’s found in pond slime and the guts of badgers and penguin guano.

It may be to do with defence or signaling against competing bacteria.

Penguins (PA Images)

Last year, the gas which encompasses Venus was also found to have had traces of the chemical within – a surrounding of which is a similar atmosphere to Earth.

Snake slithers out of spice shelves at Sydney supermarket

A grocery run turned into a snake rescue for an Australian woman when she was greeted by a python poking out from a supermarket shelf.

Helaina Alati, 25, was at a Sydney store on Monday when the 3m non-venomous snake slithered out.

The Woolworths supermarket lies on the edge of a large expanse of bushland on the city’s north- west outskirts.

But encountering a snake in the spice aisle is not what Ms Alati expected.

Fortunately for both parties, Ms Alati is a wildlife rescuer and familiar with snakes.

“I just turned my head and he was about 20cm from my face, just looking straight at me,” she told the BBC.

She did a double-take but remained calm. No one else was around.

Recognising it instantly as a diamond python, Ms Alati knew it wasn’t venomous as it protruded and flicked its tongue.

“He was looking straight at me the whole time, almost like he was saying: ‘Can you take me outside please?'” she said.

Helaina Alati
image captionHelaina Alati says she alerted staff to the “10ft python in the shop”

After filming the snake, Ms Alati alerted staff and said she could help them get it out.

She retrieved a snake bag from her home, returned to the store, “tapped him on the tail and he just slithered in”.

She then released it away from houses in bushland – a natural habitat for the species around Sydney.

‘Like a scene from Harry Potter’

A trained snake handler, Ms Alati has conducted at least 20 snake rescues before.

She says her friends have previously joked about her being “the snake girl”, referencing a zoo scene in a Harry Potter film where the boy wizard finds that he can talk to snakes.

Ms Alati says she can’t speak Parseltongue like Harry, but “that scene’s been mentioned to me a few times”.

“They kind of just gravitate to me, like maybe they just sense that I’m the kind of person into caring and protecting animals,” she said.

“To be honest, it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in a little while given lockdown. The staff were all taking photos of it.”

Australia’s largest city has been in a lockdown since June to fight a Delta outbreak. Grocery shopping is one of the few reasons people are allowed to leave their homes.

Ms Alati said she suspected the snake had been in the shop overnight, probably initially in the ceiling where diamond pythons like to nestle.

It had probably lurked on the shelf all morning as “dozens of people… passed it and grabbed spices”, she added.