Hawaiian Woman Nearly Crushed by Massive Boulder Barreling Through Home

One close Flucking call!

A jaw-dropping home security video from Hawaii shows the moment when a woman narrowly missed being crushed by a massive boulder that barreled through her home. According to a local media report, the astounding incident occurred this past Saturday evening in the Honolulu neighborhood of Palolo. As homeowner Caroline Sasaki was heading into her living room to watch television, she suddenly heard a strange boom and briefly paused before the enormous boulder came rolling through her home right in front of her.

Conceding that she has yet to watch the now-viral video of the near miss, she marveled that “they said if I took one more step, I probably wouldn’t be here.” Sasaki credits her good fortune to an injured leg which causes her to walk slowly, though in this instance, it just so happened to be the perfect pace. Authorities say that the boulder, which measured a staggering five feet by five feet and weighed a whopping 3,000 pounds, first smashed through a cinder block wall of the home and then shattered a glass door as it rolled through Sasaki’s living room before ultimately coming to rest in a bedroom.

The boulder’s origin has proven to be something of a contentious issue since it came crashing into Sasaki’s home as she and her family believe that it was dislodged from a construction project on a cliff side above her home. “I was in fear of this happening,” she said, indicating that she had concerns from the moment the nearby work started. It remains uncertain if that was where the boulder came from, though the city has issued a stop work order for the project while they assess if there is any potential for similarly dangerous incidents to occur. Fortunately for Sasaki, she has gotten some relief when it comes to removing the giant rock as a local construction company has reportedly volunteered to extricate the onerous object free of charge.

Mysterious Artwork Visible From Space Discovered Near Las Vegas

A mysterious piece of artwork has been discovered in the desert outside of Las Vegas and the curious drawing is so enormous that it can actually be seen from space. According to a local media report, the peculiar design was seemingly first spotted last month by Dr. David Golan as he and his wife were walking their dogs in an area of wilderness at the edge of the city. When they reached a particularly high plateau, he noticed “this pattern in the rocks” which resembled “a face and a yin and yang sign.” A subsequent excursion to the site revealed that the artwork is largely hidden to those on the ground, Golan explained, “all you can kind of tell is that there are rocks piled up.”

Lest he had any suspicions that his mind might be playing tricks on him, when Golan later looked at the location on Google Earth, the remarkable artwork was clearly visible. Amazingly, the area resident says that he has often walked his dogs in the mountainous location over the last five years, but never spotted the drawing until last month and an online search for references to the mysterious piece turned up nothing. “Someone did some pretty miraculous artwork up on the top of the hill,” he marveled, “and it’s just sitting here.” The presence of the piece was apparently also news to the Bureau of Land Management, which is responsible for overseeing that particular portion of the desert.

As of now, the creator of the artwork as well as the meaning behind the piece remains a mystery, though a look at previous Google Earth images indicates that it has been something of an epic and evolving work in progress that began sometime in 2017. Beyond the questions surrounding its origin and its designer is the matter of its future now that the drawing has been discovered as such land art requires special permits from the BLM. Since the piece consists solely of rocks with no artificial materials, Golan hopes that the artwork will be allowed to remain in place, though since the presence of the piece is now public knowledge, it has already begun to draw visitors and, one fears, there is always the chance that some ‘critic’ will wind up destroying it.

Ming of Harlem

Ming was a tiger that became notable when he was found living in an apartment in Harlem, New York City, United States, in October 2003. Ming, approximately three years old at the time of his capture, lived semi-openly with his owner, Antoine Yates, in a room of his five-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor of a large public housing complex in Harlem. Several other normal and exotic pets were found in Yates’ apartment, including an alligator named Al in another bedroom.

Ming spent the rest of his life at Noah’s Lost Ark Animal Sanctuary in Berlin Center, Ohio. Ming died from natural causes in February 2019 and was buried at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.

Ming’s resting place in Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, Hartsdale NY.

In April 2000, Antoine Yates, a 31-year-old part-time taxicab driver and resident of Harlem, New York City, purchased Ming, an 8-week-old male Siberian–Bengal tiger hybrid, from the BEARCAT Hollow Animal Park in Racine, Minnesota. Records indicated that BEARCAT Hollow had previously sold a lion cub to Yates, but he had found another home for the lion shortly after purchasing Ming. Yates lived with the animals in Apartment 5E of the Drew-Hamilton Houses, a public housing complex; for five years, Yates left the apartment only once a day for an hour to purchase food.

In an interview published in 2020, Yates clarified that he first had purchased Jabba, a lion cub which passed away at a young age, and then he purchased Ming and Nemo, another lion cub, as a pair. Nemo was included with the sale because he was ill and unlikely to live long. At the time he acquired Ming, Yates already owned an alligator named Al, which he had purchased legally in New Jersey.

Ming’s existence became known and reported in the media after Yates was taken to the Harlem Hospital Center emergency room on September 30, 2003 with bites on the arm and leg. At the time of treatment, Yates claimed that his pet pit bull had bitten him; however, the medical personnel were suspicious, because the width of the bite marks suggested an animal with a much larger jaw. Later, Yates said he had been bitten while trying to keep Ming away from Shadow, a cat he had recently adopted. That day was the first time Ming had met Shadow; according to Yates, after Ming began chasing Shadow, Yates jumped in front of Ming, who bit and clawed Yates multiple times as he wrestled with the tiger. After Ming finally closed his jaws on Yates’s knee, Yates recalled “That had me going through flashes of life. I was like, ‘Oh my god, guess this is where I die at.'” Yates declined to call it an attack, saying it was a natural reaction of Ming’s frustration: “I’m walking around. I’m still alive. I haven’t lost a limb. You couldn’t even tell I got bit by a tiger, unless I told you and showed you the mark.”

On Thursday, October 2, the police received an anonymous tip that “there was a large wild animal that was biting people”; the same anonymous person followed up the next day by providing the animal’s location, at Yates’s apartment.[9] Yates checked out of the hospital that same day, and following up on the tips, an officer of New York City Police Department was sent to his home address to investigate on October 3. Loud growling noises could be heard through the door of the apartment and the officer declined to enter. The NYPD Technical Assistance Response Unit drilled holes through a neighbor’s walls and used a camera on a pole to locate Ming. Martin Duffy, another police officer, was sent to the roof, from which he abseiled on a rope sling to view through the apartment’s windows. Ming roared at Duffy, who then anaesthetized Ming by firing a rifle with a tranquilizer dart prepared by Dr. Robert Cook, then the Chief Veterinarian of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which manages the city’s zoos.

After being darted, Ming charged at the window from which Duffy had fired, breaking it, then retreated further into the apartment. Authorities waited several minutes for the sedative to take effect before an animal control team was sent into Yates’ apartment. Dr. Cook used a catchpole and gave Ming another sedative injection to ensure he would remain asleep during transport. It took more than six men to carry Ming down via elevator to a waiting truck. The team also discovered Al, a five-and-a-half-foot alligator that Yates had been raising in one of the other bedrooms. Yates was later located at a hospital in Philadelphia and placed under guard.

After Ming was discovered in Yates’ apartment in October 2003, questioning of the neighbors determined that the existence of the tiger was widely known for at least three years, but as a sort of urban legend. Yates regularly bought large quantities of raw chicken at the local supermarket, and one standing joke in the building was that he could eat so much chicken every day. By 2003, Yates was feeding Ming 20 pounds (9 kg) of chicken, livers, and bones per day. The downstairs neighbor was aware that Yates owned many animals, in contradiction to Housing Authority rules, and her daughter had once seen Ming. The neighbor added it was not a problem until the summer of 2003, when she opened her windows for the first time that year and found her windowsills soaked with urine accompanied by a heavy animal odor. In addition, Yates had taken roommates, who were unaware at first of the animals in the home. According to the New York Daily News,

A woman who shared a Harlem apartment with a 425-pound tiger said yesterday she was terrified at first—but soon got used to living with the man-eater down the hall. Caroline Domingo told the Daily News she couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the big cat roaming free in the apartment where she and her husband rented a room from tiger-owner Antoine Yates. […] But eventually, she said, “We all became family.”

Authorities decided to move the seized animals to more appropriate housing: Ming was sent to Noah’s Lost Ark Animal Sanctuary in Berlin Center, Ohio, while Al was given a new home in Indiana. For approximately a decade, human visitors were barred from visiting Ming in Ohio, but the sanctuary later changed their policy in the interest of enrichment. Ming lived in Ohio until he died on February 4, 2019, of kidney and heart failure; his remains were cremated and interred at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York on April 20. The cemetery donated the site and mausoleum. According to the director of Noah’s Lost Ark, “[Ming] lived a really good life here. He was able to run and play on the grounds. He had tiger friends. He had a swimming pool. He was able to experience the elements.”

Watch: Two-Legged Fox Filmed in England

A couple in England could not believe their eyes when they spotted a bizarre two-legged fox frolicking in their backyard. According to a local media report, the curious creature appeared outside the home of Philip and Jane Carter in the community of Ilkeston last month as they were setting up their Christmas tree. “My wife shouted to me to come to the window quick because I wouldn’t believe” what was in their backyard, he recalled, musing that her assertion proved to be correct when he saw a two-legged fox that was remarkably adept at moving in a bipedal fashion.

The peculiar creature remained in their backyard for approximately 45 minutes before it fled the scene when the couple tried to feed it. “It blew my mind,” he said, “it was so strange to just see him go vertical with his tail, just put his head forward and walked off like that.” What was particularly astounding to the Philip was the speed with which the two-legged animal moved. “At one point he ran over to the gate, and I mean run, vertically, straight up,” he marveled, “you wouldn’t believe it unless you’d seen it. It’s absolutely phenomenal.”

Fortunately, the gobsmacked man managed to capture the jaw-dropping creature on film with his cell phone and the video (seen above) has subsequently gone viral. While it is uncertain exactly how the fox wound up with only two legs, a wildlife expert who viewed the footage surmised that whatever caused the condition likely occurred quite some time ago as the animal did not appear to be injured and seems to have adapted to being bipedal.

Japanese firm makes ultra-realistic dog costumes for clients

Now you, too, can be a dog… Image Credit: Facebook / Zeppet Workshop

Ever wanted to be a dog ? Japanese company Zeppet Workshop will turn you into one… for the right price.Taking the idea of roleplaying one step further than anyone thought possible, the company, which specializes in special effects and modeling, hit the headlines back in 2022 when it was revealed that it had created an ultra-realistic Collie costume for a customer who wanted to become a dog.

Footage of the client wearing the costume (see below), which reportedly cost around $15,000, quickly went viral.

More recently, Zeppet was tasked with creating something even more challenging – a wolf costume.

“Because of my love for animals since childhood and some realistic animal suits appearing on TV, I dreamed of being one someday,” the client was quoted as saying.

“At the final fitting, I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror. It was a moment when my dream come true.”

The resulting outfit, which cost a whopping $23,000, was even more convincing than the last one, demonstrating, if nothing else, just how skilled the firm’s employees are at making costumes.

The process took around 50 days and involved carefully examining images of real wolves to get all the details right.

Other costume designs built by Zeppet over the years include a bear, a panda and various mascots.

Hippo SWALLOWS a two-year-old boy whole… then spits him back out ALIVE

A two-year-old boy was swallowed and spat out by a hippo while playing near his home in Uganda.  

Paul Iga was clenched in the mouth of the animal around 800 yards away from the edge of Lake Edward.

The hippo had grabbed the toddler from the head and swallowed half of his body when a local man noticed and started throwing stones at the animal.

The hippo seemed taken aback by the attack and vomited up the child — before trudging back to the water. 

Paul Iga was clenched in the mouth of a hippo just a few hundred yards away from the edge of Lake Edward, Uganda

Paul Iga was clenched in the mouth of a hippo just a few hundred yards away from the edge of Lake Edward, Uganda

‘It took the bravery of one Chrispas Bagonza, who was nearby, to save the victim after he stoned the hippo and scared it, causing it to release the victim from its mouth,’ police added. 

While Paul was injured and taken to a clinic for treatment, he miraculously survived. 

It has been reported that the toddler was transferred to a hospital in Bwera but was sent home after taking a rabies vaccine.

In a statement, Ugandan Police said: ‘This is the first such kind of incident where a hippo strayed out of Lake Edward and attacked a young child.’

Police told residents of Katwe Kabatoro Town Council, which is located within Queen Elizabeth National Park on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to remain vigilant around hippos.

The hippopotamus is the world’s deadliest large land mammal, killing an estimated 500 people per year in Africa, according to the BBC.

They are aggressive creatures and have very sharp teeth.

At up to 2,750kg, the animals can easily crush a human to death.

Despite their primarily vegetarian diet, the hippopotamus is extremely aggressive and territorial.

The combination of sheer size, sharp teeth and mobility both in and out of water make for a deadly mammal.

They are agile and aggressive and kill large animals and sometimes humans. 

A yawning hippo, although it might look cute, can be a sign of a threat.

Over the years hippos have been spotted eating impala, kudu, eland, wildebeest and buffalo.

They are very protective of their habitat, normally dwelling in rivers.

In Niger in 2014, 13 people drowned when hippos overturned their boat. 

Daily Mail