I Think Summer Has Arrived in Manitoba

I think the warm temps may be on the horizon in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has been a cool, if not cold, wet spring so far. Record breaking amounts of rain, the rivers are bloated but the grass and leaves are green. The warmest temperature so far is +22 celsius (72 fahrenheit). Suppose to get up to +25 C (77F) in the next few days.

Comparison from a few weeks ago to today.

Homeless people camp out in tents along the rivers.

Massive Tornado

A destructive tornado tore through Andover, Kansas, on Friday night, shredding buildings, hurling cars, and knocking out power for thousands across the area. The powerful twister and its path of destruction were captured on video by Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer. The tornado strengthened very quickly, going from 10 mph to 300 mph in seconds, Timmer revealed. The tornado, which could be seen for miles, damaged or destroyed more than 1,000 buildings as it ripped through the small town, according to officials. No fatalities have been reported.

Kansas gets too many of these.

Video shows red truck driving through tornado in central Texas

ELGIN, Texas – It was like a scene out of the movie “Twister” when a truck drove through a tornado in Central Texas on Monday.

The video above, shot by storm chaser Brian Emfinger of Live Storms Media, shows a red truck driving down a road in Elgin, Texas, as it gets blown over onto its side by a tornado. The truck was then spun around before getting flipped back upright onto its wheels.

Amazingly, the truck was able to drive away as the twister went on to knock down trees and power lines along the road.

Winnipeg Snow Disposal Sites Have Become Snow Mountains

Winnipeg has experienced its third highest recorded snowfall ever. Over five and a half feet has fallen in the city and all across southern Manitoba. The three snow disposal sites Winnipeg uses have become little mountains.

Bulldozers and dump trucks pile up an ever increasing mountain of snow on McPhillips near the perimeter. See story.. February 26, 2022 – (Phil Hossack / Winnipeg Free Press)
PHIL HOSSACK / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS – A single cat pushes snow up the Kenaston St Snow Dump Tuesday morning after the city’s latest blizzard cleared. Often dubbed “Mount Manitoba” the site is filling up fast with this year’s snow accumulation. At one point over 100 pieces of equipment were clearing streets for the morning rush hour.

There is still mounds of snow along city streets and in parks etc. Forecasters are predicting good chance of flooding once all this white stuff melts.