Top Secret movie ”cow/bull scenes”

Top Secret is a relatively unknown comedy film made in 1984.  It stars Val Kilmer in his first feature role.  In my humble opinion it is one of the funniest movies I have ever watched.  The film was made by the ZAZ trio,  David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker.  These fellows made Airplane and the Naked Gun series. 

The humour in Top Secret is very much the same as in those other movies.  Cornball jokes, misinterpretation amongst characters and cockamamie situations.  But there is one scene in Top Secret that should go down as one of the greatest humour sequences in film.  The “Cow Scene.”



Hercules in New York – Arnold vs the Bear Fight

Hercules in New York is a 1970 low-budget fantasy comedy film. It is notable for being the first feature film to star (a then-unknown) Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was about 22 years old when the film was produced. It is further notable for being one of the films that Schwarzenegger admits regretting having appeared in.

In the scene a bear escapes from the Central Park zoo. Arnie confronts the bear and the fight begins. They grapple for a while then Hercules body slams the bear. After he has the bear down Herc starts punching the furry brute and then chokes it into submission.


Clint Eastwood was one resourceful actor back in the day

Clint Eastwood is a renowned actor who made great action movies.  He is also a very accomplished director. He is a very accomplished musician to boot.  He wrote a couple musical scores for movies he directed.  On top of all this he became a mountain climber for a role in a 1975 action thriller.

The film Eiger Sanction has a segment where Clint climbs the Totem Pole in Monument Valley, Arizona. When I first saw the scene I was sure a double did the climbing for Clint, but no, Clint did it all the way to the top. The Totem Pole is a pillar or rock spire found in Monument Valley. It is a highly eroded remains of a butte. It is 470 feet tall.  Clint practiced mountain climbing in the Sierra Nevada range in California. Talk about taking a role seriously.

Totem Pole.


In what is perhaps the most memorable shot of the entire film, we find Eastwood arriving atop the Totem Pole, a very thin formation reaching several hundred feet high, to a waiting George Kennedy, who sits perilously close to the edge. The shot begins at medium length, which left me wondering if the scene was shot in a studio against a panoramic backdrop. But a short time later, all within the same shot, the camera pulls back wider and wider, becoming clear this is a helicopter shot and Eastwood and Kennedy are really atop the Totem Pole.

Apparently Kennedy and his mountain climbing props were dropped off by the helicopter, while Eastwood himself actually climbed. In reality, the Totem Pole is sacred to the Navajo tribe, and it was contractually agreed upon that permission would be granted to film in exchange for removing the pitons that had accumulated on the Pole over the years. This marked the last time anyone was allowed to climb the Totem Pole, making Eastwood the last person to scale it.










Really Bad Horror Movies

Brief list of bad horror flicks.  I thought the Amityville Horror franchise flicks were really bad.  But these appear to be a heck of a lot worse according to the reviewers.

Basket Case

In Basket Case, a baby is born with a parasitic twin. A small, evil parasitic twin the size of a basket ball. It grows out of the boy’s shoulder. The boys parents decide to save the “normal” twin by having the parasitic twin surgically removed.

Fast forward a few years and now the twins are all grown up. And like all siamese twins separated at birth, in which one twin was brutally removed from the other and thrown into the garbage to die, they dream of nothing else than revenge against the surgical team that separated them.  Murderous mayhem ensues.


“She’s hot. She’s Sexy. And she’s sutured to please.” When a mad scientist loses his girlfriend to a freak lawn mower accident he decides that the best way to get a new girlfriend is to chop up some prostitutes and make a new one out of spare parts. Stupid mysogynistic trash masquerading as a horror comedy.

Cannibal Ferox (a.k.a Make Them Die Slowly)

The subtitle of this movie is “make them die slowly” and the movie certainly lives up to its name. The mindless plot involves some Americans captured by cannibals in the Amazon. There is not much plot except a series of mutilations, eye removals, and gory torture.

Eaten Alive

This is yet another Italian horror movie with a cannibal theme. Americans venture into the jungle where they encounter cannibals. Eating ensues.


Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1979)

A sleazy zombie cheesefest with horrible dubbing of English over the original Italian dialogue. The mouths are out of synch with the sound which adds to the fun.

A classic in the Euro-Horror zombie genre. Gratuitous sex and horrible acting. So bad its almost good.


A Night to Dismember

A female murderer is released from an insane assylum, suposedly cured. Then the body count begins. The film is dreadful on almost every level: the sound is awful (where are the foley artists when you need them?), the cinematography is lousy, the plot and acting are D-grade. The whole mess doesn’t make sense, so the director added a narrator that valiantly tries to make sense of the movie and explain the plot to you. The movie must be seen in order to appreciate just how brilliantly awful it is.

Night of the Bloody Apes

It’s the night of the Bloody Apes – well, actually, only one bloody ape. And he’s not really all ape, either.

You see, it seems that a mad scientist had a son with a heart defect. So he gives his son a heart from an ape, which naturally turns his meek, weakling son into a ferocious, murdering, sex crazed monkey man. What else would you expect? 🙂


Cannibal! The Musical
You may think that the title says it all. But no, there’s more.

The movie tells the fictionalized story of Alfred Packer, a real life 1890s pioneer who got lost in the Colorado wilderness and ended up eating his fellow expedition members. The story shifts incongruously from schmaltzy musical numbers to gory scenes of human hors d’oeuvres. One reviewer described the movie as “The Musical is Oklahoma meets Bloodsucking Freaks.”

Gingerdread Man

The ashes from an excuted killer are mixed into some cookie dough and naturally the killer comes back as a huge knife wielding murdering Ginger Bread Man. Awesome schlock, made even “better” by the fact that Gary Busey plays the part of the Gingerbread Man. Just try to picture it. The horror, the horror.

Santa’s Slay

It seems that truly bad horror movies always try to be clever by using an obvious pun in their title. For example: Gingerdread Man, or the awful Santa’s Slay, about a murderous Santa Claus.

What’s even funnier is that the killer Santa is played by talented actor and former wrestling star Bill Goldberg. Need I say more?

That’s all folks!

Inflatable extras in Hollywood movies

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is expensive and extras are difficult to handle, besides costing money. The Inflatable Crowd Company offers the alternative – plastic, inflatable mannequins, thirty thousands of them for use in movies where a large crowd is required. The company was formed in 2002 for creating crowd scenes for the Hollywood movie Sea Biscuit. Their inflatable crowd have since appeared in over 80 feature films including many memorable ones like The King’s Speech, Frost/Nixon, American Gangster, Spiderman 3 and many more. These plastic men and women were featured in many TV shows and commercials as well.


Blow up dolls are taken from their boxes and inflated for shooting in a commercial.


The dolls are then dressed. They still don’t have faces. These along with wig, hat etc. are fitted later.




A scene on the set of the movie American Gangster with 1,500 Inflatables.


A scene on the set of the movie Cinderella Man with 11,000 Inflatables.


A scene on the set of the movie We Are Marshall with 2,400 Inflatables.


A scene on the set of the movie The Changeling with 400 Inflatables.


A scene on the set of the movie Glory Road with 4,000 Inflatables.


550 inflatable dolls getting prepared for a scene in the movie Angels & Demons.


Halloween Monster Movie Marathons


With Halloween fast approaching many of the TV channels are advertising their Halloween Monster Movie Marathons.  Each channel wants you glued to their channel throughout Halloween week.  They want to scare the audience to the point where they wait for the commercials, so the viewers get a breather.  All the ad companies will try to brainwash the audiences with the popcorn, hairspray, car and truck, make-up, fast-food joint etc. etc. commercials.  So beware, beyond getting scared out of your pants, you may unconsciously radically change your shopping habits.




Zombies would be the worst competing in a monster marathon. Especially the slow variety.



TV Horror Movies (2)



Oh God No! It’s a pack of werewolves!







 I have to check this flick out, and soon!


Hollywood Square Monsters

squares 77

“You Only Live Twice”



I watched this classic the other day and it is a gem. Everything you want in a Bond movie.

Quick synopsis:

An American spacecraft is hijacked from orbit by an unidentified spacecraft. The US suspect it to be the Soviets, but the British suspect Japanese involvement since the spacecraft landed in the Sea of Japan. To investigate, MI6 operative, James Bond, agent 007, is sent to Tokyo, after faking his own death and being buried at sea off HMS Tenby (F65).

Upon his arrival, Bond is contacted by Aki, assistant to the Japanese secret service leader Tiger Tanaka. Bond goes to Osato Chemicals to meet Mr. Osato himself, masquerading as a potential new buyer. Osato humours Bond but, after their meeting, orders his secretary, Helga Brandt, to have him killed. Outside the building, assassins open fire on Bond before Aki rescues him. The assassins are disposed of via a helicopter with a magnetic grab.

Bond and Tanaka learn that the true mastermind behind the space hijackings is Ernst Stavro Blofeld and SPECTRE. After a big battle involving Bond and good-guy Ninjas in a secret base below a dormant volcano, Blofeld activates the base’s self-destruct system and escapes. Bond, Kissy, Tanaka, and the surviving ninjas escape through the cave tunnel before it explodes, and are rescued by submarine.

Bond gets all the woman he can satisfy in this movie.










An action-packed helicopter dogfight scene: