Crops, Creeks and Clouds

A short tour of southwestern Manitoba today. Crops are coming along as the summer progresses. Lots of rainfall has made the foliage lush.

The yellow blooms of the canola crops.

A little park high above the Red River Valley.

Nice little pristine creek.

The bridge over the creek is just a huge slab of concrete.

Ominous looking extremely high cloud.

A sheep farm.

Spring has Sprung in Manitoba

The southern border of Manitoba is the 49th parallel, that is quite far north. Minnesota and North Dakota are south of Manitoba to put it in perspective. Today the temperature reached +19 celsius, 66 fahrenheit. Which is about normal for this time of year. We don’t see temps get into the hot zone, +30 C or in the 80’s F until the beginning of July.

But after our extremely cold winters, along with the frustrating pandemic restrictions, people in Manitoba are ready to go outside and breathe the fresh air. Pics were taken in Winnipeg.