Airliner Passenger Films Strange UFO Cluster Flying Alongside Plane

An airliner passenger traveling from Los Angeles to Atlanta captured footage of what appears to be a cluster of UFOs flying alongside the plane. The intriguing sighting reportedly occurred earlier this month shortly after the unnamed witness’ flight had departed from California. Although they were uncertain of exactly where they were along the trip, they indicated that it occurred as the airliner was “at 41,000 feet above possibly Nevada or Arizona.” While gazing out their window, the passenger was stunned to see “something flying in tandem with us” in the form of four glowing orbs that were tightly clustered together and seemingly rotating.

Fortunately, the bewildered witness managed to capture footage of the curious cluster, which some UFO enthusiasts have likened to the famed Phoenix lights case from 1997. That said, more skeptical observers have offered more prosaic explanations for the odd orbs with some suggesting that they could be lights from a community beneath the aircraft or another plane that only appears unusual due to the angle of the witness. 

Partially Cloaked UFO Captured on Security Cam?

Intriguing footage captured by a security camera shows a strange aerial object moving in the nighttime skies of Kansas City, MO. The host of Hidden Underbelly 2.0 has conjectured that we may be looking at a partially cloaked UFO. The video was reportedly recorded on October 13th, 2022, and when Anthony B. saw the object moving on his home screen, he ran outside to see it in person, but it had already vanished.

In the soundless footage, the curiously-shaped craft, which has a partially transparent quality, can be seen moving behind a set of trees, which suggests it has some solidity and is not simply a reflection.

But we have to remember this is a video. An Investigator I saw on TV a while back said he never trusts videos. They are easily doctored and hoaxed.

Video: Multiple Witnesses in Mexico Film Puzzling UFO Rotating in Night Sky

Several individuals in Mexico were left scratching their heads at the sight of a puzzling UFO that appeared to rotate in the night sky. The curious event reportedly occurred last Wednesday evening in the town of Tequila located in the state of Jalisco. At least four groups of people who were out that night spotted the peculiar sight, which resembled a set of glowing lights that seemingly slowly spun in the sky until vanishing into thin air. By virtue of the event having so many witnesses, it wound up being captured on film from multiple vantage points, which allows for a rather unique perspective on the peculiar aerial anomaly.

As for what it could have been, some skeptical observers have suggested that the objects could have been recently launch SpaceX Starlink satellites, which actually spawned UFO reports in both India and Texas early last week and have been the cause of similar confusion in the past. However, such incidents usually feature a string of lights in the night sky rather than what appears to have been seen over Tequila. Other suggestions for the oddity include some kind of drone, a clandestine military craft, and, of course, aliens.

NASA launches study seeking clues about UFOs

The effort is scientific in nature and isn’t related to a Pentagon task force also investigating the phenomena.

Clouds are seen behind the NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center.

Clouds are seen behind the NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center on February 7, 2008 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

NASA announced Thursday that it’s launching a scientific study of reported sightings of UFOs, the latest in a wave of federal agencies trying to understand the nature of a series of unidentified aircraft flying in protected airspace in recent years.

The goal of the study, which is due to be wrapped up in nine months, is meant to improve aircraft safety while gaining a better overall understanding of the aircraft, which the government refers to as “unmanned aerial phenomena,” or UAPs.

“NASA is uniquely positioned to address UAPs,” said Daniel Evans, the agency’s assistant deputy associate administrator for research. “Who other than us can use the power of data and science to look at what’s happening in our skies?”

NASA plans to recruit some of the nation’s leading scientists and aeronautics experts to participate in the study.

“There are phenomena we don’t understand,” said David Spergal, leader of the study and president of the Simons Foundation, a New York-based academic organization. “How do we start to make progress on a very limited set of observations? We start by trying to figure out what data is out there.”

The project is separate from the Pentagon’s effort, which is gathering information from a host of federal intelligence agencies on the phenomena over the past few years. NASA plans to share its findings publicly once the study is complete.

“It’s extremely important to us that this remains a fully-transparent, open and therefore unclassified study,” Evans said. “We’re going to have public meetings about this, too.”

NASA stressed the project will be conducted no differently than any other scientific investigation the space agency undertakes, and will cost no more than $100,000.

The announcement comes amid soaring interest in UFOs by Congress, the administration and the American public. In May, Defense Department officials testified before a House Intelligence subcommittee on the progress of the Pentagon’s Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group.

Scott Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence, testified that the group has received more than 400 UAP reports, noting that the stigma for reporting incidents has been reduced.

Bray also testified that the Pentagon observed an increasing number of UAP sightings since the early 2000s, a fact that has puzzled lawmakers as questions emerge whether the phenomena present a national security threat by a potential adversary.

Like the Pentagon, NASA also hopes its efforts will help reduce the stigma associated with reporting UAPs. While the findings may also help in the agency’s search for alien life, more data likely will be needed to draw those conclusions as the organization has no evidence UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s associate administrator for science, said he believes the possibility of the sightings representing extraterrestrial life is a high bar to reach and that a better understanding lies in the data used in the study, some of which already exists in public archives.

“We have demonstrated over the past years our interest in the overall question of finding life elsewhere and also finding intelligent life elsewhere using the tools of science,” Zurbuchen said.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has already made public comments about the sightings, emphasizing their mystery may be cause for concern.

“We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of technology,” Nelson said at an October virtual discussion at the University of Virginia. “But it’s something.”

UFO Spotted Over Buckingham Palace During Queen’s Jubilee Parade

Television viewers watching coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee festivities were left scratching their heads at the appearance of an inexplicable white orb that mysteriously zipped through the sky over Buckingham Palace. The puzzling UFO sighting reportedly occurred last Thursday as the United Kingdom kicked off its four-day-long celebration of the queen’s 70th year as monarch by way of a ceremonial parade wherein, as part of the event, nine Royal Air Force jets took to the sky and dispersed long streams of red, white, and blue smoke. As the colorful flypast unfolded, many people watching from home found their attention drawn to a peculiar aerial interloper that was apparently not a part of the show.

As seen in the video above, the curious UFO appeared out of nowhere and seemed to flew through the sky across the colored streams of smoke left behind by the Royal aircraft. Attentive TV viewers quickly noted the odd object and a clip showing the mystifying moment spread like wildfire on social media with many wondering what exactly the anomaly might have been. Given the historic nature of the weekend’s events, some have suggested that perhaps the UFO was an alien craft making an appearance over Buckingham Palace as some kind of interstellar salute to the queen’s epic seven decades upon the throne.

Meanwhile, skeptical-minded viewers have, of course, offered a more prosaic explanation for the UFO, suggesting that it was a stationary object that appeared to be moving due to what is known as the parallax effect. Should that be the case, while it is uncertain exactly what the anomaly was, it’s possible that the orb was simply an errant balloon, given the celebratory nature of the event.

US Congress holds first public UFO hearing in over 50 years

UFO sighting

The first public congressional hearing into UFO sightings in the US in over 50 years is being held on Tuesday.

The highly-anticipated testimony from two top military officials tasked with probing the sightings will be closely watched after decades of secrecy.

The Pentagon brass are expected to say that it has been a struggle to unearth witness accounts from government workers concerned about job security.

Is the hearing open to the public?

The hearing is being held in the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee.

The two officials testifying are Ronald Moultrie – the Pentagon’s top intelligence official – and Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence.

The officials will describe US efforts to investigate Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) – the government’s term for UFOs – in a public hearing.

“The American people expect and deserve their leaders in government and intelligence to seriously evaluate and respond to any potential national security risks — especially those we do not fully understand,” Representative André Carson said in a statement.

Following the public hearing, the committee will close its doors for a private classified session with lawmakers.

Ahead of the hearing, scientists and experts have written draft questions that they hope lawmakers will ask the witnesses.

Christopher Mellon, a former top Pentagon intelligence official and critic of the government’s handling of UAP evidence, said that the most important question to ask is whether any have been observed outside Earth’s atmosphere.

“If members can confirm UAP in space, they’ll make history and help to eliminate an entire category of potential explanations having to do with atmospheric phenomenon, Chinese lanterns, civilian drones, etc,” he wrote on his blog.

Ronald Moultrie, the Pentagon's top intelligence official

Ronald Moultrie, the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, oversees the UFO inquiry office

How did we get here?

Public fascination with flying saucers, glowing lights and otherworldly aircrafts has been ongoing for generations.

The last public hearings into the issue began in 1966, when Republican congressman – and future president – Gerald Ford convened a pair of hearings to discuss a UFO sightings following one in Michigan that was observed by over 40 people, including a dozen policemen.

The Air Force officials attributed the incident to “swamp gas”, leading Ford to deride their description as “flippant” .

In 1969, an Air Force investigation into UFOs called Project Blue Book closed after determining that no flying object had ever been confirmed or deemed a threat to US national security.

Blast forward to 2017, when US media reported on the Pentagon’s secretive efforts to probe testimony from pilots and other US military members who had reported seeing strange objects in the sky.

The reports included footage of the UFOs, and descriptions of how they seemed to fly in unexpected ways, including hovering in place during high winds and changing elevation rapidly.

Pilots described seeing them on an almost “daily basis” outside military bases, and one whistleblower described how UAPs had interfered with US nuclear weapons facilities, even forcing some offline.

In 2020, a Covid relief bill signed by Donald Trump included a provision requiring US intelligence agencies to deliver an unclassified report on UAPs within 180 days.

In June 2021, the US Director of National Intelligence released a report saying it had no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects related to 144 incidents dating back to 2004. Only one could be easily explained as a deflating balloon, while the others were labelled “largely inconclusive”.

“Most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects,” the report stated, adding that 80 of them were detected on multiple advanced military sensors and radar systems.

The June 2021 report failed to reach any conclusive answers in regards to what the objects are, or how they function. It called for expanded investigation and better data collection, given the stigma government workers may have against their describing unexplained encounters.

Last December, Democrats succeeded in including a stronger disclosure requirement in the annual National Defense Authorization Act signed by Joe Biden.

The law requires the military to establish a permanent office on UAP research – now called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group.

Watch: Silent Triangular UFO Filmed Over Ontario

A peculiar piece of footage from Canada shows an odd triangular object silently cruising across the sky and some suspect that the eerie anomaly could be some kind of clandestine military aircraft. The intriguing video was reportedly filmed in Ontario by an individual named Michael and an unidentified female companion as they were out for a walk around sunset. Alas, as is often the case with UFO footage that pops up online, the specific location and date of the strange sighting are unknown. Be that as it may, the video is rather compelling by virtue of the object at the center of the weird scene.

In the video, a triangular object sporting a light on each of its three points as well as red illumination in its center can be seen gliding through the sky while making no noise. “It doesn’t look like a plane,” exclaims Michael, while his friend echoes that bewilderment, marveling “that’s unusual. That is weird.” Fortunately, the footage captured by the couple provides a fairly clear look at the unknown object, although what it could have been remains a matter of conjecture.

Setting aside an extraterrestrial scenario, one popular and almost equally fantastic suggestion put forward by people online is that the UFO could be a clandestine military aircraft, specifically the apocryphal TR-3B, which is believed to be a secret spy plane that is said to be triangular shaped and, some say, powered by anti-gravity technology gleaned from a downed alien vehicle. More skeptical observers, however, argue that the object seen over Ontario was simply a drone.

Looks like a drone to me. Space Aliens wouldn’t have a red light blinking on their extrastellar spaceship.