Video: Multiple Witnesses in Mexico Film Puzzling UFO Rotating in Night Sky

Several individuals in Mexico were left scratching their heads at the sight of a puzzling UFO that appeared to rotate in the night sky. The curious event reportedly occurred last Wednesday evening in the town of Tequila located in the state of Jalisco. At least four groups of people who were out that night spotted the peculiar sight, which resembled a set of glowing lights that seemingly slowly spun in the sky until vanishing into thin air. By virtue of the event having so many witnesses, it wound up being captured on film from multiple vantage points, which allows for a rather unique perspective on the peculiar aerial anomaly.

As for what it could have been, some skeptical observers have suggested that the objects could have been recently launch SpaceX Starlink satellites, which actually spawned UFO reports in both India and Texas early last week and have been the cause of similar confusion in the past. However, such incidents usually feature a string of lights in the night sky rather than what appears to have been seen over Tequila. Other suggestions for the oddity include some kind of drone, a clandestine military craft, and, of course, aliens.

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