Oh Dat Good Ya, Oh Dat Good!

There are radio and TV commercials going around where pizza restaurants have satisfied customers moaning and groaning when they taste the delicious pizza pies. Oomm, ahh this is so good. Obviously the commercials are bias and the actor customers are over doing it. But when it comes to enjoying a tasty morsel, nothing beats Snuffle the Floating Dog.

Snuffles is an anthropomorphic cartoon dog appearing in animated television shorts produced by Hanna-Barbera beginning in 1959 on The Quick Draw McGraw Show.

Snuffles is a bloodhound used by Quick Draw McGraw to ferret out bad guys in the old West but needed to be bribed with a dog biscuit before performing his task. Upon chomping on one, he would hug himself in ecstasy, jump into the air and float back down, sighing. Occasionally, Snuffles would demand more than one biscuit, and was willing to accept them from bad guys as well. In several cases when Quick Draw did not have a dog biscuit to offer due to being out of them or if he tried to give Snuffles the reward cash for capturing an outlaw, Snuffles would either shake his head and say “Uh-uh” or grunt to himself and mumble “Darn cheapskate!” as well as sometimes throwing the reward money back in Quick Draw’s face.

For some reason the dialogue in the video above was in something that sounds like Russian.

Hansel and Gretel have over reactive taste buds as well.

Editorial Cartoons that make you shake your head

Why Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan only the Gods know. Very provocative and lame brained move. She infuriated China and put U.S. – Chinese relations in peril.

She claims she did it to show support for a fragile democracy facing an autocrat, totalitarian and belligerent giant next door.

But in making that political maneuvre she actually put the world in peril. China has started extremely provocative military actions near Taiwan, including intrusions into Taiwanese airspace. One miscalculation or mistake by a pilot and the real bullets could start flying. Nancy, you are a fool!