Weekly World News Headlines

The Weekly World News was a largely fictional news tabloid published in the United States from 1979 to 2007, renowned for its outlandish cover stories often based on supernatural or paranormal themes and an approach to news that verged on the satirical. Its characteristic black-and-white covers have become pop-culture images widely used in the arts. It ceased publication in August 2007.

In 2009, Weekly World News was relaunched as an online only publication. Its current editor-in-chief is Neil McGinness.

These headlines are from the online incarnation.












Winnipeg Jets play by play guy sounds like Marvin the Martian

Dennis Beyak is a wily old hockey broadcaster who does the play by play for the Jets. He has been around since before the invention of the jet engine. The old dog is likely on his last few laps around the NHL.

One thing about the guy is that he sounds like ‘Marvin the Martian’ from Merry Melodies cartoons fame. Beyak does not have a deep man’s man voice, but rather a high pitched squawk. Check it out.


Man’s Life Magazine covers from the 1950’s

Men’s adventure is a genre of magazines that had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. Catering to a male audience, these magazines featured glamour photography and lurid tales of adventure that typically featured wartime feats of daring, exotic travel or conflict with wild animals.

These magazines are generally considered the last of the true pulp magazines. They reached their circulation peaks long after the genre-fiction pulps had begun to fade. These magazines were also colloquially called “armpit slicks”, “men’s sweat magazines” or “the sweats”, especially by people in the magazine publishing or distribution trades.

Notable men’s adventure magazines included Argosy, the longest-running and best regarded of the genre, as well as AdventureRealTrueSagaStagSwank and For Men Only. During their peak in the late 1950s, approximately 130 men’s adventure magazines were being published simultaneously.

The interior tales usually claimed to be true stories.  Women in distress were commonly featured in the painted covers or interior art, often being menaced or tortured by Nazis or, in later years, Communists. Artist Norman Saunders was the dean of illustrators for these magazines, occupying a position similar to that enjoyed by Margaret Brundage for the classic pulps. Many illustrations that were uncredited were done by Bruce Minney, Norm Eastman, Gil Cohen, Mel Crair, Basil Gogos, and Vic Prezio among others.  Historical artist Mort Künstle painted many covers and illustrations for these magazines, and Playboyphotographer Mario Casilli started out shooting pinups for this market. At publisher Martin Goodman’s Magazine Management Company, future best-selling humorist and author Bruce Jay Friedman was a men’s sweat writer-editor, and Mario Puzo was a contributor before he became a well-known novelist.

 Man’s Life 1950’s covers














The title of the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album Weasels Ripped My Flesh was borrowed from a man-against-beast cover story in the September 1956 issue of Man’s Life, and the title went through another permutation when filmmaker Nathan Schif made the horror feature Weasels Rip My Flesh (1979).


Price soars after filmmaker’s spoof used car ad goes viral

Spoof Honda adImage copyrightFULARIOUSTV/YOUTUBE
Image captionMr Lanman hired an actress to play his girlfriend.

Squint and it could be a real car ad.

With sweeping aerial shots and professional-looking production, Max Lanman’s advert for a Honda Accord wouldn’t look out of place on TV.

But the Accord in question is a used 1996 model owned by Mr Lanman’s girlfriend, with 141,095 miles on the clock and a $499 (£380) price tag.

When she wanted to sell, filmmaker Mr Lanman applied his talents to produce a spoof ad, and it may have paid off – bids on Ebay currently top $100,000.

Whether that transpires to be a real bid remains to be seen, but the ad has gone viral and the old car, nicknamed Greenie, looks set to go for far more than the price advertised in the short film.

The ad, with a cinematic voice-over which parodies the real deal, features an actress driving the car in LA.

There are close-ups of a vintage-looking tape-deck, as well as rubber duckies and a coffee pot strapped into the passenger seat.

“You, you’re different,” the narrator says, as the ad begins. “You do things your way. That’s what makes you one of a kind.”

The one-minute spot culminates with its own spoof tongue in cheek tagline: “Luxury is a state of mind”.

Still from Honda Accord adImage copyrightFULARIOUSTV/YOUTUBE
Image captionSweeping drone shots advertise the car’s mileage
Spoof Honda car adImage copyrightFULARIOUSTV/YOUTUBE
Image captionBids on Ebay – real or not – have apparently topped $100,000

“The inspiration to make the ad came while my girlfriend Carrie and I were driving up the coast on Highway 1, heading to Big Sur to go camping,” Mr Lanman told the BBC.

“It dawned on me that it would be really funny to film a car commercial for a really crappy car against such a gorgeous backdrop.”

It was an “absolutely insane” experience watching the spoof ad go viral, Mr Lanman said.

“It is surreal to think that something that I made with my friends, that two days ago sat on my computer, is now being watched around the world. Thank God for the internet.”

Max and friendImage copyrightMAX LANMAN
Image captionMr Lanman and a friend set up a camera on the back of a truck

CNN the most trusted name in news according to Darth Vader


The CNN slogan has been around for eternity it seems. The voice in the promotion is that of actor James Earl Jones. Jones did the voice of Darth Vader in the early Star Wars movies. Darth was not to be trusted, he was a practitioner of the ‘Black Force’. A very evil thing. Jones has a great voice, but using an actor that is synonymous with Darth Vader is no longer such a good idea maybe.

CNN has been under attack from the right and conservatives for years now. They claim CNN preaches ‘Fake News’. They say the news network doesn’t do proper research and relies on too many anonymous sources, leakers. All news organizations rely on anonymous sources. These sources are vetted diligently by the reporters who communicate with them. If they lack credibility they are dropped.

During the Washington Post Watergate investigation ‘Deep Throat’, the source that provided some of the most integral information to the Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein, remained anonymous for decades. This anonymous source helped bring down Richard Nixon!

And then ignorant Star Wars fans who believe that it really is Darth Vader voicing the promo may get the wrong idea. How could a news network have real news when the evil master of the Empire is in cahoots with them?


I watch CNN, and I believe they do their due diligence when it comes to investigating stories. They do have many excellent journalists. In my humble opinion they do hound Trump with a little too much zeal from time to time. But Trump is like shooting fish in a barrel,  he is so full of crap and so impetuous that he begs for criticism.

Trump loves Fox news, Fox news comes across as being run by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief. They are so slanted and biased that it’s amazing how they continue to get millions of dotards to watch them. Fox is a conservative right Republican party advocate with no guilt. They pump out bullshit 24/7, any common sense is out the window. They lie about as much as Trump, well maybe not quite. Fox News is the real ‘FAKE NEWS’!