Partially Cloaked UFO Captured on Security Cam?

Intriguing footage captured by a security camera shows a strange aerial object moving in the nighttime skies of Kansas City, MO. The host of Hidden Underbelly 2.0 has conjectured that we may be looking at a partially cloaked UFO. The video was reportedly recorded on October 13th, 2022, and when Anthony B. saw the object moving on his home screen, he ran outside to see it in person, but it had already vanished.

In the soundless footage, the curiously-shaped craft, which has a partially transparent quality, can be seen moving behind a set of trees, which suggests it has some solidity and is not simply a reflection.

But we have to remember this is a video. An Investigator I saw on TV a while back said he never trusts videos. They are easily doctored and hoaxed.

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