Florida Driver Jumps Drawbridge

This is one crazy SOB. In one hell of a hurry.

Cops in Florida are on the hunt for a daring driver who barreled through the safety arm of a drawbridge and proceeded to jump the retractable road as it was rising. The wild incident reportedly occurred on Monday morning in the city of Daytona Beach and was captured on video by a traffic camera. In the footage, a silver SUV can be seen speeding down the road, smashing through a traffic barrier, and then crossing the bridge while it was in the process of opening. Fortunately, the foolhardy motorist timed the maneuver in such a way that the opening was not particularly perilous.

Be that as it may, police are understandably unhappy with the driver’s “Dukes of Hazzard” impression and are working on tracking down the motorist. What makes the incident somewhat worrisome to authorities is that this is actually the second time in the last two months in which someone has jumped the drawbridge in Daytona Beach as an individual on a motorcycle pulled off the ill-advised feat back in March. As one might imagine, police are concerned that the stunt could wind up becoming a trend among drivers looking to show off their proverbial nerves of steel.

Amazing Photos from National Geographic

Baseball in Cuba

ng baseball cuba

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California

ng bixby bridge big sur ca

Booth Island, Antarctica

ng booth island antarctica

Café in Paris

ng cafe paris

Chicken farm in Pennsylvania

ng chicken farm penn

Fishing in Indonesia

ng indonesia

Beach in New Jersey

ng nj beach

Shelf cloud in Saskatchewan

ng shelf cloud sask

Skating in Sweden.  The saying goes that there was a hockey game being played here a while back, one guy got a break away and was never heard from again.

ng skater sweden

Waves, Iceland

ng waves iceland

New housing development outskirts of Mexico City.  This really reminds me of the old song Rise Against – Little Boxes.

ng mexico city outskirts


Man Fined for Farting On Cop Argues Farts Are Protected Forms of Expression

The alleged flatulent was hanging at the park with friends when he was approached by a group of police officers—that’s when things got windy.

A 22-year-old Austrian man who made headlines in June of last year after he was fined €500 euros (~$600) for farting on a police officer argued in court that his fart actually falls under freedom of expression, Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard reported last week.

In a decision released by the administrative court in Vienna, the court lays out some much needed detail in regards to the alleged events that transpired on that fateful day, meaning that we as readers can look at the facts and come to our own conclusions about whether the fart was indeed protected speech.

The ordeal began on June 5, 2020, when the farting man—named “Mr. AB” in the document—was hanging out with a friends at an unnamed park when a group of police officers approached them during a routine identity check.

That’s when things got windy.

“When he released the intestinal gas, the complainant was sitting on a park bench,” the document reads. “He then lifted his buttocks and tensed up a little before letting the intestinal gas escape.”

“The complainant’s friends laughed at the intestinal gas and witness F made a joke,” the document continues. “Due to the resulting entertainment from the intestinal gas, the defendant grinned at the officers.”

In court, the man argued that the fart was not intentional and that, even if it was intentional, it would still fall under his fundamental right for freedom of expression.

Unfortunately for the wind-breaker, the judge didn’t buy his argument.

In a detailed legal assessment of whether farting is indeed a protected form of expression, the judge argues while farts and burps can cause “social inappropriateness” they do not contain “communicative content,” and even if they did, it would still be considered “a form of expression that transcends the boundaries decency.”

The judge did show some sympathy for the man though, reducing his fine from €500 euros to €100, citing his financial situation and the fact that he had no criminal record.

However, speaking to local Viennese newspaper Kurier, Matej Zenz, the man’s lawyer, made clear that this is a hill his client is willing to die on, and that they would be appealing the decision to the country’s constitutional court.

“It’s a matter of principle for us,” the Zenz said, “because it’s petty to get a punishment for a fart.”

Bookmaker Slashes Odds on ET Disclosure

In anticipation of the forthcoming Pentagon UFO report due to be released later this year, an Irish bookmaker has reportedly reduced their odds on extraterrestrial disclosure to a significant degree. Known for offering a vast array of novelty bets, including some centered around the Loch Ness Monster, the website Paddy Power has long offered annual wagers regarding whether or not the reality of ETs would be confirmed in a particular year. For 2021, they had originally set the odds at a not-altogether-outlandish 200 to 1. However, in light of an impending report on the phenomenon to be issued by the United States government, they say that the chances have now changed dramatically and the site has now pegged the possibility at a mere 20/1.

For those who are particularly bullish on the idea that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent, the website is offering 50 to 1 odds on the big event happening by the end of April, which is down from the previous chances of a whopping 500 to 1. Should one wish to hedge their bets and simply wager that aliens will be confirmed by the end of the decade, the group is also offering 7/1 odds on such a scenario unfolding. And for those who are pessimistic about the nature of these hypothetical ETs, the website has you covered by offering 500 to 1 odds on humanity going to war with aliens by 2030. Whether one would be able to collect on such a bet is another matter entirely, since battling our extraterrestrial overlords may take precedence over cashing in on an unfolding invasion.

Lightning Strike Shatters Tree in Seconds

An amazing piece of security camera footage from a high school in Wisconsin shows a lightning strike shattering a sizeable tree in seconds. According to a local media report, the jaw-dropping event occurred during a storm on Thursday morning in the city of Wautoma. As students were preparing to take a test, they were shaken from their studies by a monstrous thunder clap seemingly coming from right outside the school. The discovery of a downed tree near the building and a subsequent check of the security camera footage led them to find the stunning scene that had been captured on film.

In the video, a monstrous lightning bolt can be seen striking the top of the tree, causing it to briefly illuminated by fire. Seconds later, the entire tree crumbles to the ground in an instant, leaving behind only a pile of destroyed timber and broken branches. Reflecting on the remarkable moment wherein their school day took a dramatic turn, Wautoma high school principal Jennifer Johnson said, “initially, the students and staff were startled by the event; however, after realizing what had just happened, they were fascinated by the rare incident that occurred just feet from them.”