Countries with the largest railway networks 

RankCountryRailway length
Date of
NotesElectrified length
Historic peak length
Area (km2) per km trackPopulation per km trackNationalized or Private
1 United States250,0002014 <1,600409,00043.711,373Private
2 China121,0002015 65,000Present length79.3111,218Nationalized
3 India1150002016 27,99948.3417,796Nationalized
4 Russia86,0002013 “Commercial operational length”(50,000)
not verified
5 Canada46,5522008 129214.48716Private
6 Germany43,4682010 19,97358,2978.221,881Nationalized
7 Australia38,4452008 2,715199.94572Both
8 Argentina36,9662008 13647,00077.451117Nationalized
9 South Africa31,0002014not verified24,80039.391,742Nationalized
10 France29,6402008 15,14021.532201Nationalized
11 Brazil29,303(2012)1,520285.576397Private
12 Japan27,1822009 16,70216.105451Both
13 Italy24,179(2007)16,68312.462507Both
14 Ukraine22,300(2010)9,75227.072048Nationalized
15 Romania22,298(2008)3,97110.69854Both
16 Poland19,627(2008)17,358about 24000 before 198915.931946Nationalized
17 United Kingdom17,732(2008)5,32834,000 (before Beeching axe)15.003825Both (Franchised)
18 Mexico17,1662008 22114.436,697Private
19 Spain15,947(2012) 9,62333.553062Nationalized
20 Kazakhstan15,372(2010) 4,000180.711,171Nationalized


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