Dwarf Cow in Bangladesh Becomes Big Star

A dwarf cow in Bangladesh has become a sensation in the country as thousands of people have flocked to the farm where it lives in order to see the shockingly small creature. The diminutive animal, dubbed ‘Rani,’ was reportedly born approximately two years ago in the community of Charigram and, since that time, has only grown to a mere 20 inches in height and 26 inches in length. The wondrous creature had largely lived a quiet life until a few weeks ago when pictures of the tiny animal were posted to social media in Bangladesh, capturing the imagination of observers and sparking something of a nationwide frenzy.

Soon visitors and media outlets began descending upon the animal’s farm to marvel at the miniature cow that has become a veritable celebrity in the country. “More than 15,000 people have come to see Rani in the past three days alone,” site manager M.A. Hasan Howlader said, “they have come here in droves.” In response to the overwhelming and wholly unexpected reaction to the dwarf cow, the farm has reportedly been forced to hire security for the creature and, according to the Washington Post, now only allows a handful of people access to the animal per day and by appointment only. “Honestly speaking, we are tired,” Howlander revealed while reflecting on the proverbial Rani-mania that has swept over the farm.

The influx of visitors is particularly surprising since Bangladesh is under a lockdown due to the coronavirus and government-operated transportation in the country has been temporarily suspended. Be that as it may, those wishing to see the creature have disregarded the regulations and managed to find their way to the farm. As one might imagine, government officials aren’t exactly thrilled with the craze and have asked the site to dissuade crowds from gathering near the cow. The animal’s owners believe that she may be the world’s smallest bovine, since she is currently four inches shorter than the current record holder, and are awaiting an assessment from Guinness World Records as to whether or not Rani will take the tiny crown.

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