Ghost Drives Burning Bus Across Road?

A bizarre video from New Zealand shows the moment when a burning bus inexplicably drives across a road on its own and some suspect that the mystifying maneuver may have been the work of a ghost. The very strange incident reportedly took place last month in the community of Raumati Beach as witness Craig Meek was in the area visiting his family. Troubled by the smell of gasoline, the man ventured outside and was stunned to see that a bus parked along the side of the road had burst into flames. While watching the fiery scene, Meek spoke to the owner of the burning vehicle, who expressed concern that it could explode and cause untold damage to the neighborhood, which is when something truly weird unfolded before their eyes.

Seemingly in response to the owner’s fears, the light of the bus suddenly went out and then it started on its own. With its horn blaring, the burning vehicle then proceeded to drive drove across the road to a less precarious spot where the fire was unlikely to threaten any residences. According to Meek, the odd turn of events occurred at the “perfect time” as the flames from the vehicle had begun to burn a nearby hedge. Had the fiery bus not moved to the other side of the street, he believes, the resulting inferno would have “definitely taken out the house” next to where the blaze had begun and, quite possible, spread to even more homes.

Musing that the situation was “surreal” and “paranormal,” Meek revealed a rather odd insight which suggests that there may have actually been a supernatural explanation for the eerie event.During their conversation, the owner of the bus wistfully recalled how he and his late wife had many adventures in the vehicle over the years. Chillingly, he also indicated that the woman had actually passed away in the bus itself. This spooky detail was seemingly acknowledged by the owner when the peculiar trip across the road occurred as he wondered aloud “if it’s my wife taking it away,” since she wanted to spare their neighbor’s home from the flames.

Meek subsequently shared his video of the peculiar event on social media and some viewers offered a prosaic explanation for what could have happened. They theorize that the fire caused a short circuit in the vehicle’s starter, which led to it ‘coming to life’ and lurching across the street. However, Meek is not entirely convinced of that scenario, noting that “it’s the timing that’s bizarre,” since the bus moved just moments before the blaze would have erupted and taken out the neighboring home.

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