Lightning strike on truck caught on camera on Florida highway

July 7 (UPI) — A woman traveling on a Florida highway captured video of the moment lightning struck her husband’s truck, damaging the vehicle and a sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle traveling next to it.

Michelle Whalen was traveling in a car behind her husband’s truck on Interstate 75 in the Tampa area and was taking video of the rainstorm when she captured the moment a bolt of lightning struck the truck being driven by her husband, Edward Whalen.
Hillsborough County Deputy Kristen Miceli was driving next to Whalen’s truck when the lightning hit.

“The car was fried. When I was going down the road, all the lights on the dashboard had turned on and my power steering went out. My car shut off and I kind of just coasted,” Miceli told WFLA-TV.

Miceli and the Whalen family were not injured, but their vehicles were severely damaged.

“It was pretty wild. After everything was done, my son said we needed to check ourselves in a couple days for super powers,” Brian Whalen said.

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