Eerie Red Pillar of Light in Night Sky Mystifies Houston Residents

A spooky-looking red pillar of light appeared in the night sky over Houston earlier this week and caused a brief sensation before the source of the strange glow was seemingly identified. The odd incident reportedly unfolded on Wednesday at around 8:30 in the evening when several people living in the eastern part of the city noticed something rather out of the ordinary on the horizon. Local TV stations were soon flooded with calls about the puzzling scene with one outlet indicating that they were “inundated with videos and photos” of the peculiar red pillar of light. As one can expect in this day and age, social media was rife with all manner of theories for what might be behind the weirdness, though thankfully it didn’t take too long for the mystery to be solved.

Often the proverbial first line of defense when it comes to possible UFO events, local meteorologists appear to have put the pieces of the puzzle together and while the anomaly was not alien in nature, how it came about is fairly fantastic. The source of the illumination was found to likely be flaring that was occurring at a Houston refinery at the same time as the mass sighting. The light appeared in the clouds hovering over a different part of the city because it was being reflected onto tiny ice crystals in the sky which gave it the elongated pillar-like appearance.

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