Accidental Cremation of Man Hoping to be Raptured Leads to Lawsuit from Family

An Arkansas funeral home that accidentally cremated the remains of a man who passed away with the hopes of later being raptured has been sued by his family over the grave mistake that, they contend, prevents him from being taken up to heaven when the miraculous moment arrives. According to a local media report, the very strange lawsuit centers around the November 2019 death of a deeply religious individual named Harold Lee. Upon his passing, the man’s family enlisted the Roller-McNutt Funeral Home to handle the arrangements and subsequent burial, which they intended to be at a cemetery alongside his late parents. However, Lee’s final wishes wound up going wildly awry and his family fears that the miscue may result in him being ‘left behind.’

That’s because, their lawsuit states, Lee’s loved ones expressly told the funeral home that he “stickily desired not to be cremated, as he believed his body would be raptured following the second coming.” With that being said, the man’s family were understandably aghast when, a few days later, they were told that his remains had been accidentally cremated. According to the lawsuit, the shocking news left his heartbroken widow “violently shaking” and his family suffered from “extreme mental and emotional distress” due to the error. Believing that Lee cannot be raptured without a body and thus will not join them in the kingdom of heaven, his loved ones are now suing the funeral home for unspecified damages.

Talk about missing the boat!

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