Surprise Appearance by ‘Bigfoot’ at Birthday Party Terrifies Tots

Bigfoot made a surprise appearance at the gathering and terrified the tots in attendance. According to a local media report, the amusing moment occurred earlier this week as the McPherson family were celebrating daughter Blaynee Mae’s sixth birthday. Since they were on vacation at the time, the girl’s mom was unable to procure an elaborate cake for the event and, instead, came up with what she thought was a clever idea in the form of a visit from a performing ‘Bigfoot.’ “I mean she came with balloons and a bow and a tutu, so I thought ‘oh this will be cute and fun,” Brett McPherson recalled, “well my kids did not have that reaction.”

When the tutu-clad cryptid, who goes by the name ‘Cinnamon,’ arrived on the scene and peered into the window, the children at the party were understandably taken aback by the Sasquatch surprise. Sheer terror soon spread throughout the gathering as some of the kids burst into tears at the frightening sight while others simply screamed in fright. “They hit the ground like a tornado was coming. It was like they were on fire or something,” Brett told a local TV station, “we just never expected that kind of reaction.” Fortunately, the kids managed to calm down after the ‘creature’ was let into the house and the adults in attendance gave their proverbial stamp of approval to the unexpected party guest.

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