Google co-founder Larry Page has spent time during the Pandemic on Islands in Fiji

TAVARUA, FIJI — Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, has spent much of the COVID-19 pandemic on tropical islands in Fiji, entering the country via a government system that allows wealthy individuals to avoid COVID-19 travel restrictions, according to Business Insider.

Page has stayed mostly on Tavarua island, to the west of the main Fijian island, according to two different people who have seen him there in the past year, cited by Insider. Fiji has closed its borders to tourists and business passengers during the pandemic. However, it has made an exception for ‘for yachts and pleasure craft wanting to explore our islands,’ in the form of what it calls “Blue Lanes.”

Under the system of Blue Lanes, yacht owners can enter the country with minimal restrictions, including a negative COVID test. They must quarantine for 14 days, but this includes time spent travelling on their vessels. Page’s time in Fiji has been largely unreported, however a donation of COVID medical supplies he made to the country was briefly made public by a journalist at Fijian Broadcasting Company News. Citing a person familiar with the story, Business Insider reports that Fijian health authorities asked the network to take the information down, saying it should not be public.

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