Watch: Two-Legged Fox Filmed in England

A couple in England could not believe their eyes when they spotted a bizarre two-legged fox frolicking in their backyard. According to a local media report, the curious creature appeared outside the home of Philip and Jane Carter in the community of Ilkeston last month as they were setting up their Christmas tree. “My wife shouted to me to come to the window quick because I wouldn’t believe” what was in their backyard, he recalled, musing that her assertion proved to be correct when he saw a two-legged fox that was remarkably adept at moving in a bipedal fashion.

The peculiar creature remained in their backyard for approximately 45 minutes before it fled the scene when the couple tried to feed it. “It blew my mind,” he said, “it was so strange to just see him go vertical with his tail, just put his head forward and walked off like that.” What was particularly astounding to the Philip was the speed with which the two-legged animal moved. “At one point he ran over to the gate, and I mean run, vertically, straight up,” he marveled, “you wouldn’t believe it unless you’d seen it. It’s absolutely phenomenal.”

Fortunately, the gobsmacked man managed to capture the jaw-dropping creature on film with his cell phone and the video (seen above) has subsequently gone viral. While it is uncertain exactly how the fox wound up with only two legs, a wildlife expert who viewed the footage surmised that whatever caused the condition likely occurred quite some time ago as the animal did not appear to be injured and seems to have adapted to being bipedal.

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