Bear Found High on ‘Mad Honey’ in Turkey

A bear cub in Turkey needed a helping hand after it managed to get its paws on some hallucinogenic honey that left the creature wandering around a forest in a daze. The weird incident reportedly occurred on Thursday in the country’s Duzce province when the creature somehow found a reserve of what is known as ‘deli bal’ or ‘mad honey.’ The substance, which is largely only produced in this particular region of the world as well as in the Himalayas, is derived from the honey produced by bees that have pollinated indigenous rhododendrons which possess a neurotoxin known as grayanotoxin.

While something of a traditional medicinal treatment for a variety of ailments, just a small dose of ‘mad honey’ can produce hallucinations and a feeling of euphoria in mammals. In this particular instance, it is believed that the bear cub consumed a fairly significant amount of the substance as it was found barely able to walk and seemingly in distress. Fortunately, upon being discovered stumbling around the forest, the intoxicated creature was loaded into the back of a truck and taken to a nearby vet, where is subsequently ‘slept off’ its stupor. Authorities say that the bear cub should be released back into the wild soon with what one imagines is a monstrous hangover.

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