The mini houses of Winnipeg’s North End

The area of Winnipeg known as the North End has a distinct character all its own.  Today it is mainly known for its violence and large distinct cultural groups.  Over the past few decades a large Aboriginal population has been established.  But going back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the North End was home to large Eastern European groups.  And it is still this way today.

Many people of Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish and German heritage settled in the North End.  Winnipeg was becoming an industrial city 100 years ago and many of the previously mentioned groups worked in the blue collar labour force.  Wages weren’t high back then and therefore workers could not afford the large houses that were being built in the southern part of the city.  So the people built smaller houses in the North End on streets such as Redwood, Boyd and Flora.  Many were built from 1905-1920.  And most are still in use today.  Some are no more than 440 square feet.  The same size as a small apartment.  But at least the hard working North Enders could be proud of owning their own houses.♦




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