Yeti Another Bigfoot Video

An intriguing video from Canada shows a remarkably clear view of what appears to be a Bigfoot walking in a wooded area near a large body of water. The fantastic footage was shared online by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, which indicated that boaters in the northern part of Ontario had recently filmed the strange scene. Unfortunately, the specific time and location of the sighting as well as the identity of the witnesses are all unknown at this time. Be that as it may, the footage constitutes one of the more jaw-dropping alleged Bigfoot videos to appear online simply by virtue its unambiguous nature.

In the footage (seen below), the boaters are filming a nearby forested shoreline when a large bipedal creature covered in fur emerges from the woods and walks across an open area until disappearing back into the trees. Notably, the suspected Sasquatch boasts a coloring that allows it to largely blend into its surroundings and it swings its arms in a fashion reminiscent of the ‘star’ of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film. Unlike many purported Bigfoot videos, the footage is particularly interesting as the oddity in the footage is undeniably some kind of bipedal figure and it can be clearly seen for approximately six seconds, which is a rather long time for one to get such a glimpse of the elusive cryptid.

Given what can be seen in the video, there are only a handful of possible suspects for what the creature could have been, beginning with Sasquatch, of course. More skeptical viewers might argue that the animal is actually a bear walking on two legs, though that explanation is something of a stretch in light of how smoothly the beast moves. The other explanation that cannot be discounted is that the video is a well-crafted hoax, either produced on-site using a person in a suit or, failing that, after the fact by way of a digital manipulation.

Hard to say on this one. The thing shuffles across a clear area just as the boat arrives. Little fishy.

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