Bigfoot sighting in Saskatchewan?

This is from 2014. It’s interesting in that Saskatchewan has very few Sasquatch sightings. This video was taken near the town of Craven. Craven is located just north of Regina in the middle of vast grain fields. Not a lot of woodland or forest in the area, land types the hairy Sasquatch beasts seem to prefer. But there is the Qu’appelle river valley. Much woodland along the river.

The river valley:

If this is a Bigfoot then is seems to have veered off the typical habitat they are most often spotted in. A lost Sasquatch.

REGINA – A recently-published video reportedly shot near Craven, Saskatchewan suggests that the legendary Bigfoot has been spotted in southern Saskatchewan.

The video was posted to YouTube this week and has since been featured on a number of websites dedicated to debating the existence of the fabled creature.

Title pages seen in the video explain that a family was out for a drive near Craven when they were shocked to see a “hair-covered biped” walking on a hill beside the road.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association there have been a total of seven bigfoot sightings in Saskatchewan – mostly in the northern part of the province.

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