National Geographic Photo Contest Winners 

nat geo alberta

Bison crossing a highway in northern Alberta.

nat geo apache junction az

Multiple simultaneous lightning strikes, Apache Junction, Arizona.

nat geo badlands south dakota

Interesting cloud formation over the South Dakota Badlands.

nat geo bali

Young Orangutan uses a leaf for shelter during a rain storm. Bali, Indonesia. 

nat geo cheetah changing shifts

Cheetah’s scanning for prey on a mound in Kenya. Shift change, when the second one arrived, the first one left the perch.

nat geo chernobyl

Wild fox at Chernobyl.  Looks like it may be suffering from radiation poisoning.

nat geo china color

Coloured mountains in China.  Various minerals in the soil create the striking colours.

nat geo colorado

Massive tornado in Colorado.  It narrowly missed the farm yard.

nat geo godafoss iceland

Godafoss Falls, Iceland.

nat geo greece

Sunset in Greece.

nat geo ice cave iceland

Beautiful ice cave in Iceland.

nat geo iran

Iranian girls on the Iran-Iraq border. A destroyed tank left over from the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980’s.  The girl on top of the tank opened her arms in the direction of Iraq in a gesture of defiance.

nat geo kenya

Mother Cheetah protecting her five cubs, a sixth had been killed by a lion.

nat geo minnesota

Combines in formation, Minnesota.

nat geo norway

Beautiful fjord in Norway.

nat geo poland slovakia border

Great scenery on the Polish-Slovakian border.

nat geo salt terraces peru

Salt terraces in Peru.

nat geo vietnam

Terraces in Vietnam.

nat geo vietnam1

Striking scenery, Albania.

nat geo whitmore hot springs ca

Whitmore Hot Springs, California.

nat geo wildebeast

Wildebeests crossing a river on the Serengeti.

nat geo zoning china

 Residential zoning in Tibet. Except for a few holy Monk buildings, nothing gets built to the right of the line.

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