Security Guard Filmed Talking to Ghost?

Video below.

An intriguing video from Argentina shows the moment when a hospital security guard claims to have greeted a visitor that he later learned was seemingly the ghost of a patient who had died earlier that night. The remarkable incident reportedly occurred last Saturday at the Finochietto Sanatorium in the city of Buenos Aires. At around three in the morning, the guard says that he was at the hospital’s front desk when an elderly woman entered through the automatic doors and explained that she had left something behind in her room. He subsequently took down her information and directed her into the building to retrieve the forgotten item. When the woman did not return a few hours later, he called the floor where she was headed and received an stunning response.

The security guard was informed that no such woman had visited the floor that night, which understandably piqued his curiosity. Going back to his paperwork from when she entered the building, he told them the name of the woman and that she had stayed in room 915. In what was likely an Earth-shattering experience for the man, the staff on the floor told him that person was a patient who had died three hours before he had encountered her in the front lobby. While this would normally be a fantastic tale worthy of an evening around the campfire, what makes the guard’s account particularly compelling is that his exchange with the woman was actually filmed by the hospital’s security camera.

In the bewildering video, seen above, the security guard stands up from the desk as the doors to the building open and, although no one can be seen entering, he grabs his clipboard and walks forward as if to speak to someone. For several seconds, the man appears to carry on a conversation which culminates with him ushering the invisible individual into the building and offering them a wheelchair, which they apparently declined. Since appearing online over the weekend, the confounding footage has gone viral on social media in Argentina with many wondering if the security guard’s eerie account is genuine.

In response to the furor surrounding the video, a skeptical official at the hospital indicated that they are investigating the matter and offered one particularly curious note about that night. He explained that a check of the security footage showed multiple instances wherein the possibly faulty automatic doors were seemingly triggered by nothing in particular. It was only in the one instance wherein the guard claims to have spoken to the woman that he responded as if someone had entered the building. That said, it has also been suggested that the video and accompanying tale might be an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the guard.

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