Shoe-shaped house in Pennsylvania now available for short stays

(UPI) — The new owners of an unusual shoe-shaped Pennsylvania house built in 1948 announced the facility is now available to rent for short-term accommodations.

Waylon and Naomi Brown purchased Hellam Township’s Haines Shoe House in July and they announced on Facebook the house is now available for short-term rentals on Vrbo.

The house was built in 1948 to promote Mahlon Haines’ chain of shoe stores and it has since gone through multiple owners and served as a honeymoon suite, an ice cream shop and a tourist attraction.

The house was renovated by the Browns. Its three bedrooms, which are all filled with shoe memorabilia, have been dubbed “Shoelace Space,” “Instep Suite” and “Ankle Abode.”

“We really tried to help preserve some of the original features, like the stained-glass windows, in order to make sure that it lives on for many more years for people to enjoy,” Naomi Brown told WGAL-TV.

Reservations, which are currently available through the end of the year, start at $269 per night.

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