Very fast Zombies and extremely slow Zombies 

Why is it that in some horror films the Zombies can run like olympic sprinters, while in other movies the Zombies are slower than a turtle on a beach?  I guess it depends on the plague that infected the humans and turned them into Zombies. 

In the 2002 film 28 Days Later the Zombies can really burn rubber.  It is almost impossible to outrun one of these Zombies.  In the 2004 Dawn Of The Dead the gruesome Zombies can keep up with trucks.  You would need a high-powered pick-up or car on a straightaway to get away from these things.  The plague in the latter movie must stimulate the adrenalin in the creatures legs.

On the other side of the spectrum there are movies that have Zombies that are slower than 96-year-old senior citizens.  In the 1968 Night of the Living Dead the Zombies are horrendously slow.  All a person has to do is use some semi-quick lateral motion and you can get around these ghouls.  Shaun of the Dead also has sluggish mutants.  Getting past these Zombies takes very little athletic coordination. 

The problem for humans in the slow Zombie movies is that they always get surrounded or trapped in a house.  The key here would be to stay in a big open area, like in the middle of a golf course or wheat field.  This way you could see them coming and high-tail it in the opposite direction.  And having a bicycle or roller blades at the ready would be a very good idea.

Very fast zombies

Very slow zombies

There appears to be a new kind of Zombie that would be very difficult to keep a safe distance from.  Especially in extremely cold climates that have many large lakes and rivers that freeze over.  Ice skating Zombies that wear Winnipeg Jets uniforms.

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