An Unquenchable Thirst for Beer

A SINGLE GUY LIVED IN THIS TOWNHOUSE FOR 8 YEARS IN OGDEN, UTAH. THEY THOUGHT HE WAS THE BEST RENTER BECAUSE HE NEVER CALLED OR COMPLAINED AND WAS NEVER LATE ON A PAYMENT. THESE PICTURES DON’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO WHAT IT REALLY LOOKED LIKE. CENTURY 21 HAD ALREADY MOVED SOME OF THE CANS OUT AND HAD CAVED IN TUNNELS THAT HE HAD MADE TO GET TO THE BEDROOM, BATHROOM, AND KITCHEN.All this, yet, you still don’t see any dust or scattered clothes or any dirty dishes anywhere. Other than having a minor drinking problem, he was basically a very clean, organized person. Add to this he was concerned about his health, proved by the fact that he drank a “Light” beer.

Origins:   Yow! Most of us would probably be hard-pressed to find the time to collect (or buy) as many beer cans as are pictured here, transport them to our residence, and distribute them in various rooms — never mind actually drinking that much brew. But that’s what evidently happened here.

According to Salt Lake City television station KSL, the above-displayed images were real pictures of an Ogden, Utah residence taken in 2005. Century 21 property manager Ryan Froerer was alerted by a Realtor to come check on a townhouse that the latter described as “the sickest thing he’s ever seen.” Mr. Froerer found the residence possessed of a nauseating smell, its front door blocked by debris, the furnishings inside buried under mountains of beer cans, and rooms stacked to the ceiling with beer boxes. He snapped a few photos of the interior and e-mailed them to friends, pictures that worked their way around the world via the Internet.

Here’s another one:

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