Four sisters with a combined age of 389 years earn Guinness World Record

Sisters Arlowene Johnson Overskei, Marcene Johnson Scully, Doris Johnson Gaudineer and Jewell Johnson Beck earned a Guinness World Record when their combined age was verified at more than 389 years.

Sept. 26 (UPI) — A quartet of Wisconsin-native sisters with a combined age of 389 years were awarded the Guinness World Record for highest combined age of four living siblings.

Arlowene Johnson Overskei, 101; Marcene Johnson Scully, 99; Doris Johnson Gaudineer, 96; and Jewell Johnson Beck, 93, were awarded the title when Guinness World Records verified their combined age of 389 years and 197 days as of Aug. 22.

The sisters took the record from the Goebel family, who were verified as having a combined age of more than 383 years earlier this year.

“We are still living, and that’s something to celebrate,” Gaudineer told the Madison Daily Leader.

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