Bigfoot Sightings by State

States with the most bigfoot sightings overall

StateSightingsState PopulationSightings per 100k

Approximately 5,000 reported sightings in the United States. Some people interested in the subject argue that there are many more sightings: the unreported ones. They put forward the idea that only a small percentage of people that think they saw a Bigfoot make a report. Most people that see something like that want to avoid being ridiculed, so they keep it to themselves. Some estimates put the actual reported sightings at between 10-40 percent of all sightings. Lets go to middle and say 25 percent are reported. Then you can times the 5,000 by 4. This is all conjecture, but then you have 20,000 sightings!

With today’s technology, cameras, drones etc., there should be more good sightings. But this technology is a two edged sword. The technology also creates better fakes, hoaxes and CGI images. There are very intereting videos and photos out there. But are they real or elaborate hoaxes.

Video below is very intriguing. The end of this video shows the actual footage.

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