‘Floating’ Horses Filmed in Arizona

A family vacationing in Arizona filmed a mesmerizing video in which a pair of horses appear to be floating on a river, however the wondrous sight is merely a fantastic optical illusion. The bewildering sight was reportedly captured by Kelli Rogers as she and her grandchildren were visiting Tonto National Forest last month. While paddle boarding along the park’s Salt River, they spotted a pair of horses nearby and Rogers filmed the breathtaking creatures with her cell phone.

When she later looked at the footage, she was did a proverbial double take as the animals look as if they are floating down the river atop a raft. She was not the only one astounded by the strange sight as her video has amassed a staggering 8 million views since she uploaded it to TikTok. As for why the horses appear to be floating, it is an optical illusion wherein the creatures are actually standing still in the river while Rogers was the one who was moving at the time.

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