Oklahoma Man Blames ‘Bigfoot Summoning’ for Alleged Murder of Fishing Buddy

In a bizarre story out of Oklahoma, a man arrested for allegedly killing his friend during a fishing trip told police that the deadly incident came about in response to his companion summoning Bigfoot to attack him! According to a local media report, the very weird case occurred this past Saturday afternoon near the city of Ada as Larry Sanders and Jimmy Knighten were attempting to catch catfish in the South Canadian River by way of their bare hands using a technique known as ‘noodling.’ However, their day took a dark turn when the two fishing buddies got into a disagreement which ultimately left Knighten dead and Sanders pointing the finger at Sasquatch.

Responding to a report of a homicide that had unfolded at the river, police say that they arrived to find Sanders recounting his role in Knighten’s death to a family member. Upon being questioned by deputies at the scene, the noodler confessed to killing his friend by first striking him and then strangling him. As for why he did it, Sanders shockingly explained that “Knighten had summoned Bigfoot to come and kill him” and, in order to save his own life, the man concluded that he had to silence his companion before the proverbial call to action reached the hirsute ears of Sasquatch. In what might be the least surprising aspect of the case, police also observed that Sanders “appeared to be under the influence of something.”

While the misguided measure of self defense appears to have worked, since he was not killed by Bigfoot, Sanders was subsequently arrested for Knighton’s murder after police recovered the downed noodler’s body from the river the following day. Musing that the man’s forthcoming nature “makes it easier” to prosecute the case, Sheriff John Christian indicated that “you still have to prove all the elements of the crime, and that what the suspect is telling you is actually what happened.” Since it is unlikely that Sanders will be able to find Bigfoot to testify on his behalf, he’s likely facing an uphill legal battle in which, if he is found guilty, could ironically culminate with him facing the death penalty for the Sasquach-inspired slaying.

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