Odd and Creepy Old Photos

‘Child with a Hand Grenade, Central Park’, 1962

Barney at one of my birthday parties in the 90s.

Scarecrows playing football, 1976

Dripping Dolls Heads in a Factory, Photographed by Merlyn Severn, 1947

Taking Tea with Mummy: the Mummies of Venzone, Italy, Photographed in 1950

Alice and the Dormouse, Photographed by Ernest Barraud, 1887

Halloween Masks, New York, 1960s, Photographed by Arthur Tress

Just creepy

In 1970, a teenage stowaway named Keith Sapsford fell to his death from an airplane.

On February 22, 1970, an Australian teen named Keith Sapsford snuck onto the tarmac at Sydney Airport and hid inside a Tokyo-bound plane. It was the last decision he ever made. [disaster]

The Snake Woman Saite Layton, Cole Bros. Circus, 1947

The Kamloops Indian Residential School ran by the Catholic Church (1937)

Three French circus performers from around 1900-1930

The Catholic Church with the Nazi Third Reich

New Year in a psychiatric hospital, Moscow, 1988. Photographer: Pavel Krivtsov

Not sure what was going on here

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