Funny Wrestler Names 

The Crusher, Mad Dog, Macho Man, Grizzly Smith, Man Mountain Mike and The Brooklyn Brawler are all typical names for wrestlers.  But some names are just hilarious.  Hopefully some of the names below will make others chuckle.

Billy Jean Beanblossom

Dick ‘The Eliminator’ Trickle

Scott ‘The Canadian Genius’ McMurray

‘Trucker Norm’

‘El Gigante’


‘Cryme Tyme’

‘Johnny B. Badd’

‘Scotty 2 Hotty’

‘The Headshrinkers’

‘Psycho Sid’


‘Chainsaw Charlie’

‘Pain Stewart’

‘Battle Kat’

‘Krusher Kruschev’

‘El Phantasmo’

‘Ruffy Silverstein’


‘Franky The Mobster’

‘Ron Killings’

‘Dylan Postl’

Midget Wrestlers names

‘Sky Low Low’

‘Little Beaver’

‘Lord Littlebrook’

‘Fuzzy Cupid’

‘Bam Bam Bigelow’

‘Dink The Clown’

‘Short Sleeve Sampson’

‘Max Mini’

‘Little Guido’

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