Eerie ‘Portal’ Appears in Florida Sky

A motorist in Florida could not believe his eyes when he looked up during a morning drive and spotted what seemed to be some kind of portal in the sky that he suspects was a ‘gateway to heaven.’ The very strange sight was reportedly witnessed earlier this month by Tavaras Brinson as he was en route to his home in the community of Bradenton following an overnight shift at his construction job. The normally routine commute took a wondrous turn when, to his amazement, an incredibly bright light appeared to burst forth from the clouds in the dark predawn sky over his head and cast down a breathtaking illumination.

Captivated by the curious scene, Brinson promptly pulled over to the side of the road and captured the astounding aerial enigma on video with his cell phone. “It was like the gates of heaven were opening,” he later marveled, reflecting on what he saw that morning, “It was dark and then all of a sudden a bright hole opened up in the sky. I watched it open. It was amazing, I thought it was God coming back.” Lest one think Brinson was being hyperbolic, he left no doubt as to his miraculous interpretation of the event, musing that “I believe in God, and I do believe this was a religious experience. I’ve never seen anything like this, ever. I feel blessed.”

After he posted his video to social media, where it amassed over a million views, some skeptical observers offered a less profound explanation for what the motorist might have seen. They noted that at around the same time that the aerial anomaly appeared in the sky, SpaceX had launched a rocket approximately 150 miles away, as such, they argued that the illumination was likely caused by that event. However, Brinson dismissed this prosaic possibility for the peculiar sighting, declaring that “I’ve seen rocket launches before and they didn’t look like that. It was biblical.”

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