Strange Flying Saucer Filmed Landing in Colombia

Video below.

A witness in Colombia captured some rather peculiar footage of a flying saucer-shaped UFO that appears to land somewhere off in the distance. Photographer John Vargas reportedly filmed the curious scene last Saturday in the city of Medellín. In the video, the puzzling object initially appears to simply be a dark spot hovering around in a fairly cloudy sky. However, when the camera manages to get a clearer look at the oddity, one can see that it sports the iconic flying saucer shape so often associated with the UFO phenomenon.

While Vargas and some companions watch the weirdness unfold before their eyes, they debate what exactly they are seeing. His friends argue that it could be some kind of drone, but the photographer insists that is not the case. The sighting then takes an unexpected turn as the ‘flying saucer’ begins to slowly descend from the sky and eventually it seems to land somewhere in the city. Unfortunately, Vargas’ video ends without any indication of where the UFO may have ultimately come to rest.

As for what the UFO could have been, besides some kind of alien craft, the possibility that it was merely a drone cannot be discounted, despite Vargas’ dismissing the idea, as there are UAVs that are, indeed, shaped like a flying saucer. Failing that, another explanation is that the odd object could have simply been some kind of balloon. Considering that the UFO ultimately landed somewhere on the ground and there were no fantastic reports of an alien ship arriving in Medellín.

In my humble opinion the thing landing is sort of a giveaway. It must be some type of drone as it is going back to its handler.

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