Canadian Fisherman Snags Monstrous 10-Foot-Long Sturgeon

Video below

A jaw-dropping video from Canada shows a fishing guide hauling in a massive 10-foot-long sturgeon that could easily be mistaken for some kind of mythical monster. The incredible catch reportedly occurred earlier this month along British Columbia’s Fraser River as Yves Bisson was assisting angler Dan Lallier on a trip to the popular fishing location. Their day took a memorable turn when the pair snagged a huge fish that left even the seasoned guide amazed. “After jumping out of the water two times during the fight, we all looked at each other in disbelief at the enormous size,” Bisson marveled, “we knew it was something special.”

After reeling in the impressive catch, it was determined that the sizeable fish was a sturgeon that measured approximately ten feet long and weighed a whopping 600 pounds. Remarkably, the creature is believed to be around 100 years old and sported no tags, which surprised the pair because it suggests that this was the first time that the denizen of the deep had ever been captured. Since sturgeons are an endangered species in Canada, the mighty fish fortunately did not wind up becoming a meal and, instead, it was tagged and released back into the water where, Bisson mused, “I’m sure it will live for another 100 years.”

Footage of the fantastic fish (which can be seen above) was posted to social media and quickly went viral as viewers could not believe their eyes upon seeing the staggering catch. For fans of mysterious creatures, the Bisson’s video is particularly instructive as the sturgeon is very often considered a strong candidate for various ‘monsters’ spotted in aquatic locations around the world. While the idea of a really big fish being mistaken for a curious cryptid akin to Nessie may sound implausible, one look at Bisson’s video shows how just such a scenario might easily unfold.

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